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Monday, October 22, 2012

Oyster River Areas and Owls

Owls and Oyster River places today.

 I am doing all the "o" photos for ABC meme. The memes give me a focus and force me to keep organized.  I searched through my photos and found all the "o" ones that I liked.

Barn Owl at Pacific Northwest Raptor Center in Duncan, B.C. A great place to visit on Vancouver Island. 

Great Horned Owl babies I found out in the woods one day...they are so cute.
 The little one below put on quite a show for me of his new wings.

Above is a Great Horned at the Raptor Center in Duncan.
Below is a lovely Barred Owl who I though was so nice as he came and slept in my tree for a long time. He liked me and I liked him so much but.....
I liked him until he quickly pounced on one of my birds and swallowed it. He had the nerve to eat it in front of me and still sleep in my tree. It was my favorite bird too. He does look a little guilty and ashamed as he knew I was taking his photo. He stayed on my tree for a few days and I was glad when he left.
Here is another Barred Owl I got while we were out on a drive the other day...had to climb through the bush a bit to get it. He was so tired he let me walk right up to him.  Not cropped.  I always seem to be somewhere in the bush, in the mud, in a river or on a beach.

 Owl at North Island Raptor Centre..not sure what kind of owl perhaps someone will know.  Looks like a baby. They were really small perhaps Barred Owls.
Osprey eating fish near its nest.

Eagles at Salmon Point RV Resort near Oyster River...this was such an amazing place to stay and to be greeted by two eagles that spent all their time on the tree directly above our rv site.  They were not familiar with me and one would fly away immediately when it saw the camera and the other would look curiously at my Canon lens for a while. I hope they get to know me like the other eagles.  I need more time with them and to find their nest.

Salmon Point RV Resort on Vancouver Island, B.C.
This is where we stayed during our recent trips to the north Vancouver Island areas. Salmon Point Resort and Marina near the Oyster River and Campbell River, this is the marina directly in front of the rv sites.  It is so pretty there. They had a lot of fish come into the marina and not want to leave so there were fish jumping all around....how much better could it be to have eagles and fish. I was in heaven....I took bear photos all day and then came home here. They also have wonderful cabins on the water.
This is one of the fishermen who fish out at the point at Salmon Point....actually was a fisherlady!!  Cool hey.
This is the blue moon we had recently, fishermen still out fishing at sunset at Salmon Point.

Some of the rv sites at Salmon Point are right on the waterfront, I like it more back in the trees.
There is an amazing pub and restaurant there and a typical day of touring and checking out bears, birds and wildlife would end at the pub.
Then we would walk home to the rv after the sunset and listen to the fish jumping in the marina and go for a hot tub. I wish I could live there. I liked it so much.  It is open all year and is really clean.  It has all the services and incredible hot hot showers! I put it on top of my list of places to Stay and Play. I will do a complete write up on it later.  The girls who run it are super nice as well.
Oyster River, B.C. below in the northern part of Vancouver Island.
I think I sat the camera down on a rock and took this shot so it is slanted but I ended up liking it.

Ocean Centre out in Sidney, B.C. Vancouver Island


Otters...these are River Otters at Goldstream Park, near Victoria, B.C.

Ogden Point, Victoria, B.C. Vancouver Island

Olympic Mountains off of Sooke, B.C. Vancouver Island taken from the boat when we go far out on the water and can see the mountains really good. The Olympic Mountains are in Washington state.

Water Ouzel or more commonly called a Dipper out at Goldstream.
This bird has one of the more intricate series of calls.

There it is.  All done.
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  1. Incredible captures!! The owls are fantastic -- in spite of the one who gobbles little birds!! Salmon Point looks like an incredible place and again, your photos are superb! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great week, Nora!!

  2. Oh my.....some incredible images of all the owls. Truly....INcredible!!! And the osprey, we are getting quite a few of those now that winter's coming on....they seem to flock here...the other day I counted 9 of them on our way to the islands. I love the "Dipper" too. Marked so pretty.

