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Monday, July 02, 2012

Birds in My Yard Video

I think today we will take a tour of the birds in my yard.  Above is the American Goldfinch, I have a lot of them and some seem to be here almost all year.  They love to eat small chips of sunflower seeds and nyjer, niger seed in a bag.  They make the sweetest call, they say "tooooo sweet" and I always agree they are my cutest birds.  This is the male the female is a little less colorful.  They males are quite bossy at the feeder and manage to eat a lot.  I find them to be very tolerant of me and don't fly away much. The background is my rose bush in full bloom right now.  (ABC is nearing the end of this round and the letter is "Y" for yard.)
Next we have the Rufous-sided Towhee. I think they call him Spotted Towhee now.  He is very shy but loves the black oiled sunflower seeds...on the ground as he only goes up to the feeders if he is feeling particularly brave that day.  He nests in low bushes and his call is a raspy, throaty call "whrack".  He is part of the sparrow family. He is above the feeder area.
This is Red-winged Blackbird, male.  They are not always at the feeders but they do like to stop by and pay a visit, I only get a few here.  I have a male and female that have come by.  They are not in a colony around my yard so are not bothersome or noisy.  They just announce their arrival.  The red patches on the wing are used to show the other males how powerful they are for territorial demonstrations and to attract the ladies. He is looking directly at the feeders.
I got mixed up and added another Towhee.  I will let him stay in as I like the Towhee.
Here we have a lovely Pine Siskin.  I never used to see these birds around before but now we have so many of them at the feeder.  They love the sunflower chips and nyar seeds.  I will put in a better picture in another blog as this does not show the yellow on the wing. (I liked the flowers.)  They get along with the other birds quite well and behave at the feeder and are not dominant. He is just below my feeders.  They are very tame and don't bother to fly away when I fill the feeders....they just look curiously at me until I have to almost push them away.  They over eat.
This is all out of order today...above is the female of the Red-winged Blackbird.  She is looking down and about to try out the feeder. She will sit in the tray under the feeder. The Blackbirds that come here are quiet and kind of shy not the noisy groups that gather in the colony.  Well behaved and polite mine are.

This lovely colorful bird is the House Finch, male.  Female is more grey.  I have a lot of these birds always here.  They like to eat everything, all kinds of seeds will do for them.  They are a little feisty at the feeder. They like to stuff themselves.   They love apples.
 I was sitting in the back yard and I happened to just be in the exact spot where the best moss was for the Chestnut-Backed Chickadee.  He did not mind he just came right up to me and collected the moss he needed...this is not cropped! This is our  only Chickadee on Vancouver Island and he has the brown cap and rusty undersides.   They like the sunflower seeds.  He needs to have a nest box with a smaller opening hole so big birds can't take it over.
We had a Cowbird come by a few times.  This looks like a Brown-headed one I guess. Not very familiar with them but they put one of their eggs in other birds' nests.  Bad. Bad.
American Robin here.  I love the song they sing just at dusk.
Bewick's Wren with the white eye-liner.  They are very talkative and make a lot of scolding and raspy calls.  They make nests in strange places.  We had an old nest box laying on the ground this year and they nested in it!
Red-Breasted Nuthatch but I don't see the red breast part so not sure if male or female of baby. They like suet and peanuts and sunflower seeds. They have a nest box beside the feeder with a tiny opening hole.
This is a hummingbird, not sure but probably an Anna's or could be a Rufous.The Anna's have been around here since about 1958 as they are usually more south but they stay here all winter now and have their babies in February.  It is so harsh to see them nest in such a cold time of year.
This is a Downy Woodpecker.  We have a lot of these at the feeder and I have been making videos of the babies.  There will be more pictures of them later.  Well that is the tour of my backyard birds. Hope you liked it.  Cheers.
The memes for this week are:  ABC Wednesday the letter "Y" for Yard. Thank you to these memes for allowing bloggers to share their story.  I may not remember to enter them all but I still list them as this is the quick way for me to do it.

