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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Late Jay Posting

Today I have some Jays and some other birds from our yard and other places where I live.  I am late at putting in the blog.

Steller's Jay for ABC at the letter "J"


Pine Siskin

Bewick's Wren on a Fence for Good Fences

Anna's Hummingbird
Quail and mixture of birds

The weather is finally good here now. I seem to be busy taking photos.  I am late in commenting as I was having doctor appointments.  Please join me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as I seem to be very distracted by all the social media over there and end up over there.  Links are on the sidebar or in the About Nora section.

Hawk in the rain.

Thank you to these meme hosts for allowing bloggers to share their story.  Click on these links to find great blogs and photos. This post is for these wonderful bloggers:

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Our World Tuesday  Thank you to the Our World Team
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GoodFences Thursday Thank you to Gosia

Please check out the video. Please Please. No one ever looks at the videos and it takes a lot of work to upload them. Why do bloggers not look at video??  Mine are very short, a few seconds.



  1. Beautiful captures of these birds!

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous post and beautiful photography ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  3. Very nice photos! So many colorful birds where you live.
    I did watch the video, that was also good. That sure was a very skittish bird. Always looking out for predators.

    1. thanks Pat! I think I was quite close to the Jay and he knew I was there! My hit count is so low over at YouTube that it is not worth the time to upload video anymore. My music videos are the only ones that get any hits.

  4. Great post and I loved the video! I often make Smilebox slideshows and I don't know how many even bother. Like you, I know how much work is involved, but I do enjoy doing them and hope others enjoy them. That little blue jay is SO cute! I don't see them around here.

    abcw team

    1. I always watch your Smilebox slide shows Les and really enjoy them. I think I will stop doing the videos though as not many people click on them. I may put them up on another hosting site.

  5. Lovely pictures. I tend to spend more time on FaceBook than on blogging.

    1. Yes I think that we all started with blogging and now we have all gone on to other social media, I still like blogging as you can tell a more complete story here rather than on Facebook or Twitter or other sites. I still think there should be a collective group of us though.

  6. Great photos, especially the Towhee.
    I have been trying to get a Towhee photo, but every one turns out blurry. Your photo is excellent!

  7. Beautiful bird shots!

  8. The first jay photo is fantastic. Such great colour and detail. I also love the hummingbird. How you can catch it in flight is a wonder to me.

  9. I had not realised just quite how blue a jay is!

  10. Wow gorgeous birds.... I always enjoy birds so much

    Have a nice ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  11. Beautiful captures Nora. Do you have Canada's national bird, the Gray Jay, there? I've never seen one but they are plentiful here in NB.

  12. Hi, People just don't take time to even read blogs much ---muchless watch videos... What is frustrating to me when it comes to blogging (and taking LOTS of time to do it) is the number of people who NEVER even bother to comment at all... On my blog post on 3/6---I had 42 comments but 251 VIEWS...... I love blogging and have been doing it since 2006---but the thing I like BEST about Facebook is that you can control who sees your posts... I can 'block' people I don't want to see them --and only allow 'friends' (which I have chosen) to see my posts... Blogs are SO public --and in some ways, that is fine.. BUT--thinking that 251 people looked at my blog --but couldn't bother to comment... Oh Well---It is what it is!!!!!

    I love your blog ---and always watch videos (unless it's something I am not interested in). You know that I love my birds.... SO--seeing yours is special to me... We have Flickers but ours are the Yellow Shafted ones... Our Wrens are similar --but are called Carolina Wrens.... Love your Jay(s) and the video... CUTE... Ours are Blue Jays and I love to feed them whole peanuts....

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Glad to see the birds are coming back.

  14. Nous aimons beaucoup le joli bleu du Jay ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  15. Beautiful bird photos. I love the feathery head plume of blue jays which gives them so much character, the head bobbing in the video showed it off to perfection.

  16. You have a wonderful back yard -- I'm glad your better weather is back and thank you for sharing it and your beautiful birds. I miss seeing stellar jays. And all of the birds -- none of the ones you show are common here in Florida.

  17. such pretty birds. Its good to hear them start to sing again too.

  18. What fantastic visitors! They are so pretty.

  19. You have some colorful visitors Nora...I hope your doctor's appointments went well... I am heading back to the eye doctor to see if my eyes are better than a week ago. I had no idea that this would be over 6 weeks now and still blurry....Michelle

  20. I love all your birds.

  21. A lovely selection of birds Nora.

  22. That Jay is a great colour - I remember watching some in a country to the south of you!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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