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Monday, May 27, 2013

Tired Tigers Tired Me

These are older repeat pictures I had of a tired tiger as I am very tired this week and not feeling well.  So I will just do a little terse blog with little text.

This is twilight at Esquimalt Lagoon above.

Here is low tide at Weirs Beach in Metchosin.

I found a Flicker making a nest hole in a tree down where the owlets are.

Two Oyster Catchers down at the shore. I am trying to fit in some "T" words for the ABC Meme and some birds for my nature memes.

Tiny, little Rufous hummer.

Two little owlets kissing on a tree branch. Of all the youngsters I have met these little owlets are the most affectionate and caring of each other. Most of the other young birds try to push the other ones out of the nest. These little owlets were so concerned about each other and looked out for each other but now they are separating and growing into big owls.  It is nice that two of them are still at the planter box territory where they were born, and the mom and dad are still there.  They are a little bit too tame though.

Here one little owlet is telling a secret to the other who is listening intently.

Totem pole in Duncan, B.C. Sometimes I feel just like this and look like the little one.

Two ducks. Eurasion.
Two Wood ducks. 

Two strange trees out at the beach at Sombrio. Hippies used to live out here long ago and the shore is still carved and shaped like a Hobbit land. It has the spirits of the families that were born and lived here also. Now it is mostly surfers going there.

Lots of tulips at Butchart Gardens. I think some of these photos are repeats. You will have to excuse me as I can't remember this week what photos I used .....I will download my cards and new photos out of all the cameras soon.

 Not having a great week but I hope all my bloggers check in and cheer me up. No matter what happens, I can still blog. That is what is so great about blogging, it co-exists with whatever evolution you go through. I don't have many friends and blogging is like having friends for me and it is a part of my life I enjoy. It is so wonderful that bloggers like my pictures as no one else wants to see them.

Another blog note. I am so sad for Gary as he lost Boomer this week.

Two little lambs at the feeder.

Have A Terrific Week. 

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  1. Lovely tigers, real big pussy cats.
    Hope you get over whatever you have in a hurry. I miss having you around.

    Hugs and blessings . . . Arija

  2. Beautiful pictures! I hope that you are feeling better soon.

  3. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Amazing tiger shots, but the owls are still my favourite.

    Hoping you can fight the tumours and the tiredness. Take care!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. Nice images!

  5. Wow...love your tigers! Breathtaking captures!

  6. There has been some sad news from bloggers this week. I am glad you are able to share your ups and downs with fellow bloggers. It is one of the few ways of communicating with strangers that I find acceptable and where those strangers then become friends. I hope news about your illness is good and controllable but whatever happens keep in touch via your wonderful blog and tremendous photos. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Lovely post and photos. I do hope you feel better soon and all is well. Sending my prayers your way. Take care!

  8. I love those tigers! I'm sorry about the tumors. I hope next week will be better for you.

  9. Another great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. Love the wood duck duo!! And the woodpecker [flicker] making a nest is a great, original sighting! Our oystercatchers in our area are black and white....lucky you to have the all dark ones.

    OH......and not to mention Tigers, my FAVORITE big cat.

  11. Hope you are feeling better soon!!! I am so jealous of the owlet photos, those are amazing and fun!

  12. Hope things turn out well for you. get the rest you need.I always enjoy seeing your pictures.

  13. Such Terrific captures, but so sorry to hear your not feeling well right now. Sending many good wishes as you face the days and weeks ahead!

  14. Anonymous11:13 am

    Lots of lovely T words and photos this week.

  15. Your photo are wonderful so I feel sad that you think no one except us bloggers want to see them! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  16. I'm sorry to hear you have thyroid tumours and aren't feeling well today. I add my thoughts and prayers to others and that things turn around for you. I agree with you about the blogging being a way to stay connected especially if you are living in an isolated place and can't or don't get together much with people. Big hugs. xx

  17. Great post and beautiful photos.

  18. I'm so sorry to hear that you are unwell. Do get the rest your body is asking for - it does help.

    Your photos are wonderful. I did so enjoy seeing them all, especially the owls and tigers.

  19. Great photowork, well done!

  20. Great photos and another lovely blog post. I am sorry you have not been well and I hope you are soon able to get some help and get better.

  21. A lovely series of shots. Love the totem pole. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  22. I think you spoilt us with this post, so many brilliant images, wonderful

  23. spectacular shots....

  24. Hope you feel better. Yes, blogging is a way to connect with people when it is hard to get out. I love your picture, especially the Flicker capture. - Margy

  25. Oh Nora... I am so sorry to hear about this.... I hope it can be taken care of easily so that you can get back to feeling better.... Hugs... Michelle

  26. Wonderful set of pictures - I dont think I'd want to have a cormorant colony too close - they are a bit smelly!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  27. Oh Nora, you blog more beautifully when you're sick than I do when I'm well....I hope you feel better soon.

    Love all your pictures. The old hippie hangout made me smile. And the whispering owlets is absolutely amazing! I'd give anything to even see that, let alone get such a good picture.

    Thanks for sharing your beauty....be well!

  28. Thank you for a wonderful post, Nora! Your scenery is so fantastic! And you know I love the birds!

    I appreciate your blog very much! It's so amazing to see Nature through someone else's eyes.

    --Wally, counting baby birds in Florida.

  29. You take care. These are delightful!

  30. First off all of these photos are beautiful!
    I'm sorry to hear about the tumors. I've been down that road myself.

  31. Thanks so much for the comments you have given to me here. Your support and kind words mean more to me that you will ever know. I try to reply to most of the notes.


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