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Monday, June 20, 2016

Most EXcellent Photo

My most eXcellent bird photo this week.  It is a rare shot ....

......for me!
I am eXtra eXtra happy with this unusual photo.  We are at the letter "X" for the ABC Wednesday meme.  The above photo is of a Cowbird baby being fed by a Black-throated gray warbler! How cool is that! Even just finding a Black-throated gray warbler is rare for me. This photo is for Stewart at Wild Bird Wednesday.

We were up at the lake and I saw this baby bird on a branch begging to be fed.  I expected a large bird to come in and feed it. But the little tiny Black-throated warbler came in and kept feeding it.  At one point it was almost on my boot. My husband had gone on further so I had to get him to come back.  I have more shots and will put them in later. I had never seen this before and to be right in the right spot with my camera was eXciting.

This is a photo of the adult Cowbirds a different park.  They put their eggs in another birds nest and expect them to raise up the baby and do all the work.  So it is sad to think that the Black-throated warbler probably had eggs in a nest and her eggs were removed and the Cowbird put in her egg instead. I would prefer the Cowbird did not do that.

For Ruby Tuesday a Poppy and a humming bird 
at a Red feeder.

A few more eagle shots for Our World Tuesday.
For Michelle at Nature Notes Tuesday.
For Outdoors Wednesday, look at those
powerful legs on the eagle.
This eagle has a mouse I think.
This is for Anni at The Bird D'Pot.

X marks the spot in the sky over my house.
For ABC Wednesday at the letter "X".

For Water World Wednesday a black and white 
of a heron flying.
For Black and White Wednesday  
a log at the beach.

For Wednesday Waters Witty's Beach.


Just for me a crab shell at the beach.

For Good Fences Thursday, Gore Park.

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  1. nice array of nature and exploring. kudos

  2. A great series of photos but that first one of the baby Cowbbird being fed by the little Warbler is very special. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The eagle alone is so worth stopping by!! We have 'em here in TX, but I've not seen ANY!! Lucky you.
    Then, the warbler feeding the cowbird is extraordinary.

    Thank you so much for sharing your link with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin'. What a special treat.

  4. The first is one of a kind shot, Nora! But also the humming bird and the red poppy! I love them all! Looking forward to see one of this posts' features at SEASONS (just a reminder, the link closes on Wednesday 7pm, Pacific time) Have a great week!

  5. Beautiful images. That first image is too good.

  6. Yes I have never seen that either, and it was wonderful that you were in the right place and right time with your camera to get the shot. Nature will be nature adn we do notalways understnad why things happen. Love the X in the sky and that looks a lovely on crowned ,peaceful beach to take awlk along Nora.

  7. That first photo is such a winner. I doubt you will see anything like that again. Wow!

  8. Awesome happenstance to see one bird feeding another. That would make my day. You got a lot of great photos here. Enjoy your week!

  9. I can't help but wonder if birds that end up feeding brood parasites like cowbirds and cuckoos ever think 'What the hell is going on here! This chick is way too hungry!"

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. Your first photo is wonderful! How great that you happened to be there to capture it.

  11. Fantastic photos! Absolutely love that cowbird baby being fed by a Warbler. Wow! I hope you submit that someplace so as many bird lovers in this world can get to see it. Just beautiful.

  12. Lots of incredible and wonderful aspects captured! So lovely to see them. Many thanks for sharinf them with us; Greetings!

  13. Wonderful, wonderful photos.

  14. That first shot is spectacular! I also like those Eagles!

  15. love the Cowbird story over here the Cuckoo does that. There was a programme on the radio yesterday about that subject


    not sure if you'll be able to play but....

  16. Hello Nora!:) Your post is wonderful. What a super shot of the baby Cowbird being fed by the Black-throated Grey Warbler. It's not at all fair, that all the time, care, and energy, that should have been done by the real parents is thrust upon a smaller bird which cruelly lost it's own little ones to make room for the intruder. Such is nature!! The photo is certainly prize worthy, and at the very least it should be framed:) Your Heron and Eagle action shots are great, and I love the pretty poppy image.:)

  17. Feeding the baby, brilliant, and, I do love the b/w of the Heron.

  18. You were right on the ball with your pictures of the cowbird and the warbler Nora. I also liked those action shots of the eagles.

  19. Hello, awesome capture of the warbler and cowbird juvie. I love the eagles too. The hummers are another one of my favorites. Great post. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  20. Fantastic photo and so sweet!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  21. amazing collection.

  22. Hi Nora...I love the warbler and the eagles, but hate to see a cowbird fledge taking the place of the bird's own kind... I get them here too...Michelle

  23. How fascinating to be able to see and capture this behaviour. That chick is a giant. By coincidence I listened to someone talking about his cuckoo research and they discovered that the sound the cuckoo makes to be fed is not a imitation but a manipulation of the sound of the host chicks which makes it sound like there is a whole group to be fed. Looks like the cowbird has the same knack.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog, hope you have a wonderful wildlife week.

  24. Amazing shots! It must feel like a once in a lifetime moment to see this! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic photos!

  25. how awesome to see eagles - and the warbler/cowbird duo! thank you for linking a sweet fence shot, too.

  26. That really is amazing! I've never seen a warbler feed another bird like that! WOW! And the eagle photos are exceptional. Hugs, Diane

  27. What lovely and amazing shots.

  28. Extraordinary, congratulations!
    I did not know that the cowbirds would also remove another bird's eggs. That is not nice! What was Mother Nature thinking?
    As far as I know, the cuckoo is happy with putting his egg in the host's nest.
    Regarding Emily Dickinson: I love her poetry! There are several websites dedicated to her poetry: poemhunters.com and http://www.bartleby.com/113/, among others. I read her poems often, they are always a fountain of joy.

  29. Beautiful postcard. That first picture is incredible.

  30. These are all amazing photographs! But first one is UNIQUE! You were right in time and captured this moment so beautifully! Sometimes I miss a moment like this. Love to see the birds ; it's so difficult to take pictures of them.

    Best wishes to you from me.

  31. Hello Nora, hope your're having a great weekend. Just referring to your kind comments a few weeks ago about me explaining about Wordpress- I try to treat others like I like to be treated, so you're very welcome! Here a gentle reminder for SEASONS (this week the post SEASONS - the Beginnings of Summer) starting on Sunday and going to Wednesday 7pmf Pacific time. Hope to see you there - have a great week!

  32. That photo is absolutely the loveliest bird photo I've seen ever. Just wonderful. We are lucky that you hare your talents.

  33. So sweet! I aggree, it's the most excellent photo!

  34. I hope everyone enlarges your photos. They are great like this, but even better when enlarged.

  35. Thanks so much for all the kind comments here. I have gone to each of your sites to thank you. I really appreciate how many bloggers come to my site and leave me a nice note!


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