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Friday, March 11, 2016

Butchart Gardens Interiors

Recently we went to Butchart Gardens and saw the Prelude to Spring and the interiors of the historical home.  I am including some photos from our time there.  This is a little sunroom. They open some of the rooms in the winter.

These are pictures I think of Jennie Butchart who built the gardens in a lime quarry.  For Black and White Weekend.

She was lovely and she created one of the wonders of the world out of her husband's old quarry.  I wonder what she would think now that people come from all over the world to see her house and garden and have tea. She had the vision and the creativity to build something the world would love.

These are the games they played.

These are the hats of the time. I have a habit of not reading the signs so therefore a lack of knowledge when I get home.

For Shadow Shot, looking out to the gardens.

For Weekend Reflection three photos of the outside plants reflecting into the shop windows at Butchart Gardens.

This is the building where they have the Prelude to Spring.

Flowers for Today's Flowers and Floral Friday. All the flowers are from Butchart Gardens, some interior and some exterior ones.

For Ruby Tuesday.

For Macro Monday2.

For Blue Monday, I can't seem to find the new Blue Monday. I miss Sally Blue.  I am missing Tina, because when I went to look at my albums, there was Tina, EGWow, giving me lovely comments. Everywhere I look on my blogs I find Tina's encouragement. She gave a lot of bloggers some wonderful comments.

For Mellow Yellow Monday and for Mosaic Monday. Thank you to each of the hosts of these wonderful link-ups and linkys for us bloggers.  I would not have any readers without these wonderful linky hosts for all the weekly memes we gather together at. And this is how I find new blogs to follow!  Yeah!

Here are two short videos of Butchart Gardens interiors. I think this one is just an old music machine.

I make terrible videos, but they are just hand held, amateur videos. I was not going to use them in here.  Maybe I should take them out. I just went to Butcharts a few days ago so these are showing it before the season starts.  I have other videos of the gardens when it is in blossom.  I will look for them.  Cheers and have a wonderful day.

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  1. The flowers are spectacular and I love those historic interiors. I'm in the habit of photographing the little signs so I have the information when I get home, unfortunately though I don't always read them while I'm there and miss things I should have seen - oh, to be organised and efficient!

  2. It looks a delightful place to visit. I would love to have a sun room. When I visit museums etc I always photograph the information plaques so I can read them at leisure at home. There is no way I can ever remember what I have seen. My camera and blogs have become my memory. Have a good week.

  3. Thanks so much for those heartening glimpses of spring; I'm so grateful to you!

  4. Hi Nora, your post brought back wonderful memories. I visited Butchart Gardens several years ago and what an amazing experience it was to walk through that amazing garden. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with Today's Flowers, and I wish you a very happy weekend.

  5. Another enjoyable trip with you. I visited Butchart Garden eons ago. I don't remember being able to go into any buildings but certainly do remember the beautiful gardens. Wonderful to see parts of the gardens again

  6. Lovely flowers! I would love to visit Victoria and Butchart gardens.

  7. Love your pictures.

  8. This lovely garden is certainly bursting with spring color!! I love your reflections!

  9. oh a real return to the past, it is charming and very pleasant! thank you for this beautiful visit !

  10. This is one of the most amazing gardens I have ever been to, and can only imagine what it is like in the spring

  11. Beautiful ! I don't think I ever knew there was a historic building one could tour,but then it's been so many years since I have last been to Butchart Gardens.I like the videos as well.

  12. I would love to have a sun room too! Some day I'd have time to curl up with a book and enjoy relaxing. Ah...some day! :) Thanks for your comment, and for following! I miss EG Camera Girl too. We had only just met a few months ago, but I think I would have enjoyed getting to know her better!

  13. What a lovely blog you have and I just love your visit there...a beautiful place! Thank´s for following me in the blogworld...

