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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Vermilion Bird

Some great pictures of the new Vermilion Bird today. Have you seen this bird. Well not really. Just a joke.  Actually just some photos of the birds in the backyard that have red or vermilion on them or around them. The ABC Meme is at the letter "V" for vermilion this week.

There are vermilion birds like the Vermilion Flycatcher and I found out that in China the Vermilion bird is one of the four symbols of the Chinese Constellations:
"The Vermilion bird is an elegant and noble bird in both appearance and behavior, it is very selective in what it eats and where it perches, with its feathers in many different hues of vermilion." (wiki)

I don't have any of these flycatchers or Chinese birds in my backyard but I do have fun with the Northern Flickers and the Hummingbirds and my other friendly birds at the feeders. So here are a few shots I took over the last few weeks.

Most of the leaves are all brown or gone now.  I actually staged some of these photos by putting the red leaves under the feeder. What we will do for a photo.

Foxy Fox Sparrow.

Above is the Rusty Blackbird.  I guess he is rusty as he has a little
bit of red on him. Below are the Flickers at my feeders.  They are very playful and fun to watch.  We are having Flicker Madness at my house lately as it has been so cold.

Red-shafted Northern Flicker.  They have to inspect all elements at the feeding station to see if it meets their approval.

The Northern Flickers are quite tame and playful.  The Red-shafted Vermilion one is tamer than the Yellow-shafted one.  They come to the feeder together now so guess they are a pair.  At first the Red-shafted one would chase away the Yellow one.  Now the Yellow one just has to eat second and wait a while on the tree above. (Or he sneaks in later on.)

 Above he is saying "I think I will put some food in this tree for later".  The Red-shafted is not shy and announces himself with a loud screeching call as he comes in to eat lunch.

This is the Yellow-shafted Flicker.  He seemed a little shy at first. They are good at sharing and share with all the other birds that come in. Wishing they would chase the starlings away but no they like to share. I think that is a female blackbird beside him there in front, starling at the back.

 I wanted to show you this one above as to show the pretty red design at the back of the Yellow-shafted Flickers head. Why they have to go to the basket under the feeders I don't know.

The Yellow-shafted are not as common around here as the Red-shafted Northern Flickers so I am honoured to have them here.

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Now it is time to say goodnight to the little hummers as they dance their ballet guarding the feeder above.
and the Flicker sits on the tree saying goodnight to me each night. A life with birds is a good life.

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I did find one Trumpeter Swan out in a field of pumpkins along with five youngsters also.  Wondering if it is the same family that always comes to this field.

Oh and the big find was a Kestrel on a tree out
at Maber farms.  What a beautiful bird.

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  1. What fun, colorful captures for the day and colorful birds as well!! Thanks for the smiles!!

  2. You have a variety of beautiful birds at your feeder but the cutest of all - I think! - is that little Hummingbird. The red around its head and neck is magnificent!

  3. I have never seen a bird like this one. He is a pretty one.

  4. All wonderful birds.....and a Rusty!!!! That would be a rare treat here.....I'd love to see that one in the wild:)

  5. all so very beautiful in their own right but the hummer up top was quite special

  6. So cute and handsome and vermillion!
    Hope you are doing well Nora, I pray for you every night. {{Hugs}} . . .

  7. Beautiful pictures.

  8. Nice VARIETY of colors!

  9. Thank you for all those lovely photos - you have a much more varied flock of birds than I see here in the Similkameen.

  10. A Veritable Vermillion! Sweet bird too:)

  11. Anonymous8:31 pm

    What a pretty bird that Flicker is! Wonderful shots of your feathered friends.

  12. What beautiful captures!

  13. Amazing captures. You are so alert to take such good frames.

  14. Kestrels are pretty common birds here - but not so any of the others which you've photographed so skilfully. I have a cousin whose surname is Vermilion - so much more exotic than being called Black or Brown!

  15. Beautiful photos of these wonderful birds. They are a joy to watch.

  16. Absolutely AMAZING!!!

  17. Sweet, sweet collection of birds. The hummer is awesome.

  18. You have captured lots of wonderful feathers on show.
    Joy - ABC Team

  19. A real colourful collection Nora.
    Don't you over do it on that computer.

  20. HI Wonderful selection of birds especially the litttle Hummingbird.

  21. Your birds are so cool -- and I have always loved the word vermillion ... I think there was a crayon in the box called that right? Anyway whether your birds are vermillion or not they are all wonderful. You describe the woodpecker and flicker behavior so beautifully (and exactly right).

  22. Beautiful collection of birds, I love the pretty hummer! And the Flicker is another one of my favorites. Wonderful photos, have a happy week!

  23. The vermillion flycatcher is adorable, all the shots are beautiful !!

  24. Anonymous9:34 pm

    wow. so beautifully captured. adorable clicks

  25. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures and please know that we continue to wish you blessings and peace.

  26. Thank you for a wonderful, colorful, Variety of images, Nora! Brightened up my whole day!

    Wally - cold snap here in Florida - 72 F!

  27. Yes a life with birds is great. They keep me company on the snowy dark days..I hope you are hanging in there.. Sending hugs your way Nora... Michelle

  28. Great shots of this beauty!

  29. Great set of pictures - the swan in the pumpkin field is wonderful

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  30. A beautiful series of photos. Pretty birds and great photos of them.


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