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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

China Town for "C"

Today I am posting again for the ABC Wednesday meme and the letter we are on to is "C" .  I will continue my series on China Town in Victoria, B.C. on Vancouver Island for the letter C.  Check out what the other bloggers have for you on the ABC page.
I have mixed in some of my summer shots for the China Town blog as we have had so much rain and dark gloomy weather here lately. I like to recycle some of my summer shots in the winter.  These two pictures show the Gates of Harmonious Interest built in Suzhou.
The Victoria China Town is the oldest in Canada and second oldest in North America as San Francisco is older.  It all started around 1858 when there was a gold rush in the Fraser Canyon.  The miners came from California and then the Chinese came across the Pacific to Vancouver Island on their way to the gold fields.  They heard about the gold and were escaping war, famine and drought in China.  About one third of the miners were Chinese and most came from Guangdong in South China.  Then later the Canadian Pacific Railway brought in Chinese workers.  They were mostly men and would try to bring in their families later.
As I wandered around the streets, I stopped here and listened to these talented buskers...the young guitar player had become quite a local favorite.

In the early years there were rows of wood huts here and it had a reputation of having gambling and opium dens.
In 1911 China Town was at it's peak and covered six city blocks and had around 3,158 people there.  Later on it got  smaller in size.
Here we  see one of  the amazing fruit and vegetable stands.
These shots show Fan Tan Alley.
This was the original gambling district.  Now it has small shops.
This is known as the narrowest street in Canada and it is only 0.9 metres wide in some areas.
More of the open markets.
Some samples of the interior of the shops.
I have not seen it but apparently there is the oldest Buddhist Temple in Canada here.

The area is now revitalized with shops and studios and is a major tourist attraction.
I hope you like our China Town and hello to all the ABC group of bloggers.

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  1. Beautiful post!
    Thanks for the tour, loved it!
    Have a great day. :O)

  2. Beautiful China Town.

    Chubskulit, ABC Wednesday Team.

  3. Love the bold colors and mystery of the narrow alleyways. Nice post showing life in Chinatown.

  4. Your Chinatown is so colorful in the bright sunshine! I've been down those streets before, too. I really like the narrow alleyway. I'll send you some California sunshine!

  5. Very colorful buildings. I've been to Chinatowns in NYC and SF but not yet t yours.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Looks a lot like Vancouver's China Town. Those gates are so picturesque! Love all your photos. I must check out Victoria's China Town some day.

    abcw team

  7. Great tour! Looks like a wonderful China Town to visit. Very interesting information on the history.

  8. What a great photo collection. I love the vibrant colors and street views. And wow that is a very narrow street.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Lovely shots of Chinatown. I like the little Chinatown in Victoria with it's narrow alleyways.

  10. thanks so much for your visit and for your comment, it is appreciated!

  11. Beautiful post.

    Regards and best wishes


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