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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

More Warbler Photos

More photos of the Black-throated gray warbler feeding the ....

baby cowbird.  The little gray warbler winters in Mexico and has only one nesting each year.

 I did not see any of its young around only the cowbird, sadly.
So ZERO of the gray warbler's youngsters made it.  We are at the letter "Z" at the ABC Meme this week.  This bird makes a WEEZY call.

The gray warbler is usually found in pine and oak forests.

 The warbler forages for insects in trees and bushes.  The nest is made of grasses and plant material, with feathers and hair.  It nests quite low in trees and bushes.

 I think more study of this bird is needed because when I looked it up it kept saying "unknown".

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  1. Love those warblies! Not so much the cowbirds. I saw an American Redstart trying to feed a cowbird, none of its own young survived either. So goes life in the bird world.

  2. Oh cute bird photos, especially your first one!

  3. What gorgeous birds you captured!! I love the variety of colors.

  4. beautiful captures Nora. The warbler is beautifully marked.

  5. Nice Warbler pictures. Most of our warblers are greenish/brownish/yellowish and difficult-to-identify little birds that can only be told apart by their songs. Stripey heads seem to be common amongst birds that live in pine trees, must be some kind of camouflage.

  6. extraordinary shots. I had no idea a bird would feed the young of another species. Amazing.

  7. Beautiful photos, Nora.

  8. Great photos as always.

  9. Wow!!!! Una foto fantástica, me ha gustado mucho. Saludos cordiales desde España.

  10. Really nice photos of the birds. Too bad the warbler babies didn't survive. Odd how the warblers don't know how to recognize which babies are their own, but the cowbirds fool lots of different varieties, too.

  11. I am so so late in getting around to visiting from last week...time flew by and I wasn't online all that much. But, better late than never.

    Great photo of the warblers. And to have it feeding a cowbird is phenomenal. Mother Nature takes care of itself always in some way.

    Sharing your link at I'd Rather B Birdin' is always very much appreciated by all us birders...and I thank you.

  12. great photos, but a bit of a sad tale


  13. Awwww... I wish the warbler was feeding its own baby and not a cowbird... Michelle

  14. wow wonderful images of precious creatures...

    Have a nice abcwednes-day / – week
    ♫ M e l d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  15. Enjoyed your photos. Seems the cowbirds should raise their own young instead of having the warblers do it!

  16. That cowbird really makes me mad. After I commented on your last post of him, I read the post again and wished I could retract my comment. But it was a beautiful picture (as this one is) -- but those darn cowbirds, they are such poor mothers and they take advantage of others. How could be love them?

  17. Those nest parasite shots always look remarkable - the 'baby' bird is often so big!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  18. very magical your pictures ! bravo !

  19. I read that this practice (by cowbirds) has greatly reduced the numbers of Red Winged Black Birds around these parts.
    Very nice photos!

  20. I hope this finds you and yours doing well. May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to its home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at SiteHoundSniffs.com.

  21. Thanks so much for all the kind comments here. I have gone to each of your sites to thank you. I really appreciate how many bloggers come to my site and leave me a nice note!


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