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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Panama Flats Pond

Panama Flats Pond:

I moved a while ago and it was a difficult move for me.  It was not far from the other location but was more inland from the ocean. This week is "p" week at ABC so will toss a few of those here and there. I will post about Panama Flats.

I used to live right near the ocean for most of my entire life and photo opportunities were abundant there.  It was wild and free there and I would be out on some beach early in the morning and then again at sunset. It was a shock to move here, no ocean to run to and tell my secrets to. I had spent my whole life near the ocean.

After quite a long time here at this new location I finally found a nearby pond and wetland area.  We are near a lot of large parks but I was unfamiliar with them and most had people in them.   The new pond area has a highland, a lowland and a wetland and is very nice for me. I call it the Hippy Pond. (could be called Hippie Pond also) because my husband got a new hip during this time).

 During the hip replacement over the last few months and his recovery I knew I would go crazy if I did not find a wildlife area where I could go and be near some kind of nature. I am not an indoor person.

So I devised a plan to survive the husband's hip operation by making a routine whereby I had to go each day to the pond and wetland and sprinkle a bit of seed for the birds at the bench where hubby would be doing his rehab walks later on and also I found these very lovely wild ducks on this little pond.  You know how much I love ducks.

All kinds of ducks were there.  They were unsure of people.  Some were farther off in what I call the wetlands, these ducks are the really wild ones. There was no way to be friends with them....But there were this few that looked like they had potential.

Then there are those ducks that look at you somewhat hopefully but still are unsure. They hesitate. At first there were just a few ducks, around ten or so. They found out I was harmless.

Well to come to the end of this story, I found out a lot of things about ducks during my daily visits with them over the last while.  They were quite smart, even if you play little jokes on them ...like going to a different part of the pond and hiding and they have to find you.

They would see me heading down the wooded hill, far away and the noisy one starts his announcement, "quack, quack, she is coming".  The spotter gull looks down on me but disregards me as I do not feed gull food.  The ducks now fly toward me, calling out in unison and questioning where I will end up in my daily tease and games I played with them. Two ducks are on duty to fly out and over me two times hastily and then circle back to the pond with a lot of happy excitement for the other ducks to hear.

At first the ducks were quite shy and this was very appealing.  This only lasted a few weeks.  Ducks take about two weeks to be trained to facial, coat, and the white bag in recognition of a person.  The females are tame first and come immediately close.  They would be lined up and ready at whatever spot they think it will be. Difficulty is leaving, they would all be lined up and following me home. 

The divers would stay out a little bit farther for their treat, they are Ring necks. The Coots are the smartest of all, as they can predict where I will go but they would stay out a bit.  I have had some Wood Ducks come in to look at me and an American Wigeon waddle right up and a Hooded Merganser had been checking out it all.  And I had Blondie, possible hybrid.  Blondie was my favorite duck...I called her Marilyn Monroe, she was so beautiful.  She was quite tame to me.  On the last day I saw her she waited on the path I always came to her on with a handsome male Mallard.  Then they flew off across the pond together and that is the last time I saw Marilyn Monroe. I am hopeful that I will see some blond baby ducks later on.   

Each day there is something new at the pond.  Eagles sit on a snag overlooking the wetlands.  Many wild birds would come to the bench to sit and visit with my husband as he went through his rehab walks. There usually is a Hawk nearby on a tree and many Robins and Flickers.  The marshland always has a variety of wild ducks. I saw a Shrike the other day.

  The ducks have now  moved on with their lives, some flew away, some will have their babies on the other side of the wetland.  I can still walk there but in different clothing they do not recognize me.  We have parted. But I look forward to seeing their babies.

But I always will remember how they helped me through such a difficult time this winter and gave me such joy and laughter and hope as I played with them.   I think it was a mutual thing.


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  1. I am so glad you found a happy spot to be with nature. The ducks will be happy with your company. I loved all the photos and the pretty Thrush! I wish you hubby all the best and a quick recovery. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  2. Wonderful shots. Wetlands are such a great habitat for birds. I'm sorry your husband had to have a hip replacement. I'm glad you were able to get out amongst nature and take such good photographs. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  3. What a fun post to read. I can relate to your need to be out of doors, and of how much you miss the ocean! But you have made the most of it and see? You wrote the most delightful story with just beautiful photos. Hope your hubby has a quick recovery from his surgery.

