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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekend Serenity

 Are you stronger now in the places where you were broken....life breaks us all into little pieces.....

This is my world here.....outside my broken window on the sky.....

 The dawn comes up on this side of my world.....I look out to see the possibilities for the day.....

 Heaven is here just outside....it is just an alternate reality......it is as close as your breath.

 I believe in the silence of the soul....and the science of  an inner soul....

especially at the end of the day..... when serenity comes to visit me....

Serenity comes without a price tag.....it is free.....it takes me to possibilities....

If you add two possibilities together you will just end up with two possibilities, this is the paradox....you cannot manifest possibilities with intention, that does not work, that is based on ego's conditions, the only way to change a possibility to a reality is to make a conscious choice in your life.

If you believe that the earth is made of tranquility then there is no decisions to make and no actions are needed except to be tranquil and to give that to all those you meet.

I have searched and searched for tranquility but it is not a place, it is a state of mind....like a deep reflection ....

A reflection can reflect our self, who we are in the physical, this is the external reflection, the internal reflection can make us stronger in the places where we were so broken.

Words inspire me.  Blogs inspire me. They help me to heal.  These words and pictures are all I have to give you and they are a reflection of me.

My blog is a living thing,  it is a virtual reality, part of me is here at all times, changing and growing, suffering all the bumps and bruises of life and the joy of interacting with others. There are alternate realities and blogging is one of them.

I may not enter all these memes but this is the only way I can still join in. Thanks so much to the meme hosts who put on each of the following amazing memes for bloggers to join in and share their work.

I want to list all these memes for this part of the week so others can join them and I can pick a few to link up to.

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edit note:   I list all the memes for the week now as I can only spend a short time on the computer.  To continue reading posts you must click older post below or see the index at the top or the side or pick a popular post or label from the sidebar.
(Photo Info....all the sunrise, sunset photos are from my house windows and deck this week, I am not getting out of the house much, and the water scenes are from a few weeks ago at Cowichan Bay, B.C.)
Bumps and Bruises ....I am putting on words smack in the middle of my photos now, this will really put off those interlopers who maybe downloading my photos and cutting off the copyright. Why do people do that stuff. 
(look at the photos and you can see how poorly I merged two shots together for the first time..hope that improves)
Have a great weekend everyone.....enjoy the day!


  1. Anonymous7:13 pm

    LOVE that green canoe... so pleasing!

  2. So well captured shots.
    I like the clear reflections in them.

  3. You have had some awesome skies and you found some great reflections as well!! Terrific captures as always, Nora!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. How sad that people steal your photos! Your words are as beautiful as your pictures! next, they will be stealing them!

  5. Your blog is indeed a living thing. Great pics and great words to go with them.

  6. Such beautiful colours.

  7. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Peace is indeed inside us.

    These shots are truly stunning!

  8. Your photos are inspirational.

  9. Gorgeous post!
    Happy SWF to you!

  10. Wow, gorgeous and colorful skies you have there. And the reflection photos are beautiful. Great captures! Happy Skywatching!

  11. Beautiful post. The sky photos are amazing and make me say wow!! The water photos are calming and soothing.

  12. Beautiful photos. The reflections are gorgeous.

  13. Such thoughtful words and the photos as always are amazing. So reminds me of last summer visiting your island!

  14. I love your kayak and harbour reflections : they are so pretty ! Nice catch...

  15. Fabulous images Nora - I especially like the guys paddling in the green canoe and that second to last shot of the shed reflected in the water.

  16. Beautiful water reflections. Love the words.

  17. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Beautiful place and fantastic photography ! ~ Great post ^_^

  18. Great post with much truth. Lovely photos, too.

  19. Amazing photos, friend! One of my favorites is the two guys in the row boat. Sad that you have to put words in your pics to prevent being stolen from:(

  20. The ones with the boats are my favorite. And yes, it is true that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

  21. Such clear relections, beautiful photography.

  22. Another wonderful post Nora..these photos are so inspiring..I need to get out to the lake (Erie) and Niagara River when the weather gets warmer..Michelle

  23. Anonymous8:54 pm

    My fav is still the green canoe, it really pops! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #71!

  24. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, I have visited you at your home sites.


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