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Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog Academy Awards Results

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Not exactly the Academy Awards, sorry about that title, but these blogs get my award. Today I am doing something different to honor a few of my favorite blogs for our blog Academy Awards Day. These are some of my favorite and best blog links on the Internet. There are so many blogs now and I decided to start my own awards instead of waiting for Blogger to notice these blogs. I try to read these blogs every few days. I will put more links on in the future but I will start with these nature, birding and general blogs and put the rest in later, if your blog is not on here, send all your complaints in a comment and I will put you in the next group: These bloggers excite me and inspire me to continue to blog. Most of them have helped me in some way to learn how to blog, even if I just found ideas on their blogs which they have shared with me. These bloggers have been happy to link to my little blog effort and have commented on my blog, giving me encouragement and a feeling of readership and a feeling of being part of a group or community. I wish to thank them for their support. Each of the blogs named can grab this small Golden Eagle Academy Award (it is actually a golden eagle pic I took) and put it ( and I have the html now to make it a clickable picture link so please just ask for that) on your sidebar if you want, and if you don't want to, that is cool too. I just wanted you all to know that I appreciated how friendly you were to me and I am so happy that you actually commented or emailed me.The blogs are listed in alphabetical order today:

Please use the little button of the golden eagle above or the smaller one if you want it on your blog. I have the correct html to give you to make it a linking button and would appreciate it if you used that for me. If there are errors, linking problems please inform me and I can fix it. You can make it clickable back here by this method here.) (or just contact me and I will help make it clickable by sending the html). Gallicissa has posted a sample of the picture as a link. He is very clever with this stuff.

Ben Cruachan Blog- Australia Ben is actually Duncan in Gippsland, Australia (Ben Cruachan is the name of a mountain and you really have to see it on his blog) and he does great blogs on bugs, birds, flora and fauna of his area. He also has a new photo gallery. He is Australian and says "Beauty Mate"!!! Love the accent. His blog is always full of fun things. Travel to Australia with Duncan's blog.

Ecobirder has amazing photos on his site. He is in Minnesota, USA. He has the best bird photos and must have a great camera. If you are a birder, this is the site for you. You will drool at his shots. He has a very friendly site too.

Forest Walks , Mary will take you on relaxing and joyful walks with her two dogs. Her blog is a photo journal and she puts in romantic photos of the wild ponies in the mist of New Forest, UK. She is reliable and always has her blog done on time....not like me. Her photos are way better than mine.

Gallicissa is Amila in Sri Lanka and he has the best birding photos and some of his photos are so extraordinary you cannot believe the birds he gets...he got the secretive Bay Owl and was the first birder to visit the Sinharaja rain forest.... check him out for some wild bird pics. Don't we all want to go there. He is a super photographer.

Julie Zickerfoose is so well known ...what can I say. She is one of the top bird, nature blogs on the web, her blog is always informative, honest and funny. She pops in her bird photos and lots of unexpected delights, it is always an adventure to see what she has been photoing, flowers, her dog, a park, the family....whatever Julie wants to do is fine with me. I would say that whatever she touches turns to gold due to the Julie charm factor, she is the Oprah of the bloggers. Julie was really helpful to me. Thanks Julie.

Mary's View now Mary is the Erma Bombeck of our time. If you need to be uplifted and to smile or laugh till you fall out of the chair, this is the site for you. I have no idea why she is blogging when she could be writing scripts. We are so lucky to have her, she puts so much effort into her blog, it is a labor of love and it just has love and hugs all the way through it and her readers can feel it. She will always give you the funniest picture and then write something hilarious under it. (Mary does have a message, see if you can find it). 
Mo's Milestones Mo is in Scotland and she inspires everyone to try harder. She has achieved major success in her life through out this last year. Her and her husband, Alan, take beautiful shots of Scotland and of their travels far and wide..... she gets the friendly award from me as she was my first blogger I met. I treasure her.
Mostlymacro is from Yorkshire, U.K. , he does lots of birds, gardens, plants and I see scenery on there today with his birding list so he has a very versatile site not just macro. There are some frogs, flowers and beautiful ducks.....a lovely site and a pleasant visit.

Nature Remains Nina is in Ohio and her site is a lush and spiritual place full of thoughtful whispers and sensitive nature photos and writings. Her love of nature shines through each picture and story and makes you feel like you are there with her. So glad I found this blog. Peaceful, Blissfull....what more can I say.

