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Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Photo Review

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!  Today just a few photos to continue my review of the year 2012. Last January, 2012, we had a lot of snow.  So far this month we have not had any snow and it has been very mild.  The photo above is of the Trumpeter Swans behind the Red Barn. They were backlit so it is a moody shot.  It was a very cold day and the swans were quite close to me.
Above here is when we went up to Beaver Lake in the snow and there was this young girl skiing around the trails. Not many people were out in the snow as driving was difficult. If you are on the main page you must click "read more"  and you will see all the photos and the rest of this post...please continue reading...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reflections of Year Past

Happy New Years!
Today I will just post some reflections and skies of the year 2012 as we soon will be at the time of our New Years. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas.

I only got half way through my files and there were too many photos so I will do another blog on it some time later. These look like summer but were taken in March, 2012 and it was a really warm day too. We had a picnic overlooking the docks.On the main page you have to click "read more" to continue on... Please continue reading to see more pictures.....

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pelicans Christmas Wishes

Thanks to all my readers and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am truly thankful to have this many readers ....I feel blessed that anyone wants to read my blog. I think it must be an accident that people read my blog, (someone must have added my link on somewhere) and I don't deserve it, but I like it. A special thanks goes to my Google friends who sign up and comment even though my gadget is a little broken.

Thanks to my small blog community, who come and write a comment for me each day, it is the best support any blogger can have. I do spend as much time as I can enjoying each of your incredible blogs and I try to put out a good blog each week for you to read. It takes a lot of time but it is worth it all when I read the lovely comments that you have given to me. PLEASE CONTINUE READING TO SEE MORE PICTURES

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Welcome All Pelicans

We are welcoming all Brown Pelicans to the Victoria Inner Harbour! It is so weird and I don't know why they are here in this wet, winter weather but it truly is wonderful to witness.

It is "w" week at ABC Wednesday Meme so you will see a lot of silly "w" words. You will have to click "read more" below. Please continue reading to see all the pictures...the link is below this....people don't see it ....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pelican Sky Reflections

We are having Brown Pelicans visiting Victoria Inner Harbour. They must  have come from some southern busy harbour because they seem to not mind the planes and activity around them. They are incredibly fun to watch and everyone is enjoying them so much, we hope they stay all year.  This is a sky shot for Sky Watch Friday and I did get some amazing really really close ups of the Pelicans when they flew over my head.  Next week I will put those in.

Here  is a reflecting Wood Duck.
 Some nice sky watching shots from Sidney, B.C. All the photos enlarge and look much nicer in the lightbox if you click on them.
My wide angle seems to be quite distorted here.  I am putting in the break here as this post has a lot of photos and please click the read more to see the rest of them, lots more pictures....

Monday, December 10, 2012

Variety of Birds

Today it is time for a variety birds that I have seen this week.  (And no real text as I will do Wordless Wednesday.)  I almost will be wordless. I will try my best. It is v for variety week at ABC Wednesday. (The above bird is a leucistic Fox Sparrow).

                                     Harris Sparrow rare for the area
                    White-throated Sparrow, unusual bird here , please continue   
                                              reading the rest,  more pictures....

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Mud Puddle Sky

Time today to put in some sky reflection shots for Sky Watch and for Weekend Reflections.
We were on a nice walk at Goldstream and I noticed the mud puddles looked wonderful with these reflections.  

Then I wanted to visit some other weekend memes so I will put in some critters for Camera Critters. Please read more.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Useful Blog Tips

This blog is posted for the letter “u” on ABC Wednesday so be prepared for masses of “u” words. I thought it might be useful for others to read. I am mixing in some random photos as well as it is really boring and it is a bit of a mess as I am in a rush. I have to pop in a few birds and photos for my favorite memes which are listed at the end. ( Some of the pictures are upside down on purpose for the letter "u".)
(These pictures were taken at Ucluelet, B.C.)

Some Useful Information on Blogging, it is up to you to decide if it is useful. Most of this info is for Blogger blogs but some applies to other hosts as well.
(Upside down picture of Ucluelet, B.C.)
(Upside down swans on purpose.)
What do you do if you cannot get into your blog at Blogger and your Google Account is frozen. There are many blogging tips but these are the critical ones that every blogger must know about. How to save your blog and how to recover your blog. And I will pop in a few of my own ideas on blogging as well.
little chickens under the heat lamp
                                        Upside down heron on purpose.

This is for the letter "u" at ABC meme so I will be using many "u" words, I have not gone nutty yet. I hope!!! This goes under the heading of Blogging tips. I am not sure how much more blogging I will do so I want to share some little helpful tips about blogging at Blogger, and Google. I am not sure that I will continue on blogging and I want to be helpful to those bloggers who visited me so often. This is not my usual blog style, this is a photoblog normally. I am not a really great blogger and I am not a great writer so this is just basic beginner stuff that almost all bloggers know already. I am not of the younger computer generation so this is all I have picked up on my own. And it applies mostly to those at Blogger.
                              I spend a lot of time under owls nests.
                               Totems under the lights at the museum.

                               I like being under baby eagles when they fly.
                                Under the ocean
                                Looking way way up at the sky.

MY 'U' WORDS, I am trying to use up as many “u” words as I can and still have this blog understandable. What if you are ever unable to get into your Blogger blog what do you do. This is unacceptable, unfair and uncommon and unfortunate but occasionally it will occur as Google bots search through the blogs looking for unscrupulous bloggers and in error your blog, Google account may be made unavailable, locked, frozen. This includes your Blog and Picasa account as well. If you are unfamiliar with this procedure you may become unhinged like I did. In order to be undisturbed and unaffected by this unpleasant unexpected event here are some tips for bloggers so you can understand, uncover and undo it. This will unravel the unwritten, unspoken, unexplained, unconditional, unfounded, unalterable event. How many "u" words so far. Pretty good hey.  I think I will add an "insert jump break" here and you will  have to click read more to see the rest as this is a long post.