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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Genoa Bay Low Tide

Lets step back in time now.  That is what it is like to go to Genoa Bay.  This post is for Sky Watch Friday, Weekend Reflections, Scenic Sunday, Weekly Top Shots, Best Post of the Week, and Simple as That Sunday. Check out Fabulous Friday and all these wonderful memes to see shots from around the world.  Most meme hosts try to screen the blogs listed so it is a safe way for my readers to see nature around the world. That is why I only go to meme sites, they are prescreened a bit and mostly on nature and usually not many ads or promotions. These shots were Straight Out of the Camera some using a wide angle lens.

Genoa Bay is on the north side of Cowichan Bay on southern Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada.  It is at the south end of Sansum Narrows. We went there just a few days ago and it turned out to be a really warm sunny day.  The drive there is on a scenic long, winding country road so when you finally pop out at the bay you feel like you are in an isolated and remote place.  It is so quiet and the water is so sheltered and calm.  There are a few quaint picturesque float homes decorated with funky art stuff and some wonderful sculptures.   Really good mariner facilities also at the marina and a nice little cafe.  We had a picnic at a sunny spot there overlooking the bay and I took zillions of pictures.  It was low tide and I love low tide but when you combine low tide with good light and flat calm reflections that is the trifecta.  Have a great and sunny weekend all.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Koksilah River in Fall

The Koksilah River Provincial Park is located west of Shawnigan Lake on South Vancouver Island.  Today's post is for ABC Wednesday and the  letter now is at "K"...check out what the other bloggers will be doing there.  Also we will try Nature Notes Wednesday, Our World Tuesday, and Outdoors Wednesday.   I seem to be very captivated by memes this year.

The Koksilah River campsite is know for having very rustic and rugged hiking trails.  It is an undeveloped park with lots of mossy trees and little overgrown trails.  I like it in the fall when the large big leaf maples turn all the warm shades of yellow and orange. 

The river has a large gated metal bridge that crosses over it and it is called Burnt Bridge.  I think the original bridge was damaged in a forest fire and it has been rebuilt twice.

I have heard that the river has an annual bloom of rock snot (Didymo). This is a freshwater algae that smothers out other good algae I think.  I have never seen rock snot but I will look for it and hope to get a picture of rock snot for you.   I have had a lot of fun with the crayfish in the river and the little minnows as I can feed them bits of my beef sandwich.  We go there for picnics and wade in the cool pools in the heat of the summer.

There are logging roads that go farther up the river and when I was there last I am sad to say there was active logging going on up there.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dougan Lake Sunset

This post is for Sky Watch Friday and Weekend Reflections.  Also try out these wonderful memes.. Scenic Sunday, Simple as That Sunday and Straight Out of the Camera Sunday.   That gets me through the weekend!   Thanks to the bloggers who host these fun memes.  Please join up with them for some more great shots.

I don't have much more to write about Dougan lake or Dougans Lake other than it is beautiful.  (I did another post on it here).  So I will describe how I took these pictures.  We were driving home from a day at Cowichan Lake and it was late. I could see this sunset taking shape all along the drive.  I wanted so much to capture it at Dougans so when hubby stopped the car I ran out fast, took lots of shots and ...realized later I still had the camera hoodie on and on incorrectly so it was showing.....I kept snapping away and moving closer to the water not aware of where I was putting my feet.  So some of the photos were taken with my feet right in the water over my boots! What we do for a shot.   Happy Weekend everyone.
(yes people walked into my shots and yes straight out of camera!)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Juan de Fuca Marine Park

 China Beach


Juan de Fuca Marine Trail and Provincial Park and Jordan River are the themes today.  It is "J" at ABC Wednesday!  The park is on the west coast of southern  Vancouver Island just past Jordan River to the west and it extends up to Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew.
Also for Our World Tuesday, Outdoors Wednesday and Nature Notes Wednesday.  Thank you so much to the bloggers who host these memes and please go and visit them.
The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail  has trail heads from Botanical Beach, Sombrio Beach, Parkinsons Creek and China Beach but check the parks site for updates on the trails before you go.  The Juan de Fuca Trail is a wilderness hiking trail of 47 kilometers of roaring surf and ruggest west coast scenery.  At the east end of the park is China Beach which is 35 km west from Sooke..  The trail was developed as a reminder of the Victoria Commonwealth Games in 1994.  Hiking the entire trail takes three to five days,  many hikers start the trail at China Beach so they can end it at Botanical Beach.
 Jordan River

 Jordan River

Jordan River is around 70 km west of Victoria.  It began as a logging camp in late 19th century. It is where many surfers gather to enjoy the winter wind and surf.  There is still active logging there and the logs are tied into rafts at the river mouth and then they get towed out to sea and to Vancouver or Washington.  Travel to Jordan River was only by boat until 1912 when a road connected it to Sooke.  Jordan River has a clear view of the  Strait of Juan de Fuca and was used in World War ll to house a warning system in case of Japanese attack.