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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fishing Pedder Bay Part 1

Why do I like fishing?  Well I really don't like the fishing part all that much, if truth were told, I love being on the ocean.  I love going in the boat and seeing that wide expanse of sparkling blue all the way to the horizon and then on to the softly faded mountains and up to the pale misty sky. To me it is like some wildly magical painting that I get to live inside.

Having a little trouble coming up with this weeks blog text and pictures ideas.  It is "F" week at ABC for fishing.  This is the rough draft of what I have done so far. I have run out of time...So here we go.
The ocean sparkles.

Sometime it turns everything on the palette blue and you are just a dot on
enormous seascape ranging from cobalt to ultramarine.

Sometimes a whale comes steaming right up to the boat to have a look at you.

Sometimes the humpback whale plays gently with seals, this is true in my mind.

Sometimes you become part of a family of sea lions and experience their fears and want to help them.

Sometimes you get yummy things to eat from the sea and sometimes you get things you are familiar with and other times you have no idea what they are.

Sometimes I can see so clearly on the ocean, I can steer the boat so much better than a car. Sometimes porpoises come to the bow and help us to travel along....they are so fast I cannot get a picture of them.

On the ocean there are so many more birds and they perform such wonderful entertaining acrobatics, diving and screaming, some casual, some shy.

Harbour seals will proudly present their babies to you.

Eagles will give us a glimpse of what it would be like to live on a private island in a huge treetop nest where no people ever can come.  They watch us closely.... to scavenge any waste.

All these amazing creatures are the reason why I love to be on the ocean.  I am at home on the ocean.

This is probably a bad idea for a post.  oh well.    I have found that bloggers don't watch the videos, takes too long for them.  I will continue to pop them in but don't feel you need to watch.  I am doing the videos mostly for myself as a learning process.  The videos are about fishing for hatchery fish today at Pedder Bay, B.C.  Here are some Pedder Bay pictures.

Below will be two videos.  They don't show up on email or feed.

The first video shows us heading out to go fishing from Pedder Bay, B.C. The Fisheries Boat was checking on all the boats to see they had all the proper paperwork. I wanted them to come over to us so I could film them.
Pedder Bay, B.C.

The second video shows us catching two fish.  We had to check the fish to see if we can keep them.  If they are hatchery fish, the adipose fin is cut off.  This is the little fin back by the tail.  We are allowed to keep two of the hatchery fish for one license, no wild fish right now.  We don't know what hatchery they come from, could be Puget Sound most likely, or Fraser River. We pulled in two hatchery coho salmon, nice and red inside, good to smoke or just to eat.  Don't watch videos if you don't like fishing. o.k. There are two more videos in this series and I have not done them.

 Thank you to these memes for allowing bloggers to share their story.  I may not remember to enter them all but I still list them as this is the quick way for me to do it. It is fishing for "f" week at ABC Wednesday.

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  1. I love your post today. I watch the videos as I love seeing the fascinating things you video.
    Can't help with your issue of lightbox as I don't use Windows, in fact I can't stand Windows. But that is just me. Have you tried a different browser?
    Have a great day, hope you get to spend more time on the ocean.

  2. thanks Crafty Gardener. Yes the Blogger Lightbox works on all other browsers except IE9 so it is something blocking it on IE9, like a popupblocker, javascript blocker etc but I have checked most of them so hoping someone will have some more info on this for me.

  3. Whoa! The sights you see! How thrilling! I enjoy seeing your captures. Fantastic shots.

  4. Wow! The sights you show are so thrilling! I enjoy going through your posts.

  5. Great video work. I enjoy the stills as well,but since I NOW CAN DO VIDEOS AS WELL,I ENJOY SEEING WHAT YOU HAVE PUT TOGETHER.

  6. Awesome captures! So much beauty! Thank you for sharing the wonder!!

  7. Wonderful post so full of life.

    I'd love to visit the west coast someday.

  8. awesome photos of these beautiful creatures! seeing a whale must be an incredible experience.

  9. Hi there - I'd noticed the issue with EI, but I have no fix!

    I often say that if the only part of fishing you enjoy is catching fish, you are going to be bored most of the time!!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  10. Oh I love the sea also!!! If it weren't for hurricanes around here in the 6 month season, I'd be having a house built right on the shore.

    Loved your eagle and cormorants photos!!!!

    Thanks for linking up at the Bird D'Pot this week.

  11. Great post, and wonderful photos!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  12. Fantastic shots. They are all great but my favorites are the ones of the whale. Carver, ABC-Wed-Team

  13. such a wide variety of wildlife! love the eagle shot!

  14. my daughter wants to fish after seeing some FOLKS in the park this weekend.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  15. Although I confess that I hate fishing (and any activity that stresses, hurts or kills living beings), I LOVED this post! I didn't watch the videos. Funnily enough, my grandfather was a Newfoundland fisherman (he died before I was born) but when my Mom took me fishing for the first time, I cried when she caught a fish. That was the end of my fishing career :) I became vegetarian and then vegan although i continue to respect the incredible work ethic and character of people who make their living from the sea. What I loved about your post was your beautifully expressed thoughts about the ocean and oh.. those whale, seal, porpoise and sea lion shots.. they were truly thrilling!

  16. Amazing pics of the whale!! Also I love your pic of the birds on their nests!

  17. Wonderful photos of all the animals and birds! and ofcourse the great nature!

  18. Great photos and so many beautiful things to see and watch on your fishing trip. The eagle is especially beautiful.

  19. Amazing wildlife shots. I love seeing the whales and the sea lions. Great shots of the cormorants and the eagle. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Fabulous shots! I see why you like fishing!

  21. Amazing photo shots ~ Nature's best all in one place ~ Great post ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  22. Fantastic shots!

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  23. Was für ein grandioser Beitrag mit solchen fantastischen Aufnahmen. So etwas sieht man bei uns nur im TV. Echt klasse!

    Servus und so long

  24. Wow, I so enjoyed this journey that you shared. To be so close to Whales, Sea Lions and all of the rest, just wonderful~

  25. Fantastic post! So many great photos! I also LOVE the ocean. I live very close to it and even if I don't see it everyday, I love knowing it's there...

  26. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on this blog experiment...all blogs are experimening for me. I appreciate your feed back to see what people like. It is a lot of work to do this kind of posting, photos to match video and text is hard, so the comments are so valuable to me.

    I will translate from German to English for Cloudy's lovely comment in German up there...;-)
    I translate the unknown ones to see if they are good...

    "What a terrific post with such fantastic images. Something you see with us only on TV. Really great! Hello and so long CL"

    Cloudy has a really nice page.

  27. I'm glad you let the smaller coho go to give it more time to grow.

    How wonderful it must be to live so close to the whales and sea lions.

  28. I cannot choose the best out of all your amazing photos..they are all superb....your neck of the woods appears pretty wild....

  29. oh my.. they're awesome!!!!

    visit from ABC

  30. I want to meet a whale and hang out with sea lions!
    this post is fantastic!

  31. wow Nora..AMAZING photos..how I wish I could visit and see this for myself. I always look at people's videos and post them myself realizing that many people won't, but I do enjoy yours. Thank you for linking up to Nature Notes..Michelle

  32. Anonymous11:10 am

    Wow - so very very beautiful!

  33. wow!great pictures you have there!your post is a treat for us who sees them!

  34. I dislike fishing but I'd have loved to have been in those surroundings - beautiful.


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