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Monday, January 09, 2012

New Year's Day Levee Our World

Today's post is for Our World where there are many more world pics. These shots were taken on New Year's Day at the Government House Levee. I had not ever been inside and was amazed to see the First Nation's carvings. (I just loved them so much I only took pictures of them and no people!!) There were a lot of people there and we shook hands with The Honourable Steven Point, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. We had snacks of tarts and various treats, even a salmon bar of some kind. Of course there was coffee and tea. It was really crowded and I tried to get out of there as quick as I possibly could. Pictures are Clickable.

Here is a shot of the outside at the front of Government House.
The New Year’s Day levee is a long Canadian tradition. On the first day of the new year the Governor General, provincial lieutenant governors, military establishments and some municipalities open their doors to receive the public.

You can see the people on the front veranda.

The Canadian Scottish Regiment Pipes and Drums were there and the Naden Band played.  Below are some shots of the views outside of Government House.

I cannot get my post editor to work since they changed to the new interface. I switched back to the old interface and still cannot get the text where it should be.   I am getting more and more frustrated .......

I am having so much trouble with the text that I will quit now. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the New Year 2012!!


  1. Oh, I have had the same problems!! So frustrating! Great post and photos in spite of the problems! Hope you have a great week!


  2. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Such different and beautiful views of another world. The carvings are amazing...thank you for sharing. Love the view of the building and the red blossoms on the trees. Sorry to hear about the the trouble you're having with the text/Blogger. Hope that gets sorted out soon.

  3. I think I spotted a little rainbow at the bottom of one of the carvings. I can see why you were taken with these works of art … the combination of bold colors, warm wood and mythological creatures is heaven to photograph. Also like the perspective of the branches laden with red against the backdrop of the house. :)

  4. Anonymous9:15 am

    Especially with the last two blogs I recognize images that are very special: the old pot at Government House and the piling reflections on the last blog. It is fun to hear about life in Victoria! Studio Cat.

  5. Great pictures, the carvings were awesome and the outside looks absolutely beautiful. Love this post!

  6. What a neat way to celebrate the start of a new year. The First Nation's carvings really are spectacular!

  7. my friend trish has the same problem! mine is still the old version!

    nice pics

  8. thanks for coming and it is wonderful to see some old friends here from far far away!thanks.


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