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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Port of Sidney, B.C.

Back again to the Port of Sidney, B.C. Canada.  I will list my memes at the end of the blog now, but "P" is for Port at ABC Wednesday.  We recently went out to lunch at Sidney at a place on the water so I ran around the dock and took pictures as I always do while everyone waited for the food.  It was a lovely sunny day and I enjoyed the brisk walk on the wharf  and returned to sit by the fire at the restaurant. Here is the local Fish Market.
Sidney is a great tourist area with lots of shops and restaurants very close to the marina.  This area is good for boating and exploring by land as well as there are beautiful beaches, inlets and islands all around here.
You can travel to the Gulf Islands, B.C. from here or to the San Juan Islands, U.S. also.
This area was called Tseteenus by the Saanich First Nations meaning it sticks out.   The main winter village for the First Nations was at Tsehum Harbour nearby.  The Salish First Nations were here 10,000 years ago and evolved into the current tribes of Tsecum, Pauquachin, Taswout and Tsartlip bands.
In the 1840s the British Government sent out six ships and the Colony of Vancouver Island was created around 1849 and soon after North and South Saanich were established.  In the 1860s the Hudson's Bay Company was selling parcels of farmland here for a dollar.  Until the railroad was created in 1894-95 it was not thought that anyone would live way out here in this area so far from Victoria.  In 1891 the Brethour family subdivided 50 acres and registered it as the Township of Sidney.  Julius Brethour named it after Sidney Island which was named after Lieutenant Frederich Sidney of the Royal Navy Hydrographic Service.  I guess he was one of the surveyors on the two survey ships the British sent out in the 1840s with the Royal Navy ships to protect the  colonists from possible lawlessness of the American settlers. (sorry it is quoted from a reference).  The Hudson's Bay Company wanted to make sure that the colonists were protected but also I think they wanted it surveyed to stake out a border and establish it as a British Territory.
In 1891 the Hotel Sidney was constructed and soon there was a general store, a boat builder and a post office.  Later on came the big wharf, the butcher, the blacksmith, carpenter and then of course the saw mill. In times later on the shoreline had canneries to process the oysters, clams from the sea and pears and peaches from the local farms.
This area also had the first flour mill, the Brachman and Milne Grist Mill or Saanich Steam Mills.  They sent their oats and grain to Victoria by boat. So in time the island was populated and industry came with that to support the colonist who farmed, fished and had lumber mills.  Food products and building supplies moved by boat and then by train and the islanders became more self sufficient until it is what it is today.
Well there it is for this week, my little travel down memory lane and a bit of history of the area for you.

As always my disclaimer is that this is my own version of local history, correct or not.  This is just a blog to share with my friends.

The memes for today are Ruby Tuesday, Our World Tuesday, Sweet Shot Tuesday, ABC Wednesday the letter "P" for Port of Sidney, Wordless Wednesday with Words.  Thanks to these memes for giving bloggers some way to connect and thanks to those who come to comment.  Also new meme for me is Mid Week Blues.  Thanks.

I sometimes edit and republish for spelling errors as I have bad eyes!


  1. You live in such a beautiful spot of the world. The pictures you have shared today show just how pretty it is. Love that blue water and all of the boats. The flowers are divine. When I go to visit my son on Baimbridge Island we go to the San Juans. Are you all having any problems in your area with the wash up from Japan. We are seeing it on the news and it looks just awful. So sad. genie

  2. Anonymous1:27 pm

    I imagine myself spending a day there, walking up and down and enjoying some delicious lunch looking out into the water.

  3. These are great!!! I love that you run around a snag photos while everyone's waiting for food!! Such a nice full offering for the letter "P," thanks a bunch!!

  4. Such a long time since I have been to the Islands, - love Victoria, and Salt Spring Island. Thank you for reminding me how lovely it all is.

  5. Hi Genie, thanks for coming and talking to me. I have not seen any of the washed up remains from Japan here on our beaches, I have seen reports of it on the news.

    There was a large boat that came from Japan out in the ocean that they had to sink before it got here.

    Hi Ewok, I remember you from long ago, Thanks for coming here. How nice to see these familiar names.I miss so many old bloggers.(not old old)! Now lots of people just go and stay on facebook and don't blog anymore. What good is that.

    Hi Hannah, thanks for the comment.
    I like your flashy fiction site and like the real toads in the garden..I will be checking this out some more...I see you are a writer.

  6. this is a great series of shots!!
    you should join Mid Week Blues as well, it opens late Tuesday nights
    the link is on my sidebar
    that fish market shot has the most incredible blues in it

  7. Hi Hildred and Charles, we commented at the same time, thanks so much for your visit.

    Hi Dianne, I will try to get over to MidWeek Blues. thanks for letting me know.

  8. These are all so beautiful. Great job♥

  9. Gorgeous photos of Sidney. I do love The Island. I'll be on the mainland coast for a while this month, and now I'm wishing I could make it to the island. Maybe I'll go on a "cruise" across from Tsawwassen to Sidney one day while I'm out there.

  10. Fabulous information that you post. Plenty of research you have done.
    It is clear that you love your coast. Studio Cat

  11. Hi Islands,
    I enjoy learning about the history of your wonderful area. Your photos are beautiful also! I bet there are lots of lovely flowers blooming now:)

  12. a rather PRETTY PIER area
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  13. I haven't been to fish markets for years and I miss it. Lovely captures.

    Ruby Tuesday at my page. Have a great day!

  14. Great pics of this harbor - as well as the history. Greta use of your time, instead of waiting for your food:):)

  15. An intriguing post! The marina is in such a pretty setting! Love those bright and beautiful flowers gracing the water's edge!

  16. Wow! Those are fantastic shots. That's where the ferry from Anacortes comes in. You really do live in a lovely and quiet spot! Enjoy the week.

  17. Thanks for joining MWBs. I love the blues in your photos, the history and the photos themselves. Nice post.

  18. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Beautiful pics and interesting history

  19. You really do live in a beautiful area. Love all the vibrant colors and blue sky!

  20. Anonymous12:24 pm

    SO beautiful!

  21. I love Sydney, It is one place we always go and visit when I visit my brothers on the island. I was married at the Latch, and that has changed a lot since then when the built the bigger hotel across from the original building. And I can't believe you have bad eyes, your photos are always tack sharp and gorgeous!

  22. What a beautiful place! Your photographs are amazing! I haven't been up there in a long time, but now I think it's time to go back!
    I also really enjoy the background info on some of the photos.


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