  3. Wow! What a collection of bird pictures. You have great talent at photographing the birds.

  4. outstanding photography.

  5. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Wow - a spectacular series of shots! The owl photos are amazing.

  6. Amazing photos!!! Great job!

  7. What a fantastic series of images! Just the owls by themselves amazed me - especially that first one. Fantastic shot! And then I see the sea creatures - that those jellyfish are incredible - beautiful photographs and gorgeous, luminous colour. The landscapes are lovely too:)

  8. These pictures are just stunning! They could be in a magazine!

    The owls are just amazing. Love all the colors too.

  9. I absolutely love the little owl showing off his wings... such a great shot!

    And I love that area too. When you said, "I could live there"... I thought, "Me too!"

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Your images are "O" so beautiful!!

  11. Anonymous7:23 am

    All of these are just incredible!! You have made me want to visit Vancouver in the worst way♥
    Laurie @ pride in photos

  12. Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. Love your owl photos! They're fantastic! I rarely see owls and have never been able to photograph one.

  14. Incredible shots! I tried to get some of the snowy owls that stopped here last winter, but none near as good as yours!

    abcw team

  15. I think owls are SO cool.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  16. Wonderful images of owls. I have also posted an image of a barn owl, which visited my school, to the delight of all the children.

  17. Oh my goodness, how stunning.
    I adore the owls, even the hungry one that ate your favorite bird.
    Your Rambling took you to a glorious place to breath in all the nature around you.

  18. I love the owl's face!

    O is for....
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  19. Wow! The owl photos are very impressive! What a beast! All your photos are beautiful, but the owls are my favourites.Thanks!
    Wil,ABC Team.

  20. These are incredible, I adore all the owl shots.

  21. Stunning doesn't quite seem to capture the beauty of these photos but I don't know of another word to use!! Love your owl shots and the landscapes are....well...stunning!

  22. Nice picture of the Water Ouzle. Looks a little different from a UK Dipper - but I'm guessing their behaviour is pretty much the same.

    1. yes I think all dippers have the same behaviour...they dip!! Ours has a lovely song it sings as well.

  23. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Wonderful set of photos! Love all the birds of prey.

  24. Impressive owl photography! Love it!!!!
    Joyce M

  25. What a fabulous post Nora. I love the Barn Owl shots, (my favourite Owl). Great sea and landscapes as well.
    The tall Portrait one with the moon is just brilliant.

    1. thanks Roy, I like the one of the blue moon also. cheers.

  26. Wow...what a fantastic series of raptors and other creatures..I never have seen an owl in the wild and would love to...how lucky for you.... thank you for the comments regarding my Mother's illness and passing...Michelle

  27. Just found your site and now will have to settle in with a cup of tea and start reading backwards through time! Thanks for transporting me to your beautiful world!

    - Wally in Florida

    1. thanks Wally, you have an amazing site as I just went there. You have an encyclopedia of birds over there.

  28. I am soo jealous of your wonderful owl and osprey shot and the stunning scenery. I have as yet not managed to capture either bird on a digital camera so I hope you won't mimd that my eyes have turned an emerald shade of green.

  29. Hi there - seems Wally has found both of our sites!!

    Great pictures - we used to have Barn Owls around a house we lived in the the UK - wonderful birds. We have them in Australia too, but I have not caught up with one yet.

    Thanks for linking to WBW

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  30. An incredible collection of birds Nora! That Great Horned Owlet with its wings up looking straight at you is my fave! What a shot!! The Water Ouzel is very cool too, plus I like saying "Water Ouzel"!

  31. wow, that is a lot of gorgeous shots. Love that beautiful owl. And everything else. :)


  32. What a cool group of photos! I love all of the barn owl shots. They are such beautiful animals. Thanks for sharing! :)

  33. thanks for sharing.


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