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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today I am posting some reflections at Ladysmith for Weekend Reflections....you can see some nice shots from all over the world there. Also I will play SkyWatch Friday where you can see skies from all over the world.
We went to Ladysmith recently on a trip up island but it was already getting dark when I reached the docks so the light was bad for shots.  I did get some good reflections.  It was really dark so this is the best I could get.
Ladysmith was the home of the Chemainus First Nation for 5,000 years and they lived at many locations all along the shore of the harbour.
Changes came in 1884 when James Dunsmuir was given a railway grant and the local land was privatized.
Dunsmuir used Ladysmith harbour to house his coal miners and to ship his coal from.
He named Ladysmith after a town in South Africa. Pictures are clickable to get larger.
Since the 1940's logging and milling lumber has been the economy of this area. 
It is a beautiful scenic town with many historical buildings and has a wonderful light show at Christmas. The town of Ladysmith, B.C. is on Vancouver Island between Nanaimo and Victoria in Canada. It is on the 49th parallel.
There were some great beaches nearby and the sand was black from the coal!!
We were too tired to stay and see the Christmas lights so next year we will do that.
I really enjoyed the docks, there were a lot of docks too.  There was a museum on  one of the docks but it was closed.
I have hurt my back so that is why I have been missing from visiting all your blog sites....I will try to get around to see you this week.  I really like this meme Weekend Reflections and this is my second time around playing with you all.  Cheers.


Susan said...

Wow, the reflections in your photos are awesome! I love them all!

Carole Meisenhelter said...

beautiful photos; lovely to just get on a boat and set foot somewhere else. Take care of that back of yours!

Karl said...

Wow, beautiful series, the Header Image is fantastic!!

Lochinver Daily Photo said...

Seems to be a busy port.

Gattina said...

Beautiful reflections ! I want to go on holidays now too. But unfortunately you didn't mention in which part of the world I can find this !

lotusleaf said...

Great photos of a beautiful place. Hope you recover soon from your backache.

Island Rambles Blog said...

thanks for the nice comments... Hi Gattina thanks for commenting I added the location of Ladysmith..I also have a map of this area on my pages at the top. All my posts are on Vancouver Island where I live.

Roy said...

Stunning shots with plenty of colour and great depth of field.

Globetrotter said...

you have nice reflections here! quite a nice place to see!

NixBlog said...

Wonderful colours and reflections in your collection of images!

awarewriter said...

Excellent series.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Ladysmith is a very beautiful place judging by your photos. Your first photo is quite striking.

CameraCruise said...

Beautiful series, love all of them.
What a beautiful place.
Hope you recover soon, take care.

Mark Kreider said...

I really like B.C. My brother was a prof at UBC for many years and lives in Vancouver where we often visit.
I hope to visit your island soon. I've seen many photos taken there over the years on my brother's blog when they vacation there.
I enjoy anything o do with the water, boating, swimming, fly fishing and just walking on the sand. I will enjoy following your blog. My back is out too. It's my third week mostly lying down on a heating pad. I hope we both return to normal SOON!

Mark Kreider said...

I forgot to mention how much I enjoy your excellent photography!

EG Wow said...

WOW! Beautiful reflections! There's something special about reflections in water - magical!

Smalltown RN said...

I moved to the Island 7 years ago from the Mainland and I just love it! I am always in awe of it's beauty. My husband and I make a point to do a road trip up logging roads, and as many back roads as possible. There is so much to see and do and PHOTOGRAPH, I never leave home without my camera.

Your photos of the marina are lovely!
Thank you for sharing and for providing a little Island history. It interesting that you mention Dunsmuir in your post as I live in the area names after him, and yes the inter urban train use to run by my place twice a day. I kinda miss that train, it kept on track(no pun intended)for what time of day it was.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» really likes the photo in your masthead - and he enjoyed seeing the boats in the other images.

He thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful reflections and lovely skies. Your Vancouver Island is very scenic. Happy skywatching. I hope you have a great day!

Andrew said...

Wonderful images to see..I would love to live by the sea..

Dianne said...

these photos are stunning
you captured the light beautifully
the reflections are exceptional
just plain wonderful!

Rohit Sareen said...

amazing clarity of the reflections, works brilliantly here!

My Third Eye

。♥ Smareis ♥。 said...

Suas fotografia são fantástica, impressionantemente de uma beleza grandiosa. Gostei muito de conhecer seu blog, e já estou seguindo pra voltar novamente. Convido a conhecer meu blog e seguir-me também, se gostares. Que o ano de 2012 lhe traga muito sucesso. Um abraço!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for bringing back all the memories of my many trips to your Island. Really wonderful series of photos.

Island Rambles Blog said...

thanks so much for coming and I loved to read each of your comment stories...I appreciate the time it takes to put good comments on my blog...it is a nice gift to give someone.