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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cowichan Cedar Waxwings

We went to Cowichan the other day for a drive.  Cowichan is from a Coast Salish word that means "land warmed by the sun" and it was really warm that day.  There is a nice tourist area of local shops and docks. Also there is a great little museum and long dock.

There are two shots from long ago.  I had been playing with that color dial on the edit page and the watercolor application.

But I can feel a rant coming on. I have been watching the show New Worlds and last night it made me think.  The word I am thinking of starts with "C" for ABC Meme.  It is Compassion!
The Cowichan tribes originally owned a huge amount of land all around Cowichan but when the European settlers came they were decimated by all the diseases the Europeans brought, smallpox, TB, measles. At one point there were only 1000 tribe members left from the epidemics. These are just words. When you really think about it how it would have been to see whole families and tribes wiped out. There were no social services, no hospitals, no doctors. What if you were a child at that time.  I just am thinking of it as the natives had no immunity like me.  I have no immunity to anything. I do have a lot more compassion for people as I grow older.

These are the old fences at the Cowichan estuary where we go birding except there were no birds or ducks there on this day.
The amount of ducks seems to have decreased dramatically. I can't understand that people can hunt ducks. I was happy to shoot photos of the old fence posts anyway. I have never taken pictures of fences but now am looking everywhere for fences for the Good Fences Thursday meme.

I wonder what we have brought here to my island, just suffering, invasive plants and destruction of wildlife and trees.  The exploitation of all resources.  The landscape of Vancouver Island has been forever changed and still is being developed. I wonder if we can keep the paradise that it is.  It is an Island of Beauty. It is heaven on earth.

Now to change the topic:

I also have some Cedar Waxwings to put in here. The color of the feathers on juveniles depends upon what carotenoid the baby birds were fed. They have a red waxy tip on their wing feathers as adults and also the color of the yellow band on the tail feather is dependent upon the carotenoid in the diet.

These were up on Observatory Hill.

A little video of the Cedar Waxwings on Observatory hill a few weeks ago: it was really windy and I forgot to attach a tripod.

Now for some RED.  I have seen a lot of robins lately feasting on the various berries.  For Ruby Tuesday Too.

Some of the robins were on Observatory Hill and at Maber Flats.

I found some horses with fences beside them so that made me happy also.

There is a strange duck out at Esquimalt Lagoon. Some farmer's duck has escaped and is living the free life. I guess it is a Muscovy, not sure as it is too black. Esquimalt Lagoon has a variety of ducks, a resident Trumpeter, Mute Swans, gulls, oystercatchers, eagles, blackbirds and some pigeons and shorebirds.

I found a Lapland Longspur out at Cattle Point a few weeks ago. It is very beautiful. So much white.

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  1. Fabulous bird photos! I like the first series of the colorful floating houses too.

  2. I enjoyed all of your images immensely. Cowichan is a beautiful area to visit.

  3. Great shots - I have only seen waxwings on a handful of occasions - they were an unusual winter visitor to the parts of the UK I lived in.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Lovely photos of the waxwings and the robins. Have a great week.

  5. Such pretty shots. THat harbour is picturesque!

  6. Reading your post, I am reminded of the constant push for development in natural settings and how is disrupts the eco-system. The wildlife you photograph so beautifully need places to nest the way people do.

  7. Beautiful place, great images.

  8. I have been doing my family history and we live in an area that was so well populated by Native Americans until the settlers came. So I read more about it and my heart aches... I love your photos and your good heart Nora..Michelle

  9. I was so excited to read the title of your post today, as this time last year while on a house exchange holiday on Vancouver Island, I undertook what was supposed to be an easy day's car trip on the Pacific Circle Route, but by 4pm I was only barely half way through the journey (because I kept stopping to take photographs!), so stopped overnight at Lake Cowichan. Thank you again Nora, for the reminder of an exciting holiday. Beautiful images by the way.