  14. Dear Nora - I enjoyed this tour around the Butchart Gardens. The wall-paper of the sun room is so lovely, such colorful floral patterns are rarely used in our traditional houses. I’d like to sit by the window over some tea and look out the garden in person. You’re so creative and talented to find photo fitting to each of such various different memes. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Have happy days ahead.


  15. A great place to visit. Fabulous refelction shot and I love the flowers. Enjoy your week ahead.

  16. Lovely post. I enjoyed seeing the videos too.

  17. This is such a beautiful and charming house. Thanks a lot for sharing your visit with us.
    Love your way of blogging, so you have a new follower.

    Wish you a bright and happy Sunday.

  18. I have seen the beautiful well known Buchart gardens. This is the cutest and sunniest sunroom, I guess really needed in the cold season. Interesting and lovely blog.

  19. Dear Nora, Such a wonderful place - I enjoyed your beautiful photos and the video a lot!
    Thank you for leaving the sweet note on my blog - So I could click into you inspiring blog and be lifted up by your photos and seeing Butchard Garden!

  20. A beautiful place, and an obviously talented woman.

  21. Jennie Butchart probably would be surprised at how well known her garden is. Often people have no idea of the extent of their influence. The sunroom is delightful -many different patterns and elements and yet so harmonious as a whole. Not surprising given what a great garden designer she was. I really like the photos with the forsythia in the windows, a bright burst of sunshine. I enjoyed the videos and they made me feel like I'd had a real little visit.
    I miss Tina, too. Every time I take a picture outside, she comes to mind.

  22. This is such a lovely post Nora. I don't remember seeing the inside of the home, although I do remember reading about how the Gardens were created. It has been a long time since we were there. Wish I could go again.

    I really miss Tina too. (Did not ever do Blue Monday, but obviously she was just as loved by many bloggers).

  23. Beautiful interiors of garden house. The flowers are lovely.

  24. Oh this is the most beautiful place. How blessed you are to live so near there! I've only traveled there twice and have never been inside. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, hopefully when I go again I can tour the interiors.

  25. Golly, you do contribute to a lot of memes. I don’t think I follow any at all, except very occasionally when the mood strikes me.

    I know from Pondside how wonderful Vancouver Island is, you are fortunate to live there.
    I like your pictures. We’ll meet again.

    Greetings from a German living in a very obscure corner in the UK.

  26. Excelente este pormenor.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  27. Hello, What a lovely tour of the garden house. I love the beautiful flowers too. I miss Tina also, she was always so kind with the comments. This is a wonderful post! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  28. I see you did find the new Blue Monday with me at Backyard Neighbor. I am so pleased that you posted today. Your post about Butchart Gardens is beautiful in every photo. I love seeing pictures of the Butchart home as well. I have been to Vancouver and it is a beautiful part of Canada. We visited the Victoria Gardens when we were there. I would love to visit the Butchart Gardens one day.

    Thank you for joining the new Blue Monday. Sally would be so pleased too.

  29. Beautiful post with so many aspects, sensitivity and positivity!! Greetings, again and a good week!

  30. Thanks for a grand tour of this lovely place.

  31. What a fun post! It's made even more fun by the fact that I did a post on the very same thing for this Mosaic Monday! I visited the historic display today! Do you live nearby? Great photos. The gardens are amazing, aren't they?

  32. I am really going to have to drive out to Butchart Gardens before it is packed with tourists. Your shots are lovely and really give a sense of what it must have been like when it was a private home.

  33. It's nice to see parts of Butchart Gardens I didn't get around to on a quick visit before an Alaska cruise a few years ago. It would be awesome to live close enough and go regularly to photograph the gardens.

  34. Great shots of this amazing place!
    Many thanks for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme

  35. I really love historical homes and this is one i would love to visit.

  36. Wow - so lovely!

    1. Hope I am posting this right! I love the photos of the beautiful flowers you saw. Very pretty and clear.
      Have a Happy Easter!
      Joy @ Books and Life


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