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Sunday, February 04, 2018

My Dream for Every Woman

My dream for every woman and every little girl inside that woman. I can only write what I know from the life I have had in this world as a female, so this will only be true for me from my own experiences but may be universal to a few others.

Is every woman just a female or is she a person and a human being? Being born female I always thought I had to be a little bit afraid. That is my first memory. I was born female, a girl and a woman to be. Things were different if you were a girl then in those days and even now. Growing up as a little female child you are so dependent upon those older ones around you to care for you and protect you and guard you. Sometimes they are not there. They are not there physically or emotionally.

Childhood is a time of not knowing, not realising and of being in a bubble or a time of having the veil of childhoods sweet innocence over you. You are totally unaware of the outer world and dependent upon those females who care for you and males who protect you. In some cases they don't do that.

As you get older you live in a dream. An unrealistic dream, a dream you fabricate on your own but made with all of society's expectations of the female, both from older females and males and the social media. You carry with you what is given to you as a child. Hopefully it is self esteem, self respect and a sense of justice but for many girls it is shame, self doubt, guilt or negativity. It is in that confusion your female model is created. You begin to understand being powerless, being ashamed and being out of control of your own life as a female.

You come to a time of the realisation that you are female and expected to act and behave in a certain way to fulfil the role as a less dominant human in a society where woman are less powerful. Girls learn other things as they are smart, they learn manipulation. They learn not to support one another. The support of other women is so lacking in our education. At a certain age you become aware of predators because you are this weaker female. A predator is usually considered a male but the greatest role model for a girl is other women and they can also destroy a girl. Also you become blinded and hypnotised by the media directed model that is portrayed and given to a girl. To be beautiful yes, but not to be powerful. To be smart but never to outsmart them, to be subservient.

I think if I had one thing to give to myself as a female child it would be strength. The strength to be who I was as a person, a human walking on the earth. I would not give to myself the roles of women past. There is a new role now. There is no toleration for bullying or for subservience. There is no toleration now for those in power to prey upon those who are young and female or who are any different colour or race or anything different. I was taught that it was accepted to hear sexual slurs and jokes and other things and that is not going to fly now. The times are achanging for both men and women.

A woman can and should be able to walk freely upon the earth just as a man does. There is no longer any acceptance for bad behaviour. Mothers will teach their daughters that we have the right to expose the ugly truths that a male dominant society has placed upon us, our mothers and our grandmothers and far back into time.  All the women before us were taught to tolerate men and to accept it. How many powerful men are joking about this now. It is time and time is up. Freedom to be.

Women have the right to live and figure out who they are without the false identity being promoted for them by men. Women have had no voice, no validation and no support, even from other women in the past. But now women are not standing alone any longer. They are not lost or invisible or in bondage. They are no longer broken and no longer have any power over them. They do not listen to the propaganda machine.

The whole narrative for woman has changed, it has been rewritten and has given us the language to use to talk about it. We have been silent and very good at being silent so that we did not even think about things. Because of this silence some men have been taught that it is ok and acceptable to behave badly and woman kept silent and tolerated it. Myself, personally, I punched out the first boy that tried to kiss me in elementary school on the playground. I was having no part of this toleration rule that was being passed on to me. I got in trouble for that. I must say that it will be a confusing time for those men who are gentle, kind and loving to witness this social event and process it, but many support it. It will be harder for the fallen powerful, they will all have that paranoia. There is a new code of conduct for the powerful as there is no longer a code of silence among women.  Women are using social media as a useful tool in this movement.

Now we are all universally processing layers of this change. As humans what we think about ourselves has changed. We are in a new human age on the earth, Hopefully we can save the earth before it is destroyed. We are no longer dis-empowered or marginalised. We have enormous power as women who are united in a new social change. We were conditioned to be polite, kind and think only of others first. Now to rewire the brain and mind of women. There will be a peak in the "Me Too" movement and hopefully the backlash will not be able to end it.

