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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Black-necked Stilts Videos Vancouver Island

More on the story of the Black-necked stilts that arrived here a while ago and nested.  We have not had these stilts here for around 25 years and no one knows of them nesting here before.  It has been amazing to watch the babies grow and change and how the parents care for them.  On the first video below they are very tired, sleeping baby stilts catching some Zzzzzzzz's. The letter today for ABC is the end of this round  "Z". The second video is better.

The baby stilts do sneak a peak at me now and then but basically I am ignored.  I assure you I used a long lens and am on the road and did not disturb them.  The parents were nearby but for some reason they never use the alarm call when I am there alone, they just looked up and went back to sleep!  Remember that one that came and sat with me on the mud bank for so long....I must be the stilt whisperer.  Anyway I don't like to cause any distress to any animal or bird just for the sake of a photo.

The first video is called sleepy as that is all they do! They snooze. It will be boring for those who see stilts every day.  The next video is when they were wide Awake! and doing lots of funny things.  They were zany and full of zest and zeal, some Z words for ABC meme. I just wanted some video to document them at this age as they grow into those long legs. They may not return next year and I may never see them again.

You can hear red tail hawks in the background and some farm noises and machinery and airplanes.  I am sure I heard a young eagle also. There is a sora running around at my feet and some killdeer and swallows and ducks all around there. The second video has some swallows fly by as the baby wakes up and stretches and does his grooming.

As an afterthought I should have edited these videos and put in more awake parts but I am still in the learning process as this is second video. The next video they are awake.  Videos are handheld or on monopod. Not so good yet.

Thank you to Mrs. Nesbitt for her ABC meme and to the other meme hosts this week.

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  1. Such beautiful birds and I love your captures, Nora, -- the movies, too! The young ones are so delightful in the nest and then the ones with their long legs made me smile! I think you've done a terrific job! I don't have an opportunity to catch many birds, so I really enjoy these! Hope you have a great week!


  2. Love the videos of the Stilt chicks! They are just precious! thank you for sharing:)

  3. Good series of photos. The wing stretch in the second video is cute to watch. Hope this is a trend and they nest again next season.

  4. Excellent videos,considering you didn't use a tripod. I need to learn to use my monopod more.

  5. What a great series You have going!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Fantastic photography and excellent post ~~thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Great photos but the videos were wonderful as listening to all the sounds in the background just adds to the beauty.

  8. The Stilts and the chicks are beautiful birds. Love the photos and your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I really have enjoyed seeing these black-necked stilts. What a rare opportunity for you to see them in the wild. In the second movie, when one of them stands up and reaches for the ground, it seems his neck won't be long enough to reach past those long legs :)

  10. Such a beautiful bird.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. Love the Stilts! Their legs crack me up!

  12. You are so lucky to have these beautiful birds and their young ones so close to you. Your photos and videos are great - thanks for sharing!

  13. Great photos of the Black-necked Stilt chicks Nora! I hope they come back year after year now that the have had a successful nesting. The videos are awesome! It is so funny how the chicks flop down off those long legs. Very cute!

  14. Those videos are great! I don't think I've ever seen stilts live but will keep my eye out for them at the bird sanctuary! Kudos,

    abcw team

  15. Great videos. Lovely photos!
    Happy WBW to you!

  16. cute.

    I did zzzzzz too!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  17. Wow....I've only seen the adult of the species...this was so very special.

    Wood Stork

  18. Difficult to get such shots all the time. Lucky u

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

  19. the stilt whisperer! how wonderful that is

    I love that they trust you and that you respect their space
    they're adorable

  20. absolutely lovely Nora...amazing to watch these babies balancing on one long leg and preening!

  21. Anonymous5:34 am

    Great still shots and videos. I love to see all the stretching and preening.

  22. WOW! Wonderful photos! Now I want to see stilts for myself. :))

  23. What a treat Nora..I do hope they come back and they are so darn cute. I think you did an amazing job on the videos and I knew that you would be an ethical birder and not get to close or disturb them..I wish everyone was like that.. Thank you for linking to Nature Notes and I now understand eye issues very well.. They do make glare screens that fit over the screen and maybe that would help...Michelle

  24. Amazing shots!

    Hope you can stop by, say "Hello" and "Like" Hood Photography on Facebook! Thanks!

  25. Very nice shots of the Stilt.

  26. So amazing! I'm so glad that you are sharing this with us!

    The twiggy nests are beautiful, and so are the baby birds!


  27. Creative use of the letter Z! Thanks for sharing the photos and videos. The birds are adorable.

  28. ps....

    Just wanted you to know that I added a linky to my newest bird photos today. If you'd care to stop by and leave a link. And perhaps if you know of anyone who loves birding--let them know of the new birding meme I set up for a weekly run---The Bird D'Pot. Stop by if you can. And have a glorious week.

    I'd Rather B Birdin'

  29. Brilliant images Nora, what a super little Bird.

  30. What a great set of pictures - I really like the way young birds like this morph into the adult bird.

    I thought I’d let you know that I stepped into the void caused by Springmans decision to close down World Bird Wednesday by setting up Wild Bird Wednesday (!) on my photoblog at Paying Ready Attention – Photo Gallery.

    Feel free to visit and link.

    Stewart M - Australia

  31. thank you for contributing to my blog...your notes will remain on this blog as long as it lives....
    the comments are a vital part of a blog and give it personality.
    Comments are not just links to other sites, they are the community that supports the blog.


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