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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Mud Puddle Sky

Time today to put in some sky reflection shots for Sky Watch and for Weekend Reflections.
We were on a nice walk at Goldstream and I noticed the mud puddles looked wonderful with these reflections.  

Then I wanted to visit some other weekend memes so I will put in some critters for Camera Critters. Please read more.

The lambs were crying and very shy at the Cobble Hill Fair.
Llama or Alpaca?  Alpacas are smaller with shorter ears shaped like  a spear. Llama ears are long and shaped like a banana. Alpaca's teeth continue to grow and need to be trimmed and have no enamel on the innerside.  Alpacas have a single fine coat and must be sheared annually.

The cows at Cobble hill above and then a horse who wanted to be a cow below.

Sea Lions
A lake called Beaver lake near our house.
My bear at Campbell River.
Horses in Metchosin.

Hooded Mergansers are already displaying some mating behaviours in the pond.  I have read that they start some of their mating displays very early.
I had another ultrasound today and needle biopsy of my thyroid tumor, this time they took a lot out with freezing so kinda sore.  I am sorry that I may not be able to reply each comment but I do love comments a lot. I won't know the results for a while, probably around Christmas. I know a few of my readers also have thyroid tumors from reading some of your blogs, so let me know how you are doing as well as I would love to learn more about the various current medical treatments. I am hoping that the results will be fine and they can just do a monitoring of it as my husband will be getting his new hips soon.

I may not enter all these memes but this is the only way I can still join and not spend too much time on the computer for my eyes. Thanks so much to the meme hosts who put on each of the following amazing memes for bloggers to join in and share their work.

The memes for this weekend are:

Sky Watch Friday
Fabulous Friday
Camera Critters
Weekend Reflections
Best Post of the Week
Weekly Top Shot


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  1. Those reflection pictures are amazing. This is just the kind of pictures I would be taking. I hope the results from the biopsy will be good.

  2. Your photos are all superb as always and it's always delightful to visit your blog!
    I, too, hope the results from the biopsy are good and I will be holding good thoughts for you! Take care and enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Sylvia. I appreciate your good thoughts.

  3. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Another fabulous set of shots. That horse's markings are amazing!

    Love the mud puddle reflection - so artistic.

    1. thanks so much ladyfi for your comments. (don't tell anyone but the horse was decorated by the children to look like that!! I am sure she felt quite silly...)

  4. WOW! Wonderful interesting series! I like the whales! Once I was on your island and I have very beautiful memories at it.

  5. Wow, fabulous reflections and photos! I love all the critters, especially the Orca whale. The hoodie shot is great too. Wonderful post, have a great weekend!

  6. What an enjoyable post to visit this morning. Thank you for sharing such delightful pictures. Good luck with your thyroid biopsy!! I'll be thinking of you! ~karen

  7. Calling by today as another Skywatch Friday participant, a very creative shot for the meme.

  8. Wonderful images! I love the beautiful trees and your imaginative captures of the puddle reflections. This made my day better. Thank you! -- Wally in Florida

  9. Wonderful images! I love the beautiful trees and your imaginative captures of the puddle reflections. This made my day better. Thank you! -- Wally in Florida

  10. Your reflections are awesome, but I really enjoyed the grampus picture : it looks like it is getting so much fun !

  11. Oh my goodness, I love those mud puddle skies. You have wonderful eyes to have seen the beauty in a puddle :) I'm going to come back again to this post to check out your critters. I can see that more time is needed, but the sun is calling.

  12. Those reflections are absolutely amazing. Such incredible wildlife pictures as well. What a treat! Here's hoping the news is good from the biopsy.

  13. A great post, so much to see. Lovely reflections!

  14. I love all your pictures. Hope everthing will go well with you.

  15. What an interesting collection of images. My favourites are the sea lions and the goldstream shots. And of course the whales!

  16. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Wow, what a great series of shots, love them all, the dual ducks, the Orcas.. so lovely! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #60!

  17. What a wonderful collection of different amazing photos! That must be a thrill to see a whale in nature! Island is beautiful!


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