First Video below: My Backyard Birds...hand held, no video head yet, very shaky and no pan.  This is learning video Canon 7D series 1. The noise is the seaplanes.  Hopefully I will improve.   There is no auto focus on video so it is really difficult for me as my eyes will not focus either!!  There may be some errors today as I am rushing and do not have time to proof read.

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  1. As always great photos. Particular favourite is the siskin amongst the pansies/violas and forget-me-nots.

  2. You have a great assortment of birds in your backyard. Reminds me of my old home back in Maine. Very good images!

  3. Excellent captures of these birds. Such variety!

  4. Absolutely lovely collection of birds you sport at home. It was so nice to hear as well as see them. Your garden must be a joy to behold as well.

  5. Hi there - nature really did pack some colour into your yard birds. Splendid.

    Stewart M

  6. I love all your birds. The Chestnut Backed chickadee is a cutie and the Towhee is beautiful. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

  7. Your video was just fine! I love watching the birds at the feeders and you showed the pretty colors of the finches! And I loved the tour of your yard with the birds...nice job today!

  8. Great show, and that towhee is really something. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Wow, gorgeous shots! I love the towhee! I haven't seen one in years. You got some great photos and a very nice variety of birds!

  10. Fantastic pictures. I love the video. That camera does such a good job of this.I still have not spent too much time trying the video.I am also having a little trouble with the exposure,seems I need to over expose by a full stop to get the right light.

  11. Thanks so much for your comments...it has been a difficult learning curve this week with a new camera and new video and a new YouTube Channel. I will improve.

    Ruth..that is odd about the exposure on your 7D, check your custom settings. I don't enable highlight tone or safety shift.

  12. You have an amazing congregation of birds in your yard.
    Terrific capture too.
    We have many robins that have been making pigs of them selves in the mulberry tree.

  13. Beautiful photos and video.
    You're lucky to have so many birds in your backyard.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Birds are fascinating. Good post. Happy summer♫♪

  15. A great series of photos. I especially like the Pine Siskin in among the flowers.

  16. Yup, still going through the summer. Nice collection of creatures in the YARD.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  17. Great series!! /Susanne

  18. Isnt a bcak yard (Garden here in the UK) such a great place to see such a diverse set of birds. Close to home, from the comfort of your chair, with a chilled beer! and best of all you can see WHATT REALLY GOES ON IN THE WORLD OF BIRDS.... BRILLIANT

  19. The rufous towhee,........love its colors.


  20. Lovely songbirds and they look well taken care of. Love the apple idea, must do~

  21. Lovely photographs I love the one with the bird with moss in its mouth

  22. Great Collection. Thanks for participating in this weeks Tuesday Tweets.

  23. your back yard is filled with a variety of birds. Wonderful series. Yes, that is a brown headed cowbird. Yes, they are bad. We have lots of them around here.

  24. Anonymous7:43 am

    Your backyard visitors are so beautifully photographed with lovely backgrounds! Loved the little video!

  25. You really have an amazing variety of birds there - and have taken great photos of them!

    I agree with you that it seems tough for the poor little hummingbird to have babies in February!

    We have gold finches here, and I love them too!

    I just signed up to Follow you on Twitter! I have been fooling around on Twitter a lot lately - LOL!

  26. Those are gorgeous.

    Y is for...
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  27. Very nice! thanks for sharing :)

  28. The video is so crisp and clear, much better than what I have been getting. I loved seeing all the birds that visit and your feeders have the best seeds and are so clean. Wonderful bird area...Michelle

  29. Gosh, so many comments! thanks. It will take me some time to get to all your sites but I will. It may be a few days as it is such a busy time.

  30. ❤✿•.¸•.¸¸
    Bela série, todas as fotos estão maravilhosa!

    ♡ Bom fim de semana!


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