Nature Tales and Camera Tails This site is from New Brunswick and will surprise you with wildlife, scenery, birds and a unique outlook on Canadian life from the intricate minute details of ice or lichens or nature to a large growling bear...what will wander into this site next...beautifully shot by someone who truly is "me and my camera." 
Sandpiper's PlaceSandpiper is an accomplished artist who is sharing her photos and art work with us. She goes on trips and shares all her artsy photos with us....or she will take you on a walk through a snowy wonderland. I am sorry Lin Sandpiper I don't know where you are, but you are in the USA right. Sandpiper has also started a Video site and she has an Art Site and more so check out her profile page and you will see how multi-talented she is. I shamefully try to copy everything she does and I think she knows it too. It always surprises me how talented some of the bloggers are.

Sycamore Canyon This site has beauty shots of birds and it is in the birding hotspot of Arizona where you can bird all the time. Kathie takes photos that we all dream to take and has birds all around her it seems....I am so jealous....today she has the GBBC Finale count. Check her out.

The Fenlandwalker is a site in the United Kingdom and shows great pictures of the Northern part of East Anglia...there are lots of colorful photos of birds, flowers, trees, scenery and my favorite are the photos of a working farm and cows. Roy takes you on an easy to read journey with his photos. It is always a happy blog to visit and relax with a cup of tea. Hi Roy.

thequacksofLifePete is in Essex, U.K. and he loves old churches but there is a twist to his site, he is a birder so he will tease you with all his great shots of each birding trip he goes on as well as sneak in many many historical and oh so beautiful churches. I am totally addicted to his site, try it once and you are hooked. Oh, Pete the writing is sooo good too and he is the most reliable blogger ever. When no one else is blogging, he will always have a gift for his readers. He is not allowed to take holidays.

Vulture Cafe is Dawn who is the vulture of the blogging world. (She likes vultures, so she won't yell at me). Well she can pick up something on the side of the road and take a picture of some ordinary thing and make it look so special. I think she takes the best birds in flight photos ever. I believe she is in the Pacific North West, USA. Where are you Dawn?? Sorry Dawn not sure where you are but I am a fan.

Wildlife Photographic Journals This is Richard's site and he is a fellow Canon user but puts all the other Canon users to shame....He has a 500mm lens, etc. etc. and so you know he is serious and he is in Wirral, U.K. Most of the photos are from Merseyside, the Wirral and North Wales. He has some lovely close ups of birds today. We can all dream and aspire to get photos like this.

There is one other site I want to link to but I cannot get the link to work, it is Monarch's Nature Blog with an @ in it and I have tried to get the link to work but I cannot.
Monarch's Nature Blog has a great site on wordpress....his pictures are the best and he has a picture of a long eared owl on there. He works with young naturalists also. I will attempt to put a link in here. I am still attempting to put the correct link in...Monarch instead of your link the email comes up....so sorry....I will keep trying.

There was a link error and a few problems but I hope I have fixed them all now.

If you have compliments you can send them in a comment, if you have complaints you can sent them to someone else, if you want me to remove your site or change your site info I am happy to do it. Please check it for typos. Most of these bloggers have more than one site and you can find their other sites on their profile pages or links.
EDIT: Added later: I have now been able to learn how to make the blog award a clickable hyperlink image and I have the html for this so really would appreciate it if any "winners" of the award would link back to me and I can give you the hyperlink information.


  1. Thanks IR for the award! What a terrific idea, your blog is a breath of fresh air, and your great personality is a feature of it. :-)

  2. (Blush Blush, ah thanks Duncan...wonder what time it is there??....)

  3. cheers.

    I am preparing some holidays though :D

  4. Hey Pete...holidays???...oh no!!!!...taking the laptop with you??? ..well we can look forward to your holiday photos then anyway.

  5. How neat!! I've never won anything before. I think your blog should be on this list too, though! I enjoy it so much and it's fun when you're around. Thank you!

  6. Hi Lin, we are kinda up late tonight...you will win lots of awards for the photos you do Lin.

    The reason why it is fun having me around Lin is that I get into trouble...I am in big trouble for that bad post I did on Nature Blog Network. Sorry about that one. I don't play the game and follow the rules because I don't even know the rules. I have offended all the birders now. I probably am being removed from the network. I truly do not find the established birding community friendly here at blogger.

  7. Thanks for the award Island, and for including my blog in your great list. Also thanks for the mention of other nature blogs for me to visit! Its always great to find other bloggers with similiar interests!

    Love your great Eagle pics.

  8. Hello, Ocean!

    Thank you so much for my award! I can safely say that this is probably the first and only time I will ever be compared to Oprah. I do wish that blogging were as lucrative as television, don't you? It would be nice to give away cars and build schools and stuff. You're so kind, and it's cool to learn about other good blogs through your site. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  9. Hi Ocean, Thanks for the award! Never expected one. Just added a link to this in my layout. Look forward to seeing the blogs of other award winners, when I am done with my big birding tour report (which is way too long and boring).

