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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy Weekend Photos

This was the sky over my city last night from up on Mount Tolmie.
For Sky Watch Friday. (taken with cell phone) It is always a gift when you get an unexpected sunset.

For Weekend Reflections and Scenic Weekend, two photos of Elk Lake.

For Black and White Weekend a shot from the bridge at Esquimalt Lagoon.

Two critters for the Saturday critters Memes.  A gosling reflecting and  Peacock from Beacon Hill Park.

The daffodils are coming out finally. For Mellow Yellow.

For Macro Monday, Foxgloves.

For Blue Monday, also flowers are for Today's Flowers, Floral Friday.

The trees are coming into blossom now.  Hopefully Spring is on the way.

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  1. Absolutely stunning shots. Loved the monochrome a lot

  2. Fabulous photos for so many memes.

  3. A charming collection Nora, especially those sunbursts on the lake! Thank you for sharing your stunning part of our world. Happy weekend to you

  4. Lovely sunrise, flowers and reflections!

  5. Wonderful series Nora...so nice to see your photos again..

  6. I'm ready to hike Elk Lake

  7. Your photos are so beautiful, and I love the black and white - beautiful viewed large!

  8. Love seeing the skies there, and the reflections, trees, flowers, and birds.

  9. Beautiful early spring photos Nora. I miss that season pretty much entirely since we are in Florida (and by the time we get home to Oregon daffodils, flowering trees and etc etc have all pretty much finished bloominng)... Summer all year round for us sort of, which in many ways is good (that's why we're here), but in some ways is not. No daffodils.

  10. WoW! This is a fantastic set of pictures.You have captured the beauty of nature so well.

  11. You posted gorgeous photos for all of them.

  12. Hello, prety capture of the sky and the reflections. The gosling is adorable. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

    1. I have not been able to reply to these comments. Right when I published this we all found out a blog friend had died in an accident along with her husband.

  13. Gorgeous photos! That first one should win an award.

  14. Gorgeous skies and reflections! I also love the gosling and the peacock.

  15. I love the reflections!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  17. I like the sky and reflections you got there, all are amazing

  18. Fantastic photos! Many apologies for being late to comment but I have not had much computer time this past week. Thank you for sharing with Today's Flowers, and I wish you a very happy weekend :)

  19. Muito linda as fotos


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