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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Windows 10 Update Issues Island Rambles

If you find you get the Dreaded Blue Page of Death each time there is a Windows 10 update or your computer slows right down, I will try to put in some helpful ideas that I found but I am not a knowledgeable computer repair person, I just found this interesting when I was looking it up as I had a Windows 7 Computer that was updated to Windows 10 and stopped working.

Disclaimer:  I am not a computer person so you will probably know more than I do about computers and will laugh at these ideas.  I assume that all of your stuff is backed up to your hard drive and that you have set a Restore Point on Windows 10 and have a back up for that. You can even export your Favorites from your Browser to a file.  It is easy to back up your photos to a hard drive.

You can put your emails on a backup file and your contact list. Even before you start to read this do that. Also if you have a local computer repair store they will know what to do to fix it but most of them want to wipe the computer and start again and they have to reinstall everything. Can be costly.

l. First get rid of all the junk on your computer.  Stuff you never use but be sure that you are just getting rid of stuff that is not essential to your computer.  Just get rid of things you installed over time and do not need anymore. Even clean out your browser and downloads.
Some Adobe products are causing issues, even photoshop. I removed my Photoshop and my Adobe Reader.  Windows seems to have it's own Reader. Check this out before you do this.

2. You could do a Defrag of your Disc C and do a clean up of it, run as administrator. (Check Windows Administrator Tools)

3.  You could make sure you have the drivers for anything you have installed and make sure it is updated.  Just make sure everything is updated.

4. You can also do a disc check of C by right clicking on it and you will see where is says check disc.

5.  Windows has a Windows Update Troubleshooter and you can run that also. It gives you a nice report. I think I downloaded it from Windows.  See links below.

6.  I made sure my version of Windows 10 was up to date.

7.  I checked that my anti-virus was working with Windows 10.
Some people turn off their anti-virus when updating if it is causing some issues.

8.  You can check your Ram and Memory.  Windows 10 has some of these helpful things in Windows Administrator Tools. There is an Event Viewer there also to see what event has just happened.

9.  Check that you have the latest Java installed if you have it.

10.  Some people found their computer fixed some issues when they rebooted three times.  It is not good to do a hard shutdown of your computer, when you force it to stop in the middle of updating but I had to do this.  Don't do it.

11. Some people found that they had video programs on their computers without the correct drivers or not updated drivers.
I removed a lot of my Video Converters as they were not safe anymore anyway. Oh you can download a Driver Checker and it will check things out. You can go to your computer company and they will also have drivers and a driver check for you to do for your type of laptop or computer.

12.  A huge issue is with the wireless mouse/keyboard by logitech, for me I have to pull that mouse key out to do an update and also I went to the website and installed the updated drivers and software.
I would just pull out the key when updating if you can and if you think that is the problem.

13.  The Printer is another issue.  Make sure if you have a printer connected, check that it has the latest drivers.  Go to the manufacturer website and they  have it or perhaps install your disc again, if the disc is more than a few years old it may not have the right drivers though. The websites are now putting the correct drivers and software on their sites to download.

14.  There are some command prompts that you can do but I will just link below to some of them as I am not confident in that area but I have done a lot of them and my computer came us clean.

15.  You can look at your Task Manager and see if anything is really out of wack or if something has taken over your computer and is using all the CPU.

16.  You can check your Device Manager and see if there are yellow icons, double click the device and click on the drivers tab to see if it works with Windows 10. (some things say compatible with Windows 10).  I think there is a compatible logo on the right click of your mouse also.

17.  If your Anti-virus offers a vulnerability scan or some scans of some kind I would run them right at the start before any of this as it will give you some ideas.  You could run one of the cleaners available also.

18.  If all fails and your computer runs the Blue Screen for more than three hours or three days! each time it updates, you can call the Microsoft help numbers and go to their Help forums.  The help numbers are different for Canada and the U.S.A. so just google them.  Hope this gives some help to some of you.  See links below.

19.  I thought of one more thing you can go to Settings, Power Management and check you have correctly put in your info there. You will also find your Windows Update section there and can put in stuff there.  You can manage your Start up applications also.

Windows Update Troubleshooter

Microsoft Support Stuff

Microsoft Global Customer Support

Microsoft product tool support page

On Line Support for Microsoft

Microsoft Community

Systems Update Readiness Tool Microsