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Monday, March 28, 2016

The River of Life

Today we are going to the river! The River of Life.  We always call it Charters Creek but I think it is called Charters River really. It is in Sooke, B.C. I can't find much about the history of it.  It is the river of life as it gives life to so many fish and animals and it is the water supply for the area also.

We are at the letter "L"  for Life for the ABC Wednesday Meme and thanks to the ABC Team and Mrs. Nesbitt.  Also this is perfect as the First Nation's name for the river starts with an "L".  It is called liw stot a lew by the T'Sou-ke people.

It is a coho river and during spawning they get a red color and they look like they have a hooked jaw.  The alevin/egg stage lasts six or seven weeks and the young coho spend a year or so here in the river before going into the salt water, or salt chuck as we call it.  A Jack is a small male that returns to spawn in two years.  The mature fish usually are not over twenty pounds.

These photos, just the two of the fish, are from another river called the Puntledge.  They do have a wonderful centre at Charters Creek called The Charters River Salmon Interpretive Centre.

Some Red for Ruby Tuesday.

The dog salmon, Chum, are the salmon that return to spawn in Charters in the highest numbers.  They can weigh from ten to twenty-five lbs.  The thousands of decaying fish give life to the coho, chinook, trout and other life at the river of life.

 A Chinook salmon, or Spring Salmon are the best I think.  They range in size from fifteen to sixty lbs. The Springs spend about one or two years in fresh water and two to four years in the salt chuck before returning to spawn and die in the river of their birth.  It is a river of life that creates an eternal circle of life for everyone.  They are hoping to increase the number of Springs in the river.  The eggs take three to five months to hatch.  Ninety percent of the nitrogen found in the trees around river is from the decaying salmon. The trees are generally much bigger around the fish river as the fish feed the trees. And also we get a lot of rain and mist here and I found out that the trees cannot grow big without the mist! Who knew all this stuff!!

My Bear is from Campbell River.

The Black Bears come down to the river to eat the salmon in October to get fat for the winter.  Otters and Raccoons also dine on the buffet of dead fish.

A  tiny little bird called the American Dipper likes to eat the fish eggs and small fish. This Dipper is showing the white eye cover. For Black and White Wednesday and the birdies are for Stewart at Wild Bird Wednesday and Anni at The Bird D'Pot.

The Great Blue Heron likes to feed on the small fish in the river.

Glaucous Gulls also try to get as much fish as they can.

Common Mergansers and Kingfishers also like the fry and smolts.

I have a few videos here to add.  This is a new one I just made and the fish in the river was made earlier.

 I put in my posts for a few days as I have very bad eyes and only
 one eye works and sometimes it is not working if on the computer  too much.
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  1. Beautiful. What a little piece of paradise you've found and captured in photo and video for us all. The musical piece on your latest video of the river is superb too. The earlier videos of salmon making their way up river gives a fantastic idea just how determined these fish are to make their way to spawning grounds.

  2. It's interesting to see where the Salmon like to spawn and the impact of the salmon life cycle on the streams and trees there, and all the animals that live there too. I hope your eyesight will improve, I'm struggling with eye problems too and am trying various foods and supplements to hopefully help them. Computer screens have a bad effect on the back of the eye, sadly.

  3. What a fabulous place to visit. beautiful trees and ferns which I loved seeing on the video (music great also) Loved seeing the slamon leap in the river and that dipper has a lovely song and winking eye. he looks differetn to our Dipper in the UK.

  4. What a great post - if that was near me, I know where I would be spending lot of time.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Hello, I love the walk and trail to the river, beautiful moss covered trees. The bear, birds and otters are awesome sightings. Great post and photos. Enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. Love those old, mossy trees. And wonderful wildlife pics!

  7. Wonderful post, Nora! Love reading all this about the rivers there and the salmon runs. The videos are fantastic. And the photos are as beautiful as ever. Really hope your eyes improve. Thank you for keeping us posted with such beauty.

  8. Such an interesting post today about the salmon and spawning. The river is beautiful and so lush looking. I almost wanted to give that poor salmon directions and encouragement as it tried to get up the waterfall. They sure work hard. Take care and have a good week.

  9. What a gorgeous trek!! I love your Dipper shot! How verdant the entire area! I have yet to see a bear in the wild. I'm hoping one day.

  10. Truly wonderfull photo's Nora, a feast for my eyes ;-)

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

  11. Wonderful post and gorgeous photography ~ love the Bear!

    Wishing you peace in each day ~ ^_^

  12. Thank you for the virtual tour down the rive and happy ABC Wednesday!

  13. I love to take hikes on trails through the woods and streams. Hearing the sound of water rushing down a river or stream is so relaxing to me. So much fun...loved the story that you shared!

  14. What a river rich with life. The information about the salmon was very interesting. I hadn't heard of Spring Salmon. They must be so strong to be able to swim against the current. Great photos of the different kinds of animals, especially the otters and raccoon and blue heron. Really enjoyed the whole post.

  15. Such interesting critters along the way. Great shots taken. The fish fact is amazing!
    Take enough rest, don't strain your eyes too much.

  16. I am fascinated by your photos and with this area of Canada. I can't wait to visit. I am thinking about a road trip from Victoria to Tofino. There are no concrete plans but I am looking into routes and places to hike.

  17. I fully understand bad eyes--I had a cornea transplant on one eye and glaucoma and cataract surgery on both eyes. Thankfully my vision has improved very much so that I don't need glasses and see 20/30! I hope you will be able to find help for your eyes--vision is so precious.
    This is a beautiful and verdant area. I often buy wild coho salmon for dinner--it is delicious!

  18. Wonderful visions of life in and near the river, I was fascinated at the salmons determination to get
    up to their spawning ground, I wonder if they get bruised in the attempt, but then salmon is so delicate
    in flavour and appearance,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and watching the vids, most interesting.
    Thank you for sharing your river with us,
    ABCW team.

  19. PS< I mean't to say that I hope you can find a cure for you eyes, vision is so important,
    Good luck,
    Di xx

  20. what an array of wildLIFE!


  21. Wow....all so incredible. The images the commentary, the salmon is beyond comment....to spawn and then well...you know the rest of the story. Love that it's called the "River of Life".

  22. These are some lovely critters. I guess any river could be a river of life as we all depend on water to life!

  23. I agree... A wonderful place... I had seen a nature program on the importance of the salmon as a fertilizer here in the states... Michelle

  24. Wonderful post Nora. We learn d some of that salmon info when we were in Alaska,... They told us about five kinds of salmon. Sounds like you see most of them in BC! All of your pictures are so good... I love the Dipper ...haven't seen one for a long time.

  25. Nora, thanks for visiting!
    I am at my wit's end for the cats.I do love Vancouver Island!

  26. Great photos and enjoyed the information about the salmon. Beautiful animals, loved the bear especially. Thanks for sharing them.

  27. Absolutely gorgeous!

  28. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Beautiful shots!

  29. Beautiful even on a symbolic level this you click of the river of life that puts the choice between two paths to follow.
    A hug and happy day!

  30. Hi, Nora!
    Got to you from Yoko Stardust. The words River of Life caught my eye. It looks gorgeous in your pictures. The birds are most adorable, I love them! Thanks for the tour!
    I wish your River of Life to be that full and beautiful. Save your eyes and take care!
    With best wishes from Russia,


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