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Monday, January 16, 2012

Surfing At Sombrio Beach

The  pictures today are for Our World meme which is very popular with the bloggers. It is cold and snowy here right now but just a few weeks ago we were at Sombrio Beach with the surfers.  It was extremely warm and sunny on this magical Sombrio Beach day.  I will pop this in for Watery Wednesday as well.
The waves were about 11 feet high when we got there but apparently in the morning the waves were really good and much bigger.  There was a happy group of surfers on the beach having such a good time riding the waves.
Sombrio Beach is a wonderful rocky and sandy beach within easy walking distance from the parking lot. It is on the west coast of  southern Vancouver Island 57 kilometres west of Sooke.
It is part  of the Juan de Fuca Provincial parks and part of the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. It has two wilderness camp sites and the beach is great for day trips.
The rugged shoreline of the beach is ringed with old growth forests of cedar and fir.  The trail is lush with ferns and mossy logs and ends up on a suspension bridge over the river.

In the mid 70's a group of hippies lived here for a while.  It still seems to hold the memory of their lives there when you walk through the forest.
In the early years this area was used for the First Nations who collected plants for medicine and foods and hunted and fished here.   In 1949 the years of logging started in this area.
In 1994 a certain portion of the land was protected for the park.
We had a wonderful warm day there and it is nice to remember it now in the snow. Pictures will click bigger.
The snow will be gone here soon as our climate is usually a mild rainforest climate.
Well that's it for today.  Hope to see you over at Our World and Watery Wednesday.


  1. surfing fascinates me. I can't surf, but I have always admired those who can :)

  2. great surfing shots and pretty beach!

    My Third Eye

  3. The destruction colonising white men have wreaked around the world keeps amazing me. Then they congratulate themselves for having left a few acres for national parks or nature reserves which so often in in this country are still subject to logging.

    Beautiful shore but does no-one collect traditional medicinal plants there anymore??

  4. Not sure what island you're on, but I can imagine hippies loving the beach! Love the lighthouse in your header shot too!! Fantastic RED!!

  5. Anonymous12:16 am

    What great shots!

  6. Great captures of the surfers. It looks like a beautiful beach for walking. I like looking at all the driftwood and the trees are gorgeous. Beautiful photos.

  7. These pictures certainly have a warmer look than what it is outside here today. Thanks for the warm feelings.

  8. I know that in Cape Breton, "protected" doesn't always mean protected from logging. Are the old growth forests 'safe' there? Beautiful area, and one I'd like to visit some day. ~karen (aka kaholly)

  9. Thanks all for the lovely comments.

    Arija I am not sure if any of the local First Nations actually collect any plants now for medicine. I know they have many ceremonial traditions and most of them are secret.

  10. Very nice pictures!

  11. Thanks for the tour of your lovely beach. Love the light in your photos. Was it early in the day? Were you one of the hippies who lived along the evergreen lined beach area? That would have been a great memory! :-)

  12. that is a gret place. Love the waves and beach. It looks so fun to surf, but I would never dare trying it.

  13. Oh, what a lovely place...dreaming of summer ....but like snow to though ;0)

  14. These photos are so beautiful!

    Frozen Lake

  15. thanks again for coming to see me and sharing my day!


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