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Sunday, September 02, 2012

More Hawks and Herons

 I think I will revisit some of the past pictures I have taken and mix in some current ones. I am on a bit of a blog break. The letter at ABC this week is "H" so here is a mixture of some of my photos that I dug out of my stuffed photo files.  This is a Harris Hawk above and below is a Cooper's Hawk attracted by my bird feeder in the backyard.

 Cooper's Hawk:

 This is a Red Tail Hawk at a Raptor Center below, so it is a bit of a cheat.
 He has something in his beak. I am not telling what it is.

 This is how the Red Tail mantles over his food to protect it.

I am not sure what kind of hawk this one is. I think it is a Ferruginous Hawk.
Here is another Cooper's Hawk below sitting on my bird feeder wondering where all the pretty birds went. The hawks are not very successful here as I chase them away. This hawk was banded and I was able to research where he was from.
Cooper's Hawk:

Harris Hawk again.

We found the Green Heron at Swan Lake the other day but he was far in the distance.

Green Heron:

I like eagles so had to put them in....."Haliaeetus leucocephalus" for "H".
 The membrane is covering the eye a bit.
Hot!  Summer is almost over and we had only a few really hot days.
A local beach....hot, hot hot.

Hatley Park.  A wonderful castle nearby.
 The Victoria harbour from our boat. One of the most beautiful harbours.
It is the time of all the local fairs....the photos below are from a Historical fair. It is the faces of the men that I loved. I asked them if they would mind if I took their picture.....they were so kind.  They were not actors, they were the men who restored the old machines.

That is it for the photo and text section now on to video.
In the Video section we are doing letter "h" for Haro Strait.

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  1. Such beautiful birds, lovely places and superb captures for the day! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your world in its many forms with us today! Have a wonderful week!!

  2. Nora, enjoyed your pictures! I used to belong to the Audubon Society... and I really miss it. Also thanks for the video. I love fishing (although I've never fished for salmon - did have some tonight for supper though.)

  3. Love all the bird pictures and the videos. Bird photography is one of my passions.

  4. Loved the bird pictures and don't mind you cheating with the "hEagles"!

  5. Your bird photos are always such a pleasure to look at so thank-you for sharing.

  6. The photos of the hawks were wonderful - loved that first one! Great work on all of them...

  7. Oh my oh my....what striking bird photos!!! I especially like the close up of the patterns in the Cooper's Hawk feathers. Wow. These are absolutely phenomenal.

    Thanks for linking up at the Bird D'Pot this week [and I honestly have to say I'm glad you showed some previous photos 'cause I am a newer visitor these past weeks...enjoyed it all.]

  8. Your hawk photos are incredible, especially the Harris Hawk! I got a good chuckle out of the hawk sitting at the feeder wondering where the birds went:) It definitely wasn't making an effort to be stealthy!

  9. Love those hawks!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. Beautiful hawks and awesome photos. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Nora..I wanted to try to answer your questions about the goldfinch. I put out thistle as you do in thistle feeders which are important to keep dry because thistle has a very high oil content and it can spoil easily. I have baffles on my feeders and keep them clean and dry. I don't use the socks as there is so much loss and no way to keep the seed or feeder dry.

    Goldfinch do like sunflower seeds and/or sunflower hearts. I find that they peel the hearts as they would if they had a shell and it is hard to keep hearts fresh and dry as they spoil easily also. It rained here so I had to take the feeders with wet seeds, dump them, clean them and put dry seeds in. I have extras to rotate.

    Everything likes black-oil sunflower and that doesn't spoil as easily as thistle or hearts. If you want to feed one thing to everything use black-oil sunflower seeds which are high in protein for insect eating birds and high in oil for birds like goldfinch. Even my doves eat it if they can get it.

    Maybe something happened to your seed, but if you ever do see sick birds it is important to take down the feeders and clean them with hot water, soap with a small amount of white vinegar or bleach. And rinse really well.

    This is from Cornell and what I use..

  12. Thanks to all my commentors for these kind comments on my efforts...really is encouraging me to continue.

    thanks Michelle, for the help with what to feed the Goldfinches, I truly appreciate all the info and help you have given me...thanks again for always being there for help with nature and birds.

    This info you have taken time to explain to me would make a wonderful post for your next blog!!
    Lots of good feeding info there.

