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Friday, February 20, 2015

Mystic and French Beach

We went back to Mystic and French Beach the other day and arrived at French Beach again for the sunset.  It was not as good as the last sunset video I did, but it still was nice.  I was using the art progam embedded in the Pansonic GH4 for some of the shots. I don't like it now. It is so dark.

These photos are for Sky Watch and Weekend Reflections.

Below is a shot out at Mystic Beach and it is for Shadow Shot. Hubby with his tall shadow friend.  For Scenic Weekends.

There are these cool caves at one end of Mystic Beach.

There is a waterfall at the other end of Mystic Beach.  Two young boys were in the water swimming! (the water is cold here).   One boy stood on the rocks.  He was from England.  The boys were walking the Juan de Fuca Trail.  You have to click on these photos to see them at their best with the waterfall.

Below are some shots from Butchart Gardens.

These were taken in the Prelude to Spring.  For Pink Saturday and Macro Sunday.

for Floral Friday and Today's Flowers

for Mellow Yellow

This photo above was taken last year as it is too early for the tulips at the Butchart Gardens. But the baby lambs are all starting to be born at the some of the farms.   These are for the Critter Memes.

We found black beauty out in Metchosin.

We found a Ring-necked Duck reflecting at Kings Pond.  For Black and White Weekend.

And at the end a Steller's Jay or as I call them, Blue Jay and I know it is incorrect!  It is Blue, for Blue Monday.  This Steller's Jay was eating small fish at Goldstream.

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my last blog.
It really cheered me up!  And thank you for all the wonderful
information everyone told me about eyes.  I did learn a lot.

This Week In Review:
Every week something new happens to me!  Sometimes good, sometimes bad!  This week, we were driving home from birding and we saw the Police Emergency Response Team all in front of a house being taken down near our house.  We were stopped and a bomb went off right to the side of me.  They were practicing how to blow off doors and walls.   Thus giving me a good case of tinnitus and dizzy head. I am so annoyed.  You would think they would have blocked the road a good distance from the bomb.  I have a mind to call them.

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  1. Wonderful serie, great b&w photos!
    My post at: https://hanshb.wordpress.com/

  2. Gorgeous series Nora, amazing skies and reflections. I'm so glad you will be linking up with I Heart Macro Sunday evening.

  3. Gorgeous photos from Vancouver Island with beautiful reflections. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Gorgeous photos as always. You'd think that a notice would have been sent out for the neighbors.

  5. What a beautiful set of pictures. The water and sunsets are always relaxing.

  6. Nice to see open water... Beautiful photos Nora... Michelle

  7. Wow - beautiful sunsets and beach scenes!

  8. Wonderful sunsets. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. Gorgeous shots from the beach. I love the flowers and the sheep. Have a happy weekend, Nora.

  10. Anonymous2:01 am

    What glorious colours in your sky!

  11. Amazing pictures. The colours in those sky shots are simply wonderful and I really love the black and white duck shot. Brilliant.

  12. Your black and photos are beautiful!

  13. Such a wonderful area! And all these flowers! The sunset is breathtaking! An amazing series of photos!

  14. beautiflu pictures and a fantastic sunset

  15. What a pretty sunset, lovely captures. And I love the cute lambs, horses and the birds. Wonderful post! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  16. I have never been close to where a bomb has gone off. It must be horribly noisy! Your photos are always wonderful.

  17. Incredibly beautiful scenes and photographs. I personally love the sheep - so calming!
    Have a Lovely Day!!
    Peace :)

  18. What a great series. The water flowing to the sea and the second magnolia are particularly gorgeous. Thanks for such a beautiful tour.

  19. the sunsets are gorgeous as are all the flowers. I love the B & W shots of the handsome horse and the ducks. Have a great weekend Nora..

  20. Wonderful variety of photos ~ Beach looks very inviting and love the sheep!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  21. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Beautiful shots. Love the little lambs.

  22. You are so good at this!!!! gorgeous shots.

  23. Fantastic series of photos! So much to see!

    1. Pure gold! How very very beautiful.

  24. few lambs appearing here.

    love the ring necked duck reminds me of a tufty!

  25. Hello Nora!:) Lovely series of shots! The sunsets are gorgeous, and I loved seeing all the animals and birds.

  26. Excellent photos of the sky ! I love these colours !

  27. The waterfall by the beach is certainly a glorious sight. And lovely markings on the duck highlighted by the black and white.

  28. Wonderful photos! Ooh, those great sunsets! I am so sorry to hear about the demolition team setting off a bomb so near you and causing you problems...weird! You would think the whole road would have been blovked off, and if you had to pass because you lived there, they would have waited till you went through!

  29. Hi Nora,

    I love the blue bird you're showing. Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  30. So many beautiful photographs! Thank you so much for linking with Today's Flowers. I very much appreciate your support and wish you a great day :)

  31. Delightful shots, as usual!
    Thanks for participating in Floral Fridays Fotos, I look forward to your next offering!


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