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Monday, November 04, 2013

Questions on Nature

I have a lot of questions on the subject of nature.  I could go on forever with my questions as I am so fascinated with nature and all her wonders.  Why is the hummingbird so small yet so smart?

Why are baby hawks so cute and we never get to see them at this stage?

Why are herons considered endangered when we seem to have so many of them here?  I am doing a review of some of my previous photos along with my many questions for "Q" at the ABC Meme this week.
Why did the stilts not return to Vancouver Island this year? You can see a nice slide show of all the photos larger if you click on one of them.
Where are all the shorebirds this year...I saw very few of them? There were more farther out on the little islands.  Where is the Snowy Egret?

I wonder what these fossils could tell me? 
Where were all the terns this year?

Why did the octopus eat the seagull? 

What kind of behaviour is this humpy (humpback whale) displaying while he was playing with the sea lions for hours?

How can the Marsh Wren be so tiny but so brave in protecting his nest?

Is the Waxwing the only bird to give gifts to its mate?
Why is the Western Kingbird here?
I wonder if the pelicans will return this year and I wonder how the blue banded youngsters are doing after they were flown home to California? 
 Why do the Lapland Longspurs always go to Cattle Point?
Will I ever meet my lovely leucistic fox sparrow again? 
Why did the quail bond to a duck for his mom?

Why did the Merganser bond to this seagull?

And now for the big question of this week.  When I looked at my photos taken out in the boat a few weeks ago I saw a branded Sea Lion at Race Rocks. What is this?? I even have an answer for this question.

So I wrote to Alaska Fish and Game as I thought that was a good place to start and they wrote back explaining all about branding Sea Lions and that it was not one of theirs.  I got a very nice long email from the Marine Mammal Program in Alaska. This Sea Lion is two years old and was branded in Oregon in 2011.  I was very upset at the size of the brand wound.  I told them it is primitive and barbaric when in this techy age and they must find a better way to do this. They need the letters large to be able to spot it they say.  I am not happy. But I was impressed with the Marine Mammal Program in Alaska.

That is the end of my questions on nature but I can assure you that I have plenty more.

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  1. Awesome pics for the day and such a variety of beautiful birds!! Fascinating questions indeed!! Thanks for sharing, Nora!! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Wonderful are ways of nature, Great shots.

  3. That branding does seem cruel. You have great questions.

  4. Hope you find the answers you are looking for, in the meantime, enjoyed viewing all your images.

  5. enjoyed all your wonderful photographs but the most comical is the stilt sitting

  6. I hope you get an answer to each of these questions! Absolutely fantastic shots!

  7. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Wow - your shots are so awesome! You live in a place of great natural beauty.

  8. Wonderful collection of birds and photos. I enjoy watching the wildlife. It is sad to see the huge brand mark on the sea lion. Have a happy day!

  9. What a gorgeous series!!!! Please consider yourself officially invited to participate this year's 5th Annual Gratitude (word) Quilt. Instructions (it is very simple) and a link that explains the origin of the word quilt can be found at the top of my blog. In past years there have been participants from every continent except Antarctica. If I’ve already invited you, and even if you've already sent your "patch" I apologize... I am trying to reach as many people as possible to make this the most expansive word quilt ever, and sometimes forget whom I’ve already left this message for in a comment, and since I don't know all of your last names, it makes it even more complicated for me to remember. My intention is most certainly NOT to spam you. I hope you'll join us it is really amazing when all the words unfurl on November 27th, Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

  10. Enjoyed all your questions and photos. There is another bird that gives gifts and even decorates the nest besides the waxwing--the bowerbird. But I believe there are many others that display this wonderful behavior. I agree with you about seal branding. Not a fan.

  11. I was shocked to see such branding. Surely they are wild animals that nobody owns.

  12. So much to see, a terrific post!

  13. Good questions and post and I love the photographs.

  14. Fabulous questions to get one thinking. I wonder why they don't "brand" the sea lions now with some type of band that they can track on sonar, radar, or some other type of technological device. Maybe they will be able to do that in the future. That IS one awfully big branding on that sea lion. Poor thing.

    abcw team

  15. Great post, Nora! More questions than answers - sort of like life in general! Wonderful birds.

    Wally in the Fall in Florida.

  16. I assume we never see cute baby hawks because they'd be too vulnerable!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  17. Great photos, especially the fox sparrow. The branding is brutal there should be smarter solutions.

  18. HI Nora such a lot of Questions but I love all your photographs especially the stilt. terrible about the branding of the seals.

  19. Wow....lots of questions. And never any answers because it's nature and everything changes from day to day. That fox sparrow with the touches of albinoism is extraordinary.

    I was wondering just where all the ducks migrating south were for the last few weeks, but I posted a photo of them coming into south Texas on my personal blog today...http://hootin--anni.blogspot.com

    Guess things are slow this year.
    Hope some of your favorites return.

  20. A great series of very diverse birds and animals. I especially like the stilt sitting down with its legs folded up - I don't remember ever seeing one like that.

  21. Lovely photos and musings! Those brandings are big, there was a lot of controversy in Australia about 10 years ago and I think they stopped doing it then on the subantarctic species.

  22. you have many questions, but good questions though.


  23. Wonderful birds and many good questions. I hate to see the branding on the seal, that's just terrible.

  24. Nature is so mysterious, and wonderful. Your photos are a balm after that cruel branding of sea lions. Hopefully they will learn them to be wary and keep away from man, if they didn't realise that already.
    Joy - ABC Team

  25. It is good to ask questions... Ouch on the branding... But the nature photos are wonderful Sallie... Michelle

  26. Why did I never wonder how stilts sit?!! I've never seen a photo of one sitting before and I can't imagine what it would have done with its legs if I'd ever given it any thought. Such marvelous photographs and out-of -the-box-questions.

  27. So many great photos! As to the questions, I think somebody is having fun at our expense.
    great post!

  28. Great questions - love the pictures. I feel sorry for the seal, though.

  29. Wow, Great varieties of the birds! Truly, beautiful captures.
    Thanks for sharing.

  30. By the way, I have a question now that I am again viewing your photos...

    I'm late getting around to visiting those that posted links on Nature Notes this week...and my question is, have you ever seen a black necked stilt get back UP after lying down?

    1. yes.....very slowly!!! I had the wonderful experience of the Stilt coming and sitting beside me on the muddy bank for a long long time and then slowly get up....they usually do not sit and their knees are actually their ankles or something like that....;-) Thanks Hootin Anni ...you have a lovely personal site as well as your meme on birds.

  31. Great image series you show :) Hanne Bente

  32. Fascinating questions that I have no answers to.
    Terrific photos. It is obvious you do love nature and capture it so well.

  33. Anonymous11:26 am

    These are wonderful photos to go along with your unanswered questions.

  34. This is wonderful Nora. I so admire you for asking the questions and working so hard to get them answered (as in the last one...that brand makes me feel very sad).....I adore this post. I am off to friend you on Face book. I learn something every time I read your blog, so if I see you on FB I will certainly know more about nature.

  35. PS: I have seen waxwings feeding each other and it is one of the loveliest birding experiences I have ever had!

  36. So many questions to which I have no answers! The brand on the seal does look very large.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  37. You have make beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  38. So many beautiful questions and questions that I can't answer.
    Maybe your seabirds are all down here, because there are tons of them here right now.


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