  13. hawks are seriously intense birds!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  14. Something I found talking about dying siskins in BC...


  15. also this in dying siskins this last winter in BC…


  16. really wonderful !!

  17. Thanks so much Michelle of Rambling Woods for the links. I put a note on Michelles blog that some of my pine siskins died! I was desperate to find out why. These links and Michelles comment explain several things that could be going wrong with the pine siskins. They are here in a huge number for diseases can arise and spread. I cleaned my feeders carefully, rinsed and cleaned the water pond daily. I changed the food but still was feeding shelled sunflowers for the babies...some birders feel that it is in the shelled sunflowers that they are selling as bird seed that may be contaminated. So I will go back to shelled sunflower seeds. It seems that salmonella is going through the pine siskins here also. I may just close up the feeders for a while. Also I have used the white sack for my nyar and that can cause mold even though I cover it. It is terribly disturbing to find a dead siskin by your feeder.

  18. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Wow! You have a lot of wonderful hawk photos!

  19. Stunning photos - those first two pictures of the Coopers Hawk are gogeous! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Great photos - especially the hawks and the eagle.

  21. Hawks and eagles are such fierce birds. Love the feathers of the first one you posted. All your photos are beautiful!

  22. The hawks are very special.

  23. Great set of birds of prey - Getting them around your bird feeders must be great - although I'm not sure the smaller birds would agree!

    I think the jumper is a good word to use here given we have kangaroos! And I knew I'd better explain "torch"!

    thanks for the visit to WBW!

    Stewart M

  24. love the images of all your hawks. So nice to see them up close as I never do that.

    I run a few memes if you are interested in joining more of them. A water meme is up today.

    My entry to WBW is on nfbird.blogspot.com

  25. Anonymous4:58 am

    Just loved the hawk photos. The Coopers Hawk is always one of my favorite birds...I can't explain why...I just love the look of them I guess. I have a Green Heron posted over at my place today..I never knew what it was until Michelle over at Rambling Woods posted a photo of one day. I love learning all these new facts.

  26. Your bird photos are so very fine...very detailed and exquisite. Kate, ABC Team

  27. Wow, terrific photos!

  28. Delightful series!

    Hygiene, your comment will be highly appreciated.
    Have a great Wednesday

  29. Gorgeous photos.

    Human Nest
    Come and see.

  30. Great post I like the faces you have captured. It feels good to get friendly models for blogposts. :)

  31. Those are very beautiful.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  32. I love the Red Tailed Hawks.

  33. Nora..I am so sorry about the siskins. I would have been so upset. As long as you cover the sock from rain, it should be ok..I think. I got rid of my sunflowers hearts and peanuts and went back to only seeds and nuts with shells for now. I do sometimes have house finch and gold finch with eye disease and that bothers me. My friend who was a rehabber (she passed away) said it is the flocking birds who are most prone to infections and passing them as they roost. That made me feel better.

    Oh LOVE the hawks..the heron, eagle and the videos. What do you use to edit your videos as they really look good...Michelle

  34. Beautiful post.

  35. Thanks so much for all these comments....It will take me all week to read each of your blogs!
    It will take me a while to get back to each of you and make a reasonable comment. I am having a really busy week of non computer stuff so forgive how late I will arrive at your blog. I will show up.

    I am really happy at how many comments I got!! Yay!!!!

  36. I love all your hawks and fishes. Very nice world out there:)

  37. Anonymous7:11 am

    Wow - amazing shots!

  38. Beautiful photos! I absolutely love Victoria Harbour. It is so very pretty. You've got some wonderful closeups of the birds and the men.

  39. I love raptors and these are fantastic shots! I have very few hawk and eagle photos. Excellent work!

  40. All are wonderful, yet those opening Cooper's Hawk images, magnificent~

  41. I'm behind in my blog hopping! Your photo is great - so glad I didn't miss it. Those hawks are beautiful but fierce looking too. I wouldn't want to mess with any of them!

  42. Foto...spettacolari...complimenti!


  43. Wonderful post!
    Beautiful photos and videos.
    I especially like the photos of the hawks!
    Thanks for sharing from your part of the world.
    Wish you a wonderful week.

  44. Thanks again for these wonderful warm and happy comments, I am away and unable right now to get on the internet but I will soon be back to blogging.


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