The code of silence is the problem. Now women speak about true things. The truth can be ugly but the truth will set you free. If you are in denial, silence will kill women. It has been a long road for women but your destiny is now. You are as you were as a child. You are free of any false values put upon you. You are how you were supposed to be. We were all children once running free in the meadow of childhood. I can never go back but we can change the world.
Be aware, be awake, be strong and be brave. Be big and fly like an eagle.

for the daughters of men
© Nora Flower

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  1. "...be polite, kind and think only of others first."

    These are good things.

    This is sad...heart-wrenching...are all men our enemies? I don't think so.

    "No women speak about true things."

    No women? None?

    1. Sorry Sandi that you did not like it.

    2. I read that as a typo and thought that you intended to say "NOW women speak about true things."

    3. Yup thanks Hilary that was a typo that I did not catch and the spell correct did not catch either. I corrected it thanks but in some ways in my heart I think that women could not speak the truth for a long long time, or that it was socially not acceptable to speak of certain things, or to speak out in public about things that happen to girls like rape. But I grew up in a time long ago and now girls grow up in a different age so they have much more freedom and I am glad they do.

  2. Yes. I like this post!

    1. Thanks Jenn, I think many women will not get what I am saying here. I will get a lot of hate mail.

    2. A lot of women are getting a lot of hate mail.
      I think people have to respect your point of view, and the life you lived during your time.
      My granddaughters are living in a different time, thankfully, with a strong mother (M.Sc.) who helps them be all they can be. My grandie is taking fencing lessons, for example.

    3. Thanks Jenn, your support is amazing to me. Wish we lived closer and you were just down the street!

  3. I think many women will read this or part of it and only see part of it. Most of the backlash seems to be from women. It does not apply to all men. It does not apply to all women. Many men as I said are if you read it "gentle, kind and loving". I am not sorry that it will test your beliefs if you believe the world is as it should be now. If you are in your happy place then by all means stay in that place in your mind. I will publish the hate mail later as I get it.

  4. I love that what you day is from your heart. Of people hate what you say it is because they are afraid.

  5. LOVE this post!!!!!!

  6. Very good post.
    2000 years ago someone spoke up for and saved a woman caught in adultery (or rape?) as she was about to be stoned to death. He also extended his hand of friendship to a prostitute and restored her sense of worth. He shared profound truths with a woman outcast by her society. He made sure his widowed mother was well taken care of. He had deep friendships with women and valued them highly. He allowed a sick and bleeding woman to touch him, and he reassured and healed her. Jesus still loves women.

  7. Well said. Thank you.

  8. Beautifully written, Nora! I'm proud that women have made themselves more empowered and continue to work on achieving complete equality.

    As a grandmother of two granddaughters and two grandsons, I hope that their adult world will be one of respect and mutual opportunities.

  9. People should have the right to be who they are, but in being who you are you should not diminish the life of others. We live in a world full of social illusions or constructs. In many cases they are maintained by the powerful, and excepted as true by the dispossessed. What is happening now is that some people now have the strength to call them for what they are. This is progress and we should embrace it.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks so much Stewart. I did another linking post to link out to the link ups as I felt this post was too difficult to use as a link out post. I knew when I wrote it that it would not be fully understood and it was really hard to find the right word to express exactly what is going on right now and for some it is challenging. I am not going to delete it but if I think about it in the future I will probably have the correct words to express what I was trying so hard to say. I grew up in a different age and a different time and part of me is still in that time.

    2. Well said Stewart!

  10. We've come a long way and still have a long way to go. Well expressed, Nora.

    1. Thanks so much Hilary. I possibly will be silenced for a long time now and be like the majority of women and say nothing about anything and just do posts on birds. Once in a while I do some writing and I don't usually publish it, I just stick it away somewhere. I have written two books that just sit in a box! Perhaps my post was too dark and women found it sad and dark. I am really happy about the changes now where women can talk and question things.

    2. Nora, I hope you won't be silenced. I found it sad, but here I am, looking at photos of birds. I hope you will keep posting from your heart. This is the Internet afterall, might as well speak. Everyone else is!


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