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Monday, January 27, 2014

Colors In My World

I like colors.

This is the color at Butchart Gardens.

The photos were taken last fall with my little Panasonic camera on panorama.

I feel like I have walked into a painting. And I just zoomed the
camera all around.

I am not sure if these photos are any good as some are shot directly into the light.

The photos get much larger if you click on them.

People walking around enjoying the gardens.

I like birds.

These are the colors of the birds in my back yard.  Taken mostly
in the fall and some recently. I can stand at my kitchen window
and snap photos out of the window.

I make a treat for the birds out of peanut butter.

She is so adorable.

Both the woodpeckers are still here.

Sorry I seem to be taking a holiday from text today. Hope you
enjoy my colors.  I am publishing late and am a little tired.  I will
try to visit all my blogger friends as soon as I can but it takes me
a while.

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  1. Well, that is a fantastic and colorful world! I also like it.
    Very nice...

  2. Oh Nora.... What a beautiful post. It made me smile.... I hope you will feel better.. I am thinking of you... Hug.. Michelle

  3. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Those colourful shots of the gardens are fabulous!

  4. Love seeing all the colors, Nora. With all this fog we have been having lately, it was nice to come into your blog to see your images.

  5. hi Nora. hope you feel better soon. hanks for sharing these wonderful colourful gardens as well as the birds in your garden.

  6. Good to be reminded of the colourful world we live in. Excellent bird photos. Hope you are coping with life. Thinking of you.

  7. The colours are fabulous! I love the birds too. Take care, Nora.

  8. What a great post - love the colours of Butchart Gardens. We visited there September 2006 - lots of good memories from that time. I see very different birds where I live.
    Take care

  9. The gardens are lovely, I would like to walk around there. And your birds are wonderful, a great variety for your yard. Lovely photos, have a happy week!

  10. I like the fluffy feathers of the “adorable” bird. It seems as though nature has added a decorative red bow of some sort on its pretty little head.

  11. Fantastic colors! I love fall season photos because of those lovely colors, but unfortunately here in India we don't see such colors.

  12. So many beautiful colours Nora.

  13. That little hummer with the blossom near its eye is just purely magical!!!

    Hootin' Anni
    Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

  14. Gorgeous garden and fantastic shots of the birds.

  15. Those panoramic shots are beautiful! All of them. Enjoyed the bird shots so much. You have quite an assortment right outside your window.

  16. What a lovely bright colourful post to see on this freezing grey morning! Fabulous birds shots! The Hummer is darling!

  17. I have had to take my sun glasses off to type this......

  18. Colors are fab, plants and the birds.

  19. We certainly need a bit of colour during these bleak days of midwinter. The panoramas look fine to me; it's rarely possible to get a correct exposure for the whole wide scene. The colours are wonderful.

  20. I love color too. Your first ones of the Gardens look like Monet paintings.
    Your little hummingbird is adorable.
    Love the woodpecker.
    I saw a woodpecker on our tree yesterday. It was the first time in years. Unfortunately it flew away before I could get my camera out.

  21. A wonderfully colourful post - your photos are lovely enlarged as well.

  22. Wonderful Nora -- the one bird looks like she has a ribbon bow in her 'hair'. The panorama shots are amazing ...I have such lovely memories of Buchart Garden...wish we could go again.

  23. Beautiful photos! When I was a kid we used to visit my grandparents on Vancouver Island every summer, fond memories.

  24. Wonderful and colorful shots trees and birds alike.

  25. Beautiful colors!!

  26. Amazing colorful garden!! you're lucky, to see the beauty of garden..beautiful photos of the garden and cute birds..

  27. A really great set of pics, I had to look at the first few twice, thought I was looking at a coral reef, do you see what I mean. And that bird in your yard, is it a kind of Jay ?.
    All the best Gordon.

    1. yes I see what you mean...I do not know how to use the panorama feature so the cropping is done incorrectly by me as I try to shoot...but just a different perspective. I feel like I am under water sometimes anyway. Yes it is Steller's Jay.

  28. Those gardens are gorgeous. My little Nikon has a panorama setting. I'm going to check into it.

  29. Very colorful and cheerful. Loved the series!

  30. Haven't been to Butchart Gardens in eons, but must make an effort this summer. Stunning colours.

    abcw team

  31. I love the panorama shots. Don't think my camera has that capability. I love hummingbirds. You got a great shot. - Margy

  32. It's hard to take a boring photo at Butchart Gardens, isn't it? And I love the colours of your birds, especially the little beauty with the pink "hat"!
    I haven't been to The Island in ages...entirely too long.

  33. Oh.. Love the colors! :)
    Thank you for following me. I`m with you to :)


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