  10. What a beautiful series Nora!

  11. Waxwings, beautiful birds Nora, we haven's had many of the Scandinavian types visiting this Winter unfortunately.

  12. Great photos of beautiful birds and the scenery around Cowichan is very beautiful. I hope we don't get too much more development around my place!

  13. Stunning shots! And I feel the same compassion for so many of the Indian Nations, and really enjoyed reading about the Cowichan (a tribe with which I am not familiar). Loved learning also about the cedar waxwing's feather color. Gorgeous post and so interesting!

  14. Very fine images here! What a treat to see the waxwings already. Ours will be here in a couple months. Always look forward to seeing them.

  15. beautiful series of images. I love the little shop/houses by the water.

    Sad to say but man usually destroys in some way all he touches

  16. This is a thoughtful post, Nora. I may not live in the sort of paradise that you do, but I do live in a beautiful area that is being swallowed up by Toronto's expansion. It's really sad to see housing developments, industrial parks and shopping malls destroy so much of nature. My side of town is surrounded by a green belt...but for how long?

  17. Beautiful and colorful!! <3


  18. Some beautiful photos there Nora. We must enjoy the beauty in everything we see not just in the wide open spaces but in the built up areas as well. We just need to look more carefully with a different eye. I am so pleased to see that you are out and about and thrilling us with your wonderful photos of local birdlife. Take care.

  19. Hello Nora!:) Many thanks for your visit. I really enjoyed your interesting post, and lovely captures of birds ,horses and images of. Cowichan. Man,s greed distroys natures beauty, and I am distressed at the rate we are losing our forests. It will take years to replace trees that have been cut down near my home, and every year we have less. Why can't man leave well alone! Sad to know about the Cowichan tribes. Like you, I don't think I noticed fences or gates before Fridays Fences,:))
    Kind Regards.

  20. What a lovely collection of photos.. I love the colorful reflections on the second photo.. And the birds are gorgeous.. And I love the horse..

    I feel the hunters will hunt until there are no animals left on the earth..and the governments are allowing it.. It is sad..I can see a decline in a lot of birds and ducks..
    I enjoyed your post and images, have a happy day!

  21. I love your reflection images. They are absolutely beautiful. :)

  22. Hello Nora
    Beautiful birds photos...

  23. Wonderful photos and birds.

  24. wonderful variety of images in this post and I have to say I love the Waxwings.

  25. Very beautiful photos! You live in a beautiful part of the world! Thank you for sharing.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  26. Isn't it funny how a meme can open your eyes to things you hadn't seen before. Great choices for the letter C. I'd love to explore more of Vancouver Island some day...

  27. wow, a charming title


  28. Your bird photography is astonishing. The light is so crisp.We both live on islands, but have different experiences. I hope you can always have the strength to photograph such a beautiful place, you care about so much.

  29. You got a lot in this one post! Impressive.

  30. I like the scenery photos, but it is the bird photos that I really love!

  31. You satisfied my island cravings with this gorgeous set of photos. Cheers

  32. Beautiful boat club shots!

  33. The robins feasting on red berries look so content in their world. And the water views and reflections are so beautiful.

  34. WOW - what a lovely place... and those Waxwings.. we haven't seen any this year so far. Love your Robins too....

  35. Hi Nora and welcome to NF DAM. Re your question: Any photo art is welcome on my meme. I usually give an optional theme as some people like to have it. But that is optional. I like how you edited the images shared here :)

  36. I become very sad when I think of what happened to our Native American tribes ... Sharing your well worded thoughts and feelings. Lovely pictures, I adore waxwings and haven't seen any in way too long. I love the translation of the cowichan name ... What could be lovelier?

  37. Such a beautiful place. I'd love to go exploring there. All of these photos are fantastic.
    What happened to the Cowichan tribes and hundreds of others, is nothing short of genocide. Really a sad story...

  38. Wow! this is amazing. Thanks for your kind comments to me. It gives me a wonderful start to my day to read them. Thanks!!!!


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