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Sunday, October 04, 2009

CYA National Regatta for My World

This post is for My World where you can see interesting pictures from all around the globe.
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The 2009 CYA National Qualifying Regatta for Laser/Laser Radial and 470 classes and 2010 World Youth Team Qualifier was hosted at the Yacht Club over the last four days. They finally got some good wind and excellent fast racing. These are some of the best sailors in the world and they really can put on an amazing show of power over the wind in the little bay. It was exciting and exhilarating to watch as each race was unpredictable with tide, wind and currents changing rapidly. Not being a sailor myself, (can't you tell), I watched carefully from the rocky shoreline, keeping camera and lens nice and dry, and I imagined what it would be like to be one of them and was fascinated.. It was like looking into a window of an unknown and mysterious world....the world of national championship sailing. My camera snapped away and took a lot of photos of it as I sat at the ocean's edge amongst the shorebirds and kelp, bracing against the strong winds. One of the most enjoyable sports I can think of; it is full of shiny boats, pounding waves and whitecaps on a rippled ocean, sails whipping in the wind, and boats quickly turning over, masts breaking and lots of fast action on an icy blue sea. Great fun!

(photos are of some of the winners but everyone who participated at this level is a winner, I have photos available to give to the racers again if they contact me) Cheers to all the My World group of bloggers and have a great day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Colors of the Sunset

This post is for Sky Watch the best place to go and see the sky. Please have a look at the other photos there.

Today a few photos from the past showing the colors of the sunsets here.
It is a busy time of year but I hope to get to see all your sky watch sites in a few days......I will have time then. It has been so wonderful hearing from old blog friends and having comments from new friends as well...I will try to get to see each of your beautiful blogs. Thanks so much to those who want to leave a comment for me.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Story of Suzy....... Camera Critters

This post is for Camera Critters ...please check out the other wonderful critter photos to see there.
Suzy the Tiger has been living in the Highlands. Isn't she the most beautiful thing you ever saw!! She came from a wildlife park in Lake Cowichan and they had received her from members of the Vancouver movie industry. Some of the local citizens felt it was unsafe to have Suzy nearby and efforts were made to have her removed even though she is in a large safe compound and is extremely well cared for.... I am not sure what the outcome will be for Suzy but whatever it is, I truly hope this amazing creature will be loved and cared for and that a home will be found for her that will offer her some kind of life suitable to such a wondrous animal. I am sure she is safe where she is but it is just so difficult for me to rationalize and witness animals not in their natural setting but in a setting that we think natural.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Aboriginal Games for My World

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This is my third post for That's My World , check it out to see the great photos from around the blogging globe....see the world.

Today I am putting in photos taken on the stage at the North American Aboriginal Games in Duncan last summer. The games provided an opportunity for people to learn more about First Nations from all parts of North America. These dances were held at the Cultural Village. The picture I did not put in is of all the people swimming in the beautiful Cowichan river that runs along by the village as it was a wonderful hot day. Some international protocol is that one does not step over or touch sacred objects such as drums.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weirs Beach for Watery Wednesday

Today I am putting in my photo for the first time for Watery Wednesday ...I am new to this one so look forward to visiting you all. Check out all the watery photos at the Watery Wednesday site hosted by 2sweetnsaxy.

This photo is of Weirs Beach, taken on a windy day when the waves were crashing but the sky was blue so it was great for photos. The beach is normally bare and white sand but this day the storm had deposited large amounts of kelp and driftwood. In the distance you can see the city.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Butchart Gardens for Today's Flowers

A little shot of the Butchart Gardens for Today's Flowers. Imagine if you were presented with the problem of a huge empty, ugly old sunken limestone quarry that your husband just left abandoned beside the house....what to do? Well Jennie decided to fill it with wagon loads of soil and plants and that is how this wonderful lush sunken garden started. Now it has 55 acres of flowers and shrubs of all kinds and is a National Historic Site of Canada. Here is a link to their site Butchart Gardens for more photos. It is one of the most amazing wonders of the world now.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thinking of Returning to Sky Watch

This post is for Sky Watch one of my favorite places to go and see the sky all around the world. Please have a look at the other photos there.

I am thinking of returning to blogging sometime soon but I wonder if there is anyone out there still interested in reading my blog????? It has been such a long time. I have been away for months....I had to retire from blogging for a while as I had trouble with my eyes and they needed some fixing...... I still read many of my favorite blogs as much as I can and hope I can connect up with you all soon. I may not blog very much but hope to check in and do a blog now and then. Please leave me a comment if you wander in here and let me know what you think of my new wide angle lens and also please check out the other sky watch postings at the above link or the link on my blog on the Sky Watch badge at the bottom of the page.

The picture is of the clouds at Fisgard Lighthouse taken with a 10 - 22 wide lens but on a small digital camera so not as wide as on a full frame.