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Monday, February 02, 2015

D is for Delight

Hello, hope you are having a good week.  Above is a shot of the Docks at the inner harbour of Victoria during the boat show.
I am DELIGHTED to be here and to be blogging again with you all in my blogging family.

I took this above photo the other day in Oak Bay.  It is the Docks at the marina.

I have been looking for fences everywhere.  I found this shot of a fence out at Sidney Spit. And below a goldfinch sits on a wire fence out at Maber Flats.

This is a little Downy Woodpecker on a telephone pole behind our house a bit. I took it with an Olympus OM-d camera but I took the camera right back.  It was very hard for me to use as I could not see the LCD screen and to figure the thing out. I think it is a great camera though just not for my eyes.

I am doing all the "D"s for the ABC meme so why not a few Deer. This is a baby deer from up island, it was right beside where we camped. We were leaving but I had to take a few photos!

This is the same Deer I put in before, from up on Observatory mountain on a cold snowy day a few weeks ago.  I was looking for a Gray Crowned Rosy Finch and just got a bad shot of it. I can't put it in, it is soooo bad.

Double Crested Cormorant here on one of the lakes, or no I think it was at Albert Head on the ocean.

I found some Red for Ruby Tuesday.  This is a Rufous Hummingbird at my feeder.  They go away in the winter.  The Annas stay here all winter.

D for Ducks of course! I think it is a female wigeon.

This must be a hybrid duck below as I cannot figure it out. There is a family of these ducks now down at Beacon Hill.  We have a Black duck there and perhaps he mated with a mallard to produce a few of this variety. We have started a new breed I guess. The Black duck is kind of rare here so he may have been in someone's collection and escaped?  I am not sure how these ducks arrive here sometimes.

I think this is the Black duck below.

Rock Dove or Pigeon.

These are Doves below but I can't remember what they are called just at the moment and they have only been around here for a while. Someone will probably tell me.

Now for a delightful treat!  A Dipper out at Goldstream will sing and dance for us!  He will flash his white eyelid to entice a mate. The Dipper has more oil on its feathers than most birds as it is in the water so much.  He has the most complex and intricate calls. About 75% of the Dippers stay in the same area, don't migrate.The males dance consists of stretching out his neck, and pointing his wings down and strutting about. The male helps feed the babies and the female can produce two broods a year. I made this video just a few days ago.  Seems it must be mating season. I am sorry the river noise is loud.  I will edit it out in time.  (if the video does not show up, just reload your page or visit my YouTube site.)

I have been struggling to remember how to do my template Design Coding.  I figured out how to center the header.  I also figured out some code to fix the "Older Post" link but have not Dared to put it in this blog yet.  The main question I get asked from readers is how do I get to the other pages, they believe there is just the one page. Also I widened the Dimension of the blog.  It can Drive you crazy learning all this stuff.
I have been unable to reply to my wonderful bloggers comments this last week but I will be back on the computer later this week.

We are at "D" for the ABC  meme.  D for delight, de light as I am always looking for the light.
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  1. Hi Nora A delightful election of 'D' birds in this post and I love the video of the Dipper and the water noise adds to it and I was not distracted.

  2. I likes the water reflections and the wonderful photo of the woodpecker. I give up trying to update my blog as I am not prepared to put the time and effort in that's required so I wish you luck.

  3. Great photos! I especially like the hummingbird.

  4. Wonderful series, Nora including the video.

  5. I'm amazed at how much your winter looks like my spring.:)

  6. I am fond of the hummingbird as well. :-)

  7. The Rufous is gorgeous! And I certainly enjoyed seeing all the other wildlife you photographed.

  8. A fabulous series of shots! The deer, the birds, the harbour and that hummingbird - all truly delightful!

  9. What gorgeous bird photos :)

  10. Great shots, I can smell the salty sea air!

  11. So glad you are able to get about again Nora. A lovely series of captures here - especially that Hummingbird. I regret not being able to get a decent shot of one during my 3 weeks there last year, so thank you for sharing your shot!

  12. Hello Nora, I love the beautiful birds, especially the hummer and the dipper.. The deer are pretty too! Great post, enjoy your day!

  13. A D-LIGHTful post for sure. Loved it all. Your area is so beautiful. Beautiful selection of birds. I'm going to go watch the dipper video now, but didn't want to forget to comment after so I'm going back to watch it now.

  14. Superior images. Love the marina ...so tranquil the water is.

    And the deer image behind the bush...that is exceptional.

    Of course, the birds...I love birding....so, this was a special treat.

  15. Ps...thanks for sharing the link this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'

  16. Hello Nora!:) It was a treat to see the lovely little Dipper and hear his song, and I also think the river noise only added to the experience. Well done, a super vídeo clip. Your photos are all great, especially the Rufous Hummingbird, the Goldfinch, and the Deer.
    Best Regards.

  17. What a beautiful series Nora! I do hope you will share with I Heart Macro too!

  18. A lovely series Nora. You sure live in a beautiful place!

  19. A beautiful post with beautiful photos and loved the Dipper video it was great.

  20. Oh, I forgot the doves I believe are Eurasion Ring necks.

  21. what a DELIGHTFUL series of photos! I really enjoyed just listening to your video- the brids and the running water- love, love, love

  22. The dear is adorable and your birds are so varied ad to my eyes exotic to my local ones.

  23. Undoubtedly, great photos, I think marine nice, especially the first, very pictorial!

  24. A super selection of birds and wildlife. The doves on the wire would appear to be Eurasian Collared Doves.

  25. Hi Nora, many thanks for identifying the Dipper - I took a shot of one on a small "island" in the middle of a fast-flowing river near Lake Cowichan last year but didn't know what it was. (Yes, I am hopeful of a return trip sometime and will certainly get in touch if that wish becomes a reality)

  26. Lovely video - the dipper is sweet and has a Delightful song. Beautiful combined with the water sounds.

  27. Such beautiful captures on your gorgeous island!

  28. beautiful series of images. love the deer and hummingbird

  29. you always seem to find something DELIGHTFUL in the world


  30. Wonderful photos, and so perfect for D in ABC Wednesday! I love scenes like this.

  31. Lots of great D images, but I love the docks in Victoria best. - Margy

  32. Gorgeous photos! I love those old boats in the first photo.

  33. Hello Nora and a delight this post is.... Michelle

  34. thanks for all these wonderful comments. I really appreciate them all and enjoy them all. thanks.


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