  10. Thanks I.R. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get comfortable. Could it be the kitty at my feet and the other kitty up by my arms? LOL

    I don't know the rules and don't really care either. I'm just doing it for the fun of it. If it stops being fun, I'll stop. Who makes the rules anyway? A blog is supposed to be a diary of things that interest you. If it's just a competition, it's not fun anymore to me.

    Thank you again for the nice award. You've always been so friendly and nice to me.

  11. Anonymous7:24 am

    Many thanks Ocean`s.

    Coming from someone who takes stunning photo`s like your goodself, is a real hnour.

  12. Island Rambles, you are too kind. I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I look forward to coming up with ideas and posting them as I enjoy my blog, too :o)

    Thanks for the award!

  13. Just a note to thank you for giving Sandpiper an award! I have been trying to tell her how terrific her work is for years!

  14. I first want to thank Ocean for this lovely award! It is an honor just to be nominated, and then to win well I am humbled by the company. I will display my award with honor.
    And Ocean tell bloggers network to go hang.

    You are who you are! And a great idea, we can all make our own awards as we see fit.
    Thank you m'lady.

  15. Island--agree 100% with your picks--of those I have previously read. And I will check out some new places.
    Of course, your blog should be on the nature list too!
    Looking forward to more picks.

  16. Ocean I am honoured and accept my award..now I just have to figure out how to get it on my blog.
    I have to confess sometimes I cheat with my blog and back date posts if i get behind!

  17. Thank you all for allowing me to do this and give you a gift and not ruffling any feathers in this post too much.

    Thanks "me and my camera" Nature Tales...yes I have decided to do a small list each month of varied and mixed blogs I like and keep it small and personal with no ratings of any kind, just a short write up. So no worries I am not counting the readers, using red arrows or measuring the commercial success of any of the blogs. I just write about them and how much I love them all. It will be a very small list as I am not a big organization.
    Julie: Hi there Julie, you are Oprah to me. I think you should have a TV show also. Perhaps you could start doing podcasts, I don't know how but all the artists are doing these videos now. You probably already do it and I am so lame.I like your website also and your books and your artwork. I still think there is more of Julie to see. Embed a Podcast thing and do art step by step for me Julie, please. Sorry I tend to push and push but it would be fun to see your dog on video. I can't find your archives on your blog listed by month. Where have you got them hidden???..I like to read each blog all the way through from when they start. I am weird.

    Hi Amila, Gallicissa,I actually read your birding reports Amila and I learn about how birders think as they are a new species of people to me...I like how much work you put into your reports, I especially liked some of the unusual owls you got one day. I am glad you are writing and sharing your knowledge with us. I will have great pictures in the future...all the bad pictures in the blog are with a really poor 300lens...now I have the L series 400mm Canon lens and it is perfect in every way and I am in love with it.
    Hey Sandpiper, did the cats wake you up last night??? I am three hours earlier than most people as I am on the west coast. Cheers.
    Hi dean of Mostlymacro....I really like your pictures whatever you take them of...you have a nice mixture of it all there. I guess you have a lot of lenses to get such good photos.


    Hi Mary, thanks for coming to the awards. You have always been really friendly to me and you are a good commenter too...there should be awards for nice comments or most popular commenter...Mary gets that award too.
    I have been called out on a little emergency but will be back and finish responding to Dawn, Bruce and Donna. Back shortly.

  18. Anonymous12:55 pm

    You are soo kind and no worries about not having the @ in my address! Thanks for such a stunning award and including me with all these other amazing people!

  19. What a positive influence you are! I am so glad to find your blog via Dawn, and pleased that she received your award too. Looking forward to reading your whole blog.

  20. Thanks, Ocean!
    It's always nice to find a compliment from another nature blogger as a treat to the morning's mail!
    And an honor to be named in such good company.
    I love what I do--and it's nice to think I've created a place others feel welcome.
    Please come by as often as you can--I love company!

  21. I was called out on a photo emergency....the sun was shining and the light was so good...I am back now.

    Hi Brucesc...thanks I had seen one of your sites but it was an art site...now I see you have a photo site....it is lovely...I will go back and look. I found you through Sandpiper. She is so talented, have you seen her art work site???

    Thanks so much Dawn for liking my awards idea. I probably am breaking all the established bird blog rules and the birding police will arrive here at any time. I always have been strange and different and weird and never did fit in so I do not expect to fit in here with the established groups. I spend most of my time alone with a camera under an eagles nest or way out in the woods or on the ocean and I am totally anti-social and just like to be alone in nature with no people.I am not expecting that to change at any time either.

