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Monday, July 23, 2012

Boating Sidney Spit and Black-tailed Deer

It is summer here where I live in Canada.  So not much text in my blog now.  Also I am trying to learn how to video.  I will take you out in our little boat today for a tour around Sidney Spit, B.C. There will be hopefully a little video of boating and one of the black-tailed deer at the end.  The video will  not show up if you are a subscriber on email or possibly not show on feed, not sure. I have a few subscribers and I really want to thank you for that. I am so happy to have readers of this blog. It means a great deal to me.
I am still following the wonderful ABC meme to keep me blogging and focus my creative mind and give me some control! The letter this week is "B" for boating and black-tailed deer.
I am really enjoying learning how to video on the Canon 7D, not very good at it yet and I am not very good with text so the video helps me feel that I have actually captured the essence of what I want to share with you. I think that is what I am trying to do here at Blogger...trying to share how wonderful and beautiful Vancouver Island is and I need video to do it. Here is an eagle, picture taken from a boat going up and down off the shores of Sidney.
This is a photo of Sidney Spit, B.C. where I love to go each summer. It is one of my favorite places. Long sandy beaches and tide pools to explore.  Lots of birds.
I had to put in some birds as I am very excited that Stewart has started a bird meme so I have another home to go to now with all my birdies! These are some Caspian Terns that flew in here to my blog from Sidney Spit, they were supposed to be for next week...next week is going to be very different. Wait and see. I am so excited about some of my upcoming videos as I can take you to the places I go.  I have done a lot of exploring around by boat and filming on a boat is a challenge. So the boat videos bob up and down with the waves. This first video below on the boat is absolutely terrible and it was ok until I did all the things you do to upload to Youtube and then their editor made the stabilize even worse. It was a great video on HD on the computer but did not upload nicely. Something happened in the video upload.
More of the dock and shore at Sidney Spit, could not find any water shots. It is an island that you can go to by boat or on a little ferry.  It is magical.
Another eagle shot taken from the bobbing boat, these eagles have a huge nest nearby on one of the islands off Sidney and we visit them each year and I love to see the baby eagles. Sometimes they are together on the beach with the parents. They are funny to watch walking around on the sand. I had great difficulty getting video with a 400 long, heavy lens even laying down in the boat, still no good, switched to the 300 lens.  Not much better. There were a lot of huge waves and Captain Ron was scolded for that as he is in charge of waves, I think.
Similar shot of the dock area.  I am so involved in video now that I have not taken many new stills lately.  I have a youtube site but it is not done yet and I have no idea what to do there, not sure why I started it. I will try to put in a video each week. It is a total mess over there while I try to learn it. I have created many videos and will add them public slowly.  The music concert video theme seems to be more popular than my birdies. Sigh.
This also taken from the boat on the water off Sidney, B.C., the eagle has something yummy to eat in those talons. They can transfer prey from their beak to their talons in flight.
Then for some unknown reason I have decided to mix in Black-tailed deer. There are a lot of deer on Sidney island and actually there are too many deer and some of the natural habitat is being destroyed there.  They just swim there from other islands so hard to control. They are lovely creatures but we have a lot of them moving into town!

That is it for now.  I am off to make more videos. The news in the world is so terrible this week, time to escape into some video.
Thank you to these memes for allowing bloggers to share their story.  I may not remember to enter them all.

 Also there is a new bird meme by Stewart at Paying Ready Attention called Wild Bird Wednesday that I am so happy about.

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Hopefully two videos will appear below. One taken in the boat very shaky and one of Black-tailed deer.


  1. Both the stills and the videos are great.Are you shooting handheld or with a tripod?

  2. Love the eagle shots! One of my favorite birds! Great photos of the deer, too. Your videos are very nice! I'm sure it won't take you long to get comfortable with video.

  3. Thanks BJK, the eagle is my favorite bird also. You have some wonderful photos on your site.

    Hi Ruth, on a tiny boat there is not much room for a tripod so handheld or monopod. My tripod is too heavy, so the deer was done with monopod as it was unexpected, not in a blind, I was walking and clearly visible to both deer. You have some great flower pics with your new 7D.

  4. I especially like the first one. Great scenic picture.

  5. Your captures and your videos are delightful, Nora! I love the eagles and the deer! The more we practice the better and more comfortable we get with the camera. The world has indeed been a sadder mess than usual lately and it's good to be able to focus on the beauty that is always there if we look for it. Have a good week!

  6. Oh, Nora! Those were wonderful videos! I loved getting to see the seals and the eagle on the beach. Plus, the deer were so clear and seemingly unaware of you! Our deer here are white-tailed, so this was an interesting difference. I understand the whole bobbing-boat thing. We have a pontoon boat though, so it doesn't bob around quite as much as v-hulls do. I had to laugh at you blaming the boat captain for the movement. Just delightful today!

  7. Most people would give their eye teeth to live on Vancouver Island. Great post. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. ...the eagles. All I can say is "Wow"!!!! Terrific photos and shared videos.

  9. Beautiful scenes shots Nora and you are really getting to grips with the 7D. That lovely deer, you must have been upwind of him. Great flight shot of the Eagle as well.

  10. Enjoyed the videos very much.

  11. Fantastic photos, esp. the eagles.

  12. Great captures. The eagle in flight is superb.

  13. I do like the terns and the eagle.

    Cheers - Stewart M

    PS: thanks for the links.

  14. I loved the videos although I might need to wear my travel bands for any more boat based ones. I can't believe those shots of the deer. Absolutely fabulous.

  15. Love the video of the deer! I haven't tried making videos yet. :)

  16. Awesome videos! I felt a bit sea sick at the beginning of the first one, though. lol And that deer looked as though she saw you and paused to pose! We do live in a beautiful corner of the world, don't we?

    abcw team
    across the water from you

  17. You've done a BOFFO job fulfilling all those memes!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  18. These are awesome captures.

    Set of B's
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  19. Great photos. I enjoyed going through them.

  20. Nice work with the video! I've boated to Sydney Spit...it's lovely. Didn't see any eagles when I was there though. Didn't really look for them!. I was more concerned about the BIG storm that was approaching!

  21. Fantastic photography of the beautiful place you live ~ love the bird and deer photos ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  22. Your videos are absolutely fascinating ~ Wow~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  23. Anonymous10:49 am

    Lovely still shots and videos!

  24. You live in a beautiful place! I was especially interested to see Caspian Terns on your side of the world! I posted some a while ago from here in Australia. You are doing well to manage any video at all from a moving boat! I am enjoying your blog.

  25. The eagle shot you posted was amazing.
    Joyce M

  26. Some great image shares and the Bald Eagle is marvelous!

  27. Wonderful nature post!

  28. I enjoyed both the still and video. I have had trouble letting U-tube fix my videos too so I understand. The weather looks fantastic and not to dry there...Thank you for linking up to Nature Notes Nora...Michelle

  29. Thank you for this response to my blog sharing world...there would be no point in all the work of blogging if no one was reading it...so I truly appreciate each comment to me.


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