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Monday, December 30, 2013

Yearly Bird Review

I am putting in my yearly bird review of some of the highlights of the year mostly involving birds.  In January of this year we were all watching a leucistic Fox Sparrow who seemed to delight us with every little dance.

Also we were still amazed at the amount of Pelicans who came to visit the inner harbour and sit on the docks giving us many photo opportunities.

We went out to Maber Flats as this is one of my favorite places and I found a little bird there as well eating the berries. I guess he is a Kinglet.

Then one late evening I got some sunset shots of the Mute Swans and watched the sun setting on them at Esquimalt lagoon.

Then at another of my favorite places, Panama Flats I found the Greater White-fronted Geese.

I did not have to go far in February I found this little Junco posing for me in the cutest way at my backyard.  He eats a lot of junk.

Then we rambled out to Metchosin to see the new baby lambs born in March.  They were quite sure we were there to feed them.

In March we also had a Harris's Sparrow visiting at Hyacinth park so I just had to give him some treats for coming to visit me.

We often visit Swan Lake for the good birding there and found this little Marsh Wren singing up a storm for us.

Up island we found this little Rufus Hummingbird trying to hide on us.

In April three little owls were old enough to sit on the branches and
pose for us.

I found a little Pileated Woodpecker in the woods I don't seem to recall where.

Above a Great Horned Owl at the Migratory Bird Show.

I was lucky and found the Kingbird in May.

In June the little duckies were born at Kings Pond.

The Osprey were feeding their young out at Sidney.

A very alarmed Pileated tried to feed at the feeder.

Here in June I found a mother Flicker feeding her baby in the Highlands.

The Quail above bonded with a duck for his mom and now lives at Kings Pond with all the ducks, thinking that he is a duck as well.

In June the backyard feeder was full of Goldfinches and they would sing a lovely sweet song for me.

This is the momma Towhee who became very brave in the backyard because she was feeding a baby nearby.

Goldstream had some shorebirds arrive in June.

We visited the nesting Cormorants in July.

Once again at Panama Flats I found the Green-winged Teal.

Out at Sidney Spit there were lots of shorebirds hiding from us all.

In July I found a baby deer who was not bothered by the camera.

Also in July my husband had a fun time when he was fishing and whales came into the area.

In August I found the Purple Martins out on Sidney Spit.

In the backyard, finally the baby Towhee was brave enough to come out and check out the yard.

The baby Goldfinches were arriving at the feeder as well.

The baby Herons were still on the nests waiting for their feedings.

In September we were in Campbell River and a baby mink was catching his dinner and did not mind a few photos.

In September we were out in the boat and saw the Sea Lions.

Also this Merganser really thought she was a Seagull and was imprinted on to this Gull for her mom.

I have too many bird photos so will end with this little Red Squirrel I found up at Burnt Bridge.  Hope you enjoyed this little review of some of the photos I took this year. Sorry it got too long to finish.
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  1. I do love your birds -- and your photos!! Beautiful! Have a great week and a very Happy New Year!


  2. Anonymous3:12 pm

    What a lovely series of photos for your birding review. I enjoyed looking at all of them.

  3. You have a wonderful collection, you can turn it it in to a beautiful book.
    Happy New Year to you!

  4. Great photos and a really lovely review of your past year. The young birds are so cute - and the baby owls the best of all! I hope the new year is a good one for you.

  5. Wonderful series of birds. Nice variety.

  6. Fantastic post. I love seeing all of the birds and the cute squirrel too.

  7. Great set of pictures. Happy New Year.

  8. A super review Nora and you have taken a great collection of images.
    Happy New Year.

  9. Wow, gorgeous collection of birds and critters. A lovely review and look back.

    Wishing you and your family all the best in 2014, a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!

  10. This post is incredible!!!! Wow. I especially like the fact you spotted the Rufous Hummingbird. I'm positive I would have walked right on by that without noticing. And the Quail with the duck mommy.

    Everything is awesome. Glad you did the year in review.

    Happy New Year from me...Anni @ I'd rather b birdin' and Hootin' Anni's

  11. Anonymous3:59 am

    A wonderful selection of bird shots! Wishing you many more wonderful days out in nature in the coming year.

  12. You have enthralled me all year with your wonderful photos. Happy New Year from London.

  13. some beautiful photos here; I loved the fox sparrow at top and the owl huddle especially

  14. What a wonderful year of birding Nora and you do seem to get around getting all those great shots.
    Wishing you good health and happiness in the year just beginning.

  15. oh wow! You got some wonderful captures! That baby mink is fantastic. How great to be able to see that.

  16. Great recap of your year! I was truly smitten with the fox sparrow. But all are great! Hope you have a very happy and blessed new year!

  17. You have seen (and captured) some wonderful wildlife... Happy New Year.

  18. YOu get the best shots of birds I've ever seen! Do you have one of those long lenses to get close-up shots? Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

    abcw team

  19. Love your wonderful buffet of bird and animal photos.
    I enjoyed them so much.
    Happy New Year.

  20. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Oh, so many to see! What a wonderful collection. Happy New Year.

  21. A marvellous collection of images, Nora - thank you so much for sharing. May 2014 bring you good health and many happy birding opportunities!

  22. Great series. Happy New Year.

  23. You got great shots in 2013! Love the Towhee. Happy New Year!

  24. Fantastic year-end post.... Loved all the photos.... Michelle

  25. HI What a wonderful collection of bird shots you have presented to us. You certainly live in a wonderful and natural place with plenty of bird life. Thanks for putting that all toghter,I enjoyed it. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU and in 2014 may you see even more birds.

  26. Incredible collection of wildlife memories. So love the markings on the fox sparrow and the baby owls look so cosy and cute together.

  27. you've had a stunning year, hope 2014 goes as well

  28. All are wonderful but I have to choose a favorite...I just must, my heart melted when I saw those Owlets, they are amazing, love those faces. Happy New Year!

  29. Your contributions are always lovely. Happy new year!

  30. Awesome post!
    Happy New Year to you!

  31. Stunning series, it looks like a great year, hopeful the next will also be great and a Happy New Year.

  32. Wonderfull serie shot birds,have a nice New Year!

  33. Oh Nora -- your bird pictures are beyond wonderful. The three little owlets are my favorite, but I would be ecstatic to see any of these birds .... and beyond that to take such great pictures. Happy New Year -- and thanks for all your great posts.

  34. So many beautiful birds and animals. Take care, Nora!


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