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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Weekend Island Photos

The weekend is here again and here are my photos for......

you!  That is me standing in the sunset on the dock at Elk Lake.
(for Weekend Reflections) It is like the sky was painted for me.

This is the same lake, just looking the other way.  (for Sky Watch Friday)

Up on Mount Tolmie, my obsession with taking silhouette shots.

For Saturday Silhouettes

The sailboats out in the bay at Cattle Point.  Two people taking a selfie.  (for Scenic Weekend)

At Playfair Park there is a huge selection of mature rhododendron plants and a nice lily. (for Floral Friday Fotos)

 For Today's Flowers
 For Shadow Shot Sunday

 For Pink Saturday

For Saturday's Critters 
Elk at Cowichan Bay

For Camera Critters 
A Bunny up on Mount Tolmie

The tale of Two Otters

I sometimes wear water shoes and walk up a river by myself.
I was up to my knees in the river when two heads popped up beside me!  The otters were playing and having so much fun they did not notice me, then they swam directly toward me. There were about five of them. Hmmm I wonder should I run back, (no I just took pictures). Then a mink jumped in the water and was playing with them.  It was really dark where they were so the pictures were not great, but I have the pictures in my mind.

 I seem to be the Butterfly Whisperer

 This is a Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly.
(Limenitis lorquini)
This butterfly is named after a French guy (naturalist) who came to California during the Gold Rush.  The Larvae like willow, poplar, cherry and cottonwood.  Females larger than males. They are territorial and will even attack a bird.

 Butterfly lands on my hand.

When it is hot (and I am out birding) I wear a big man's blue shirt and the butterflies love it.
You can see one landing on my pocket.

 Red Admiral Butterfly
(Vanessa atalanta)
The caterpillar feeds on nettles. The name may have been Red Admirable and changed to Admiral. "Atalanta" from Greek mythology is a strong yet feminine woman who faces obstacles and backlash for refusing to follow gender norms. Ha Ha when I read that!  This is why I like this butterfly. And it seems to like me too!

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Ruth Hiebert said...

Gorgeous pictures.The sunset ones are stunning and I love how the butterflies come to you.That is very special.

Jenny said...

The sunsets are dreamlike - fantastic. I really like the sailboats on the fresh blue water. The whole scene is so refreshing. How fun to get up close and personal with some of the critters, the otters and mink, and the butterflies that are attracted to you.

Alexander said...

Professional looking photos here. I really like the first, third and fourth photos.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Alex's World! - http://alex.kakinan.com

Spare Parts and Pics said...

I'm a big fan of silhouette shots, and I really like the one of you on the dock (first photo)!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful images from the island. I like the different views of sky.

Nanda Kumar said...

Fantastic scenery here!

Jim said...

Pretty colours in those skies.

Linda W. said...

Stunning sunset pics!

Lady Fi said...

Wow - gorgeous sky shots. Have a lovely weekend!

Fun60 said...

The sunsets and silhouettes are gorgeous Nora. Have a good week.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, gorgeous sky and silhouettes. Love the blossoms and butterflies.Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

awwww...love flutterbys, and skyscapes

Margaret Adamson said...

I love the silhouette images as well as the sunset ones. Also all your flower shots are wonderful as well as the elk. Have a lovely weekend.

Valerie said...

the first shot is stunning, love your otters and butterflies too..

Denise inVA said...

A delightful post with many beautiful photos. Thank you for being such a good friend to Today's Flowers and happy weekend to you :)

Christine said...

Love all these photos! Such beautiful scenes & creatures!
Have a happy weekend!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, wonderful critters. I love the elk, the otters are very cool. Adorable bunny. The butterflies are pretty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Wishing you a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

James said...

Yes, all of your photos are so beautiful!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Some scenic sky colours and love the view of the distant boats.

Virginia said...

Lovely sunset reflections and all the others as well.

Powell River Books said...

Last year I saw a Lorquin's Admiral butterfly at the cabin for the first time. So far this year it's been Mourning Cloaks, Swallowtails and some little blue ones that love the mud in my garden. - Margy

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Lucky you to have had such an encounter with not just otters, but a mink too!

Pamela Gordon said...

Nora these are beautiful photos this week. I love the idea of you wading in the water while the otters played nearby and even a mink joined them. That would be so cool! I wish you a beautiful week ahead.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

OH my gosh this is a fascinating post ... love all the beauty;.. your pictures are so crisp and clear and bright and beautiful. I am in absolutge awe that you are brave enough to walk up the river like that by yourself. And to see those otters and a mink absolutely makes my heart flutter -- how wonderful. Thanks for sharing it all.

Nick V. said...

Great post, Nora! I like all of your photos and the flowers especially, of course.
Many thanks for joining Floral Friday Fotos, I look forward to your next contribution!

Nick V. said...

Wonderful silhouettes!
Thank you for joining us at Saturday Silhouettes.

Nora said...

Thanks so much for all the kind comments here. I have gone to each of your sites to thank you. I really appreciate how many bloggers come to my site and leave me a nice note!