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Hi my name is Nora and Welcome to my blog world. This is a nature and birding photo blog about Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. I am trying to be a birder and I take photos of the birds and scenery I find. I hope you enjoy your time here and please come back again. PHOTOS WILL ENLARGE IF CLICKED. The photos are slide show enabled if you click on them. If you click on the top lighthouse photo it always takes you to the most recent summary list of my postings.


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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Butchart Gardens Today's Flowers

These flowers were snapped at Butchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C.   This is for Today's Flowers and you can find a lot of flowers there. On this day I was lucky as it had just showered with rain and then the sun came out and everything sparkled.  As I was taking the pictures a dragonfly and a bumblebee came to visit me.  So you can see that the thousands of people who visit the gardens each year are not the only ones to enjoy themselves there. In 1904 the Butcharts settled here at Tod Inlet.  Jennie Butchart created a beautiful garden in the remains of her husband's messy limestone quarry. They had to bring in all the soil by horse and cart. This was an immense project for the time and for a woman and it must have been very rewarding for her.  Now each year 1,000,000 bedding plants of 700 varieties are planted.  Here is a little link to the Butchart Gardens site. Have a wonderful flowery Sunday.


Arija said...

One of my favourite gardens, I can even access them from my sidebar.
Great shots with all the little critters.

ewok1993 said...

This is one garden I want to see someday. Happy Sunday.

kanak7 said...

Nothing like a pretty bug to make the picture complete! Enjoyed going through your photos!

Lui said...

What delightful images!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Love that first shot. Butchart is one of the coolest places on earth to me.

Denise said...

Your photos are marvelous, rain on sparkly flowers, can't think of a prettier combination. I was lucky enough to visit Butchart Gardens several years ago and it is still one of my favorite memories. Fantastic place and I will always thank Jennie for turning her husband's quarry into the place it is today. What a wonderful way of giving back.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

These came out so well... great macro technique!

Island Rambles Blog said...

thanks so much for the kind comments.