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Thursday, February 02, 2012

China Town Sky

This is the third and final segment of my series on China Town in Victoria, B.C. For Sky Watch Friday I tried to put in blue sky as all we have been seeing in rain and dark skies here lately.  Check out the sky around the world at Sky Watch.

I am mostly focusing on the Gate of Harmonious Interest as it is so beautiful.  The Chinese called Victoria Dai Fau meaning big port and they played a large role in B.C. history and this gate was erected in 1981 to recognize the history of Chinese pioneers here.  Victoria was called the gate way to China in the early years and the Chinese people have lived and worked here for over a hundred years.

The gate is made of bright ceramic tiles.  The two lions that guard it are from Suzhou, one of Victoria's sister cities.
On each side of the red pillars there are time capsules buried and to be opened in 2081 and 2096.

There is a plaque on it to honour the 61 Chinese Canadians who died fighting in the Second World War.

It has a golden dragon on it and a red phoenix.
The inscriptions on the gate say "To work together with one heart" and "To help each other achieve harmony".
In 1885 the Canadian Government levied a Head Tax on every person of Chinese origin entering Canada, this was increased over the years and in 1903 it was $500 which would have been about two years wages for a Chinese labourer.
In 1923 the Chinese Immigration Act was passed and this restricted all Chinese entering Canada.  This was not repealed until 1947.

I hope to put in some recent pictures of Northern China and the Great Wall as my son is travelling there now.  It is very cold there, around -15.

The gate seems to illustrate and symbolized that throughout all these difficulties the Chinese immigrants to this area were able to retain their language and customs.

Well I hope you enjoyed my China Town series.  I am hoping the weather here improves so I can get out and get some more photos.


  1. Lovely shots with lot of details.

  2. Great posts on your Chinatown. We have them in Australia as well. In the early 1800's the Chinese immigrants entered illegally in South Australia and made the 700 mile trek through waterless hot, dry country to the Victorian goldfields. There are wonderful Chinese artefacts in the country town of Hamilton, Vic. that they were forced to exchange for food and water. They had a really tough time here and were sometimes massacred en masse by white miners who were jealous of their organised way of work and community with doctors and shops and people growing food for those mining. Our government also indulged in the white Australia policy for a very long time.
    Unfortunately when we were in your Victoria, we did not get to enjoy your Chinatown.

    Thanks for the lovely pics.

  3. Such fantastic, colorful captures and so beautiful against those blue, blue skies! Marvelous, interesting post for the day! Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Thanks to Indrani, Arija and Sylvia for your comments. I really appreciate them.
    I really enjoyed hearing about your Chinese immigrants history in your country Arija. It makes my blog so much better to have such informative comments.

  5. all so beautifully captured!!

  6. Wow great place and beautiful captures!

    Happy weekend.

  7. I enjoyed your photos of China Town. Very interesting!

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog post for Sky Watch Friday. The Header sunset photo was made just a few days ago. I had thought to use it for Sky Watch Friday, but decided I wanted to change my header instead.
    Have a great day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  8. What a beautiful place! Great shots.

  9. great shots! beautiful skies :)

  10. I loved your tours of China town. It brings back memories of when we were in Victoria and walked all around there.

  11. Anonymous5:05 am

    Lovely colors. Hope your weather breaks for you soon. Happy skywatching.

  12. It's a great series of sky photos with a gorgeous and beautiful gate!
    Am following your blog from now on:)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  14. Very pretty pictures of "your" China town ! It seems to me that the entrances of all "China towns" in the world, outside China, look the same. I have seen China town in London in San Fransisco and in New York ! Always so colorful !

  15. Great and interesting history! I visited China this summer (and climbed the Great Wall) but at that time it was so hot. On my next trip to Victoria, I will look forward to visiting this Chinatown, in addition to my most favorite place in the world, Bucthard Gardens:)

  16. Beautiful shots, the red of the Chinese buildings and decorations stands out so well on that pure blue sky! very nice! Greetings, deeBee

  17. Wow! That's a lot of wonderful color! Thanks for the post.

  18. Great shots from a beautiful place.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  19. Thanks so much for your comments magiceye, Regina, Lea, Jim, Eden,Tina, Crafty, Lynn and Tatjana and Tammy. Thanks also to Ikeda and the other new friends for the follow. Tammy I hope we get to meet if you come here.

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  21. oooops I posted two of the same of my comments as the box was so slow today that is why it says comment deleted up there.....it was just me!

  22. Thanks so much for coming and for your comments DeeBeeL, Betttyl and Camera Cruise.

  23. I do love the Chinatown photos. The colours are breathtaking.
    I heard you finally had some snow in B.C.!
    We're still frozen.
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  24. Beautiful blues! Also, the color and description of the area waas wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  25. Thanks so much for your comments everyone and yes we did get snow Jenn, thank goodness it is gone now!


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