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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekend Sunset Sky

Hope you all have a great sky watching weekend!

Blogger LightBox still broken after a week on all Blogger Blogs!
I am linking to Sky Watch Friday .  I will put in only one picture now as there is no point to do groups of pictures until Blogger fixes the broken Blogger LightBox feature or they can explain how to put the "fixed html" into our templates.   There is such a simple fix for it but no one can explain to me where exactly to put the new html in my template. I can't seem to find the spot that looks correct and don't want to disable my template. If any of you are experts at fixing your template let me know. They are not listing it as a "Known Issue" so I have a feeling they are not going to do a fix for it.
Linking to:
Sky Watch Friday  - where you can see the sky all around the world.


  1. Love your photo but can't help at all, I'm a complete computer nitwit.

    1. Thanks Arija, I guess we will have to wait and see if Google/Blogger fixes it back like it was for us as I really don't like changing my template around and putting third party code on it, you really don't know if it will agree with other widgets on there in the future. They changed the source code on the widget manager for the LightBox script so there is an easy fix, but I am waiting until I am sure it is safe and find out why it is so difficult to find the area they want it added in. I can see it on the source coding but not on my template code as it is much longer. What a shame to have Picasa all set up with this wonderful feature and then they let it go from Blogger. That is my rant. It makes me want to leave Blogger for WordPress.

  2. Anonymous11:35 pm

    I'm on Wordpress so can't help.

    The light in this shot is delightful!

  3. Wonderful photo for SWF!Happy Easter to you!

  4. Nice soft scene.

    Sorry about your coding problem. That kind of stuff drives me bonkers.

  5. Anonymous6:07 am

    Lovely photo. I gave up on Blogger several months ago, just too many glitches appearing or things that were liked just disappeared.

  6. Awesome capture. Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  7. I have done the fix for the LightBox and got it to work finally. If you want to know what to do go to Blogger help and the rollup tells you how to fix your template now finally with a good description by one of the bloggers there. Oh the fix is from some bloggers in Italy who gave it to a French girl, then to a Russian who fixed language and finally it is making the rounds in the USA! I think it still is in French and uses the word sur for of. The fix is third party but hosted in Blogger.com so may be safe or not safe. None of the code is from Google/Blogger it is from other bloggers world wide. On and on we go......


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