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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Raccoons and Fish

Baby raccoons are so cute!  I found a family of raccoons in Beacon Hill Park a while ago.  The mom would bring the whole pack of about six babies to the water for a drink.  I put this to black and white for Black and White Weekend. They were very curious about me, and they wanted to stay and stare at me and mom wanted them to drink and to leave. (I was looking for a Tanager, found raccoons).
The mom made many little calls and whistles to her crew of babies, they ignored her and stared at me a lot. There was fresh water for them to drink but they mostly played and climbed trees and stared. The raccoon baby and the deer baby are for the Critter memes.  I found this baby deer up island near where we put our trailer in Parksville.  The baby deer was not afraid either.

This is a shot below of the sunset in Parksville from the same trailer place that we stayed at. The deer were all here also. I wanted to get a full moon shot but it was blurry.

These two shots below were taken at Cattle Point just a few days ago.  The weather has been very cloudy and raining here. These are for Sky Watch and Weekend Reflections.

These are some shots from my yard in the summer and fall. I have put in some flowers for the weekend flower memes.

This is a macro of a peach on our little peach tree we planted.  I bought a tiny macro lens for the FZ200.  You can get them on line for a few bucks.  It is not a real quality lens.  You can find them on Amazon.  The one I got is called 0.43x wide angle lens but it works as a macro. You screw it on the original lens. They cost about twenty bucks.

These are the sunflowers we grew in the garden for the birds.

I cropped in on the seeds a bit more so it is macro.

Below are some shadows in the forest out near Sooke at Charters Creek.  For Shadow Shot. Charters has an amazing fish walk now made by the Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society. It is the best thing I have seen in my lifetime that anyone did to help nature.

Two of my YouTube movies are inserted here of the fish spawning and going up Charters Creek.  If it is blank, just reload the page and it comes in or just continue reading.  Or check out my YouTube site.

The reflection this week is from Hatley Park.  I can't recall what this duck is.  My memory is on holiday lately. Perhaps someone will id it.

I will be off the computer for a few days but will be happy to read any comments.  Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi! Lovely shots of the little raccoon, and deer. The babies are adorable, so cute, and curious. Love your sky, and macro images too, It's worth getting a lens like that.Finally i really enjoyed the vídeo clip.

  2. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Wonderful shots of the critters and gorgeous skies.

  3. Beautiful collections of images! The cloud formations you captured are outstanding, love the reflections on the water and the mood.
    Sweet racoon baby! We had a racoon living in our garden back in the USA, it liked to sleep on top of the roof, next to the chimney on sunny days. Every now and then it would look at us from inside the trash can outdoors. ;-)
    Happy Sky Watch,

  4. Anonymous2:01 am

    Wonderful captures!

  5. The raccoon and the deer are adorable. I love the sunflower as well. Have a great weekend, Nora.

  6. I love all the critters and wood ducks. But most of all the sky images are gorgeous.. beautiful post and photos. Have a happy weekend!

  7. What a beautiful series Nora! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro too!

  8. Cute raccoon pic! Nice sky shots too. Happy weekend!

  9. I think they recognize a good soul when they see you and that's why thet aren't afraid. The raccoons are so sweet to watch ... I know not everybody loves them, but I do. I guess come to think of it, that is true for the deer as well.

  10. Such dramatic and beautiful skies!

  11. Lovely photos. I like the lighthousephoto in the header a lot.

  12. Lovely b&w raccoon, so cute!
    My post at: https://hanshb.wordpress.com/

  13. Great raccoon picture! He has a lovely face.

  14. Superb images Nora, especially the baby Raccoon.

  15. I love the two skywatch images.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  16. Loved seeing and hearing about the Raccoon! I lived in Toronto for a while in 2011 and boy, the locals did not speak fondly about them! But I find them fascinating and adorable, and admirable for being tough enough to eke out a living in suburbia. Shame I never saw one then!

  17. Wonderful reflection of the duck in the water. Have a lovely weekend.

  18. Great photos! The baby raccoon and deer must've seen a kindred spirit in you.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  19. Great set of photos. The Racoons are adorable.The duck looks like some kind of Grebe.

  20. Wonderful captures!!

  21. Cute raccoon... Love all those seeds and the two videos.. You do so well with them... Michelle

  22. thank you for sharing your lovely nature photos with sky watch Friday

    my blog moved to: www.pearlmaple.com

  23. Wonderful series of photos and a beautiful post! Especially I like the raccoon photo ... wonderful details!

  24. Hello, just stopping back to say thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  25. Great shot of the raccoon. They cause alot of problems where I live but they are cute and fun to watch. Love the flower captures as well.

  26. An amazing series of photos! The racoon is a beauty! And the skies ... dreamlike!

  27. Cute raccoon! And I love the shot of the forest with the huge trees.
    Have a great day!

  28. Wonderful shot of the raccoon! So cute!

  29. It's apparent from your photos that you love your rambles! Thanks for sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

    Barricade Shadows

  30. Oh, there is nothing sweeter than babies (people/animals!) Love the photos!

  31. Very nice post. Considering you only bought the cheap macro lens attachments, the photos are very good!
    Thank you for joining Floral Friday Fotos and hope to see more of your work in the weeks to come.

  32. I'm so pleased you shared these wonderful photos with I Heart Macro Nora, thank you!

  33. Every photo is a beauty! The macro also!
    That little raccoon is so darn cute...

  34. Beautiful animals ! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos !

  35. Thanks so much for your visit here and for the nice comments to me. It makes my day every day!


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