  4. And nature provided you with all these gems of nature and a pond besides ~ can appreciate how you would miss the ocean ~ yet there is such beauty where you are also ~ Beautiful photography! Wow! ^_^

    Sending lots of healing energy to you and your husband ~ ^_^

  5. I enjoyed your post telling how you made friends with the ducks on that wetland. It sounds and looks delightful from your photos. I hope you can still visit the ocean more frequently this coming summer - and I hope your husband's hip heals soon.

  6. moving is a real PAIN> got PRETTY PICTURES, tho...

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Lovely pictures,but it is the story about them that really was the best. I am glad these ducks gave you a reason to smile during a difficult time.

  8. I have never been to ocean but understand the need to be near nature, after living all my life in the country on a lake I found myself living in this small city but I to found nature, if we look we will find it, just as have, the sprinkling of the seeds part of your story melted my heart, a hip operation is some serious stuff, I hope all is well,
    I enjoyed this so much!

    1. thanks Laurie, you are such a brave spirit to come back to us and blog again.

  9. What fantastic photos of ducks and the other birds in your happy spot you have found. I too like to be outdoors and need it to recharge on days off

  10. Oh, I love ducks! Great shots, and a terrific idea to scatter seed.

  11. What a beautiful collection you've gathered! I love these sweet ducks, every one:)

  12. What a lovely post about self preservation and play. We all need to attend to both and you found a wonderful way to interact with all those ducks at a time when they appreciated the handouts and you, when you needed their trusting, playful company. I know all about being cooped up with a "sick" husband. I only have a roof over my head to keep the rain off. My bedroom windows are open summer and winter, I cannot sleep without more air than a room can hold.
    Such beautiful ducks, I am particularly taken with those shining green heads.

  13. I so loved reading about how you came about finding just the right place to enjoy each day. It's good to be out with nature indeed!!!

    With your comment, you asked about my personal blog "Hootin' Anni's" [the link is on my sidebar at I'd Rather B Birdin'...or just follow it here: My Personal Blog

    Great images this week. I certainly enjoyed the variety of beauties.

  14. So many of them! It is a wonderful photo opportunity and great visual treat.

  15. I'm a nature person too, so I understand your need there. Glad you were able to find a spot to enjoy yourself and be at peace. Lovely shots of the ducks and birds. Have a great day!

  16. Panama flats is a grand name for a pond. No wonder it is teaming with life.

  17. Indeed those are also my favorite kinds of areas too - with no people if possible!

  18. Beautiful shots! I love the ducks, they're so much fun to watch.

    1. Gunilla I have commented to all the others but was unable to reply to you on your Google+ form. There seems to be a problem with us traditional bloggers being unable to reply now to the new interactive Google+ comment form.

  19. Panama Flats id a lovely pond. The ducks are adorable.

  20. So glad you found as pond - I have a favourite one I go to as well, but don't have as many wonderful ducks as you do. Thanks for the great pictures.

  21. ah Ring necked ducks! so like our tufties!

  22. Nice photo! It looks such a nice place.
    I know what you mean about the move. I live close to the ocean and don't see it everyday. However, just knowing it's right there waiting, still makes me feel good.

  23. Nora, thank you once again for a beautiful post - in images as well as spirit.
    Nature provides for us all according to our needs.
    Take care.

    Wally In Wet Florida

  24. The creek that runs behind our new house is like a highway for ducks. They fly full speed past us, or lowering their under carriage, they sweep down in front of us doing a belly flop on what is left of the water. It's been a dry winter. We have coots too but they're up on the lake five minutes away.

  25. ps...Nora, glad you found me at Hootin' Anni's once again. Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment.

  26. Hi everyone that has commented to me. I appreciate your comments so much. Because my eyes are bad I have spent most of my time just going to each of your blogs to read them and comment there.

  27. "When a man is tired of ducks, he is tired of the world" - or something like that!

    Remember, I was not born in a land of Parrots - so there are as special to me as they are to you!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  28. I love ducks too..loved this post...

  29. Nature is indeed a balm for our souls. Lovely lovely shots. And I hope your husband is getting stronger and stronger.

  30. Wow, you really got to know those ducks. I like how you adapted to your new location and found a park with a variety of terrain that is not visited very often.

    I'm an indoor person I guess but I have to spend time outdoors every single day. Plus with my geocaching hobby I know about little pockets of green and trees that not one person in a hundred knows about in the city where I live.

  31. I understand what you've written about. I moved and left my lake. I miss it most in spring.
    I hope your hubby continues to be well.
    All the best. Well done finding a new sanctuary.

  32. Thanks so much for your kind comments from around the world, makes me feel
    very popular.


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