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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hatley Park Reflections

Hello.  Good morning. Happy Valentines Day! Just a few reflections today from Hatley Park last fall.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and hope the weather is warming up for most of you.  We have a balmy 12 degrees here today and hot sunshine.  Yay!

I love the reflections out at Hatley Park and got some good shots on this visit there.  It is an old Edwardian Estate and the home of James Dunsmuir.  The park had around 650 acres when he purchased the land and some Douglas Firs around 250 years old still remain.

Below looks tropical but it is just the reflections in the pond. I never go anywhere tropical so I have to find it here.

There are some lovely gardens and the park borders on to Esquimalt Lagoon a salt marsh estuary where we go birding a lot.

Below there is a photographer taking a photo of someone.  Who is she taking the photo of?  Let's take a closer look.

Then a bride and groom walk on to the bridge!  Great place for wedding photos.

Below is just the sunset from my back window.

Now on to some birds.  Here is the weird quail that imprinted on to a duck and lives with the ducks at Kings Pond.  Does anyone know what he would eat?  The ducks there eat grain but he is not so much interested.

Below we have the eagle flying at Goldstream Park.

He is not a fully mature eagle as his head is not completely white. Perhaps he is around four years old.  He has done well to survive and learn to hunt. I was looking at some ducks and gulls in the river and I noticed a young eagle on a branch nearby.  I did not pay much attention and suddenly he flew right in front of me and did a long, slow swoop over the gulls trying to scare them.  Camera was not turned on!

Then we have the ducks at Esquimalt Lagoon.
 Scaup Duck possibly a Lesser
 Female Ring-necked Duck
 Wood duck.
Male Ring-necked duck
Common Goldeneye
Mute Swan grooming feathers in the Lagoon.

I tried to include many reflections, some blue sky, some of my critters which are all birds you will notice and the Fall colors as we do not have many flowers out yet.  These are the themes for the weekend memes. Check out the memes on the weekend for great blogs.  Have a lovely Valentines Day all my Bloggers I send you my love. cheers.

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  1. Beautiful series of images. The reflections shots are stunning. Where is this park?

  2. I love at the color in this post.The reflections are gorgeous as are the birds.

  3. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Wow wow wow - those autumn shots are spectacular!

  4. a very picturesque location and beaut birdlife too

  5. That sunset taken from your back window is simply awesome!
    JM Illinois

  6. a spectacular smorgasbord of everything pretty.

  7. Beautiful shots from park. Wish you Happy Valentine day.

  8. HI Nora What a wonderful photograph with the colourful reflections. Hope you enjoy the 'whale' video

  9. Beautiful pictures.
    It's 24 and snow-covered here in Virginia.
    But the sun is shining.

  10. Wow, gorgeous colorful trees! And the sky shot is beautiful. The quail is cute! Great collection of ducks! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Lots of great images here Nora, especially the Park, beautiful colours.

  12. Beautiful series… LOVE the sunset view. Happy Valentine's Day:-)

  13. Beautiful photos, wonderful colours!

  14. Such a beautiful colours... The Hatley Park must be amazing as well as the creatures which used to live there...

    Happy Valentine's day to you....

  15. Les photos avec le pont sont impressionnantes,bravo !

  16. Those gardens are so beautiful with so many colors.

  17. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy weekend! You really do not need to go anyplace tropical .. you have all the beauty you could need right there...those birds! And those reflections (well, I guess this is the wrong season for those, but you know they'll be back again). And that ocean.... what a wonderful place your "backyard" stomping grounds is. Thank you for sharing your photos and thoughts.

  18. The place looks absolutely stunning. Amazing photographs.

  19. Wow, such gorgeous photos!! Enjoyed each one--amazing. How interesting that the quail imprinted on a duck.

  20. What a fantastic series of photos! So gorgeous! The scenery, the colors and the reflections are wonderful ans also all the birds .... great!!!

  21. Nora all so lovely. Jealous of the bird shots for sure. Not much birdlife here right now.

  22. Gorgeous photos from the garden! The colours and the reflections are amazing.

  23. Such riotous color---even in the birds. MB

  24. Oh wow, just gorgeous reflections and critters!

  25. Beautiful fall reflections. My favourite seasons are summer, spring, fall and then winter. But each has its own beauty. - Margy

  26. Great colours! And any post with ducks is fine with me!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  27. Fantastic post, Nora! All of that color would brighten anyone's day - it did mine! Thank you!

    Of course, I love the birds. Not sure what that quail might eat. They usually eat seeds, vegetation and some insects. If he's confused about whether he's really a duck, maybe he's just not sure what to eat!

    Wally - finally warm in Florida again!

  28. A lovely variety of photos and I thank you so much for linking with Today's Flowers.

  29. Wow.. What a beautiful place! I`m totally stunned by the colors. Love the eagle to :)

  30. The colors, reflections and everything else is fantastic.
    Great post Nora!


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