    Hi KGMom,
    You have been such a good supportive reader to me and I thank you. I love the writing on your site too.

  22. Ocean, Thank You so much for the award!How thoughtful of you! Thank you also for highlighting all these other blogs. I will have to go visiting now! Some I have been to before, but some are new to me. I will have to make a cup of tea and sit down and read awhile...

  23. Hi Island Rambles - or should I call you Ocean? My daughter Red noticed you had given Mary (from Mary's View) an award and alerted me to check out your blog. I heartily agree with your choice of awards. I faithfully read many of the ones you have given the award to. And now I can check out some of the others I'm not familiar with. If you are so inclined, stop by and visit Mary's Corner of the World. I so enjoy getting to know our birding and nature bloggers. They are a really good group of folks.

  24. Hi Mon@arch thanks so much for coming here. I am a huge fan. I love the post on the long-eared owl. thanks again, you have a beautiful blog.

    Hi Sandy Maudlin: nice that you followed Dawn here. You have a great site and I hope to get back to it and learn more about watercolor. Thanks for the comment.

    Hi nina, thanks for stopping by. You blog is your gift to the world it is so beautiful and gentle. Thanks for blogging. I never would have seen your blog or known what you see if you had decided not to blog...so thanks.

    Hi Kathiesbirds, the pictures of the cranes on your site today are great, happy birthday belated also. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  25. Hi Mary C, I thanks for coming over here....I have been having a bit of a wild blog party here yesterday and today, sorry the place is a horrible mess. All these bloggers showed up and got their awards today...I never know what I will do next so I hope you will come back when I clean this blog up and put out a nice sensible nature post....or I may just do something totally different.

    Mary C..I like your fresh blog, I just had time for a peek but I will go back and read it, It looks really FUN and I need to get away from my blog mess for a while.

  26. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and I hope everyone enjoyed being nominated and getting their Golden Eagle Awards.
    You all deserve it and I get so much pleasure from each of your stunning blogs. Now I must get back to work and try to produce some blogs that are good enough to put in with all this talent here.
    Have a great day all.

  27. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Hi Ocean,

    Thanks for the special award you have given me. It really is so nice to be recognised by fellow blogger friends for your work. It has pride of place on my side bar.

  28. Hi Roy, thanks for putting your award up today and congratulations. I love the golden farm on your blog today. I am getting far too attached to that lovely farm on your blog...keep up the good work...cheers.

  29. This is great! I really like your efforts at creating community. The blogosphere can be a lonely place. I love Vancouver Island (I made it up there a couple of years back). Anyway, thanks for stopping by and encouraging me. I’m going to add a link to your site so I can stop by often.

  30. Hi Benjamin, I put a link to your site on my Favorites Links in the sidebar so that I could get back to your site each day and check up that you are working and not slacking off!! Just like a Mom blogger would. You have a wonderful site. Keep feeding us those pictures now!

  31. Hi Ocean and sorry this is a bit late. Thank you so much for the award - much appreciated. At the moment I feel a bit as if this blogger (me) needs to try harder.

  32. Hi Mo so glad to hear from you. Hope all is well. You never have to try harder Mo, anything easy that you post is fine with your readers. We just like you, who you are and don't change a bit or feel pressured to produce something that is not you. We all fell in love with the Mo you are and we all joined you on your journey and great story of success each day. I can usually find you on Mo's Inspiring Moments. Ah I see you are back with a lovely post today. cheers.

  33. NOTE FOR MY BLOG AWARD WINNERS: As a finish up note to this blog post I decided to wait a bit before doing my next awards so I could read and become familiar with more new blogs..also I had to learn some technical blog stuff...like how to make the award a clickable hyperlink image...I have the html now for it to be a hyperlink so if anyone wants to have the html sent to them please just leave me a comment or an email.

  34. Ocean, finally figured out how to add your award to my page after Gallicissa showed me how to add the I and the Bird Badge to my page. Yeah! I tried to tell you this on Friday but then blogger siezed up on me and wouldn't let me post any comments anywhere!

  35. Hi kathiesbirds...thanks for adding the award to your page...your blog is so incredible I am sure you will get lots more awards and one day blogger will have to add some of these blogs to their picks of best of blogger I hope. (I like the new profile pix)

    Blogger Please consider some of my awarded blogs as your "Blogs of Note"!!!! Please. I do not know if Blogger is listening to me or who picks their Blogs of Note???...some of their picks are not as worthy as my picks for the Golden Eagle Awards are. I would be happy to pick some for them!!!


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