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Monday, May 07, 2012

Octopus Eats Seagull

Quick as a wink. A local woman taking a walk along the Ogden Point Breakwater gets shots of an octopus coming up and quickly grabbing a seagull and eating it! Here is a link to the story and photos she took.  The photos in this series are my own photos of another octopus and some of Ogden Point. The letter this week at ABC Wednesday is "q" and I am using it for the word quick as the octopus finished the seagull very quickly, in 53 seconds it was all done.
(Also the lady that took the pictures was very quick to get that minute on her camera.)

Here are my photos of a Giant Pacific Octopus that was in the Sidney's Shaw Ocean Discovery Center.  This is not the same octopus in the news that went viral about it eating the Glaucous-winged gull.  No, sadly it was not me that got those shots (sigh) but I did get amazing shots of the octopus at the center.

This octopus in these shots here on the blog was at the Discovery Center and he was huge.  I was told that he spent a lot of time at first banging his body against the glass. They are very smart and can solve problems so he soon figured out that he was well fed here.  He was released after some time but they only live for about four to five years and the  male will mate and then die.
I had such a feeling of compassion for this octopus and such a sense of his intelligence..He saw me and gave me the greatest show ever for my camera lens.....never had I connected with a sea creature up so close and personal.  I felt a sadness that he was there, but he was a great ambassador for his kind and it is a learning center for children to go to.

They also had a smaller female later and she even produced 30,000 eggs! The eggs were not fertilized. The female octopus will carefully look after the eggs and then die a few months after laying the eggs.  The female octopus will collect the male sperm and keep it around until she feels like fertilizing the eggs. Now that is liberated. She is clever.  In this case she was unable to fertilize them.

Here are shots of the Ogden Point Breakwater where the lady was walking when she saw the octopus eat the seagull.

Here are some octopus video links.  They are good.  I checked them.
octopus swims with diver
smart octopus
shark vs octopus
octopus hatches babies
Hope you all have a great week ahead and hope you liked this post.

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edit note:  I sometimes have to republish after I see how many errors I made or links not working.  Have glaucoma and eyes bad.


  1. Wow! That is an amazing story she had. I was surprised that she actually had photos of it!
    Also, your photos are very nice also...

  2. Awesome captures for the day and an amazing look your world! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Great post, great octopus and great video. I had never seen one before.

  4. Your photos are fantastic! I've never heard of an octopus eating a bird before...great story!

  5. great shot. natural, tho icky!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Amazing photos and that is such an interesting creature.
    Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea...for real.

  7. Anonymous11:07 am

    amazing lifeform and great pix

    don quixote limerick

  8. You took beautiful pics! I know it's nature, but one animal eating another always gives me the hebee geebees (I don't know what the spelling is of that expression).

  9. I guess I have led a deprived life, but I have never seen an octopus in the wild. Your photos were the next best thing to being there myself. I, too, felt terribly sorry for the octopus. I hope, one day, children and adults will be able to learn through video conferencing and or web cams, and that there will be no more confined wildlife, except in cases of rescue.

  10. Great photos! Octopuses are fascinating creatures.Thank you fror sharing.
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABC Team.

  11. I didn't realize an octopus would eat a gull!
    I thought they just wandered about looking cute and leggy and eating sea plants

    Love your photos

  12. Oh, I saw that octopus, and had great sympathy for the poor seagull. Great pictures.

  13. Thanks you for your comments they are appreciated so much.

    Hildred and Charles: yes in the rush to get my post up on time I did not express my sadness for the poor seagull and I am glad I did not see it happen as I always am the one that intervenes no matter what. Unfortunately there was little this lady could do.

  14. Fascinating!

    Come and take my Dementia Quiz
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  15. Amazing story and photos. Your Octopus photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  16. The octopus is so interesting! I love the suction cups :) I have heard that they are very intelligent, so I am glad that they let him go after a while.

  17. Very interesting.

    Q is for...
    Have a beautiful day.

  18. Oh I am sorry about your eyes..I make mistakes and I have no excuse really.. This is amazing..wow..I had seen a program on octopus and their kin and how smart these guys really are and how sadly short-lived. I can relate to looking into the eyes and seeing intelligence as I felt that looking at a captive killer whale who did tricks all day...amazing post...Michelle

  19. What an amazing thing to witness. Like your photos of the octopus.

  20. I didn't know an octopus would eat seagulls. Very interesting.

  21. thank you all for coming to see this post. thanks for your comments. I should apologize. I think I failed on my sensitivity to my readers this week. I put the link in as it is a rare event, not ever I believe documented that octopus trap seagulls. We have heard of it but not witnessed it. So this was a big event here in both the birding and ocean communities.
    However most of my readers will be birders and I did not realize that this may be disturbing to them. So I hope you were not upset and forgive as I am slightly hardened by spending too much time in the wild.

  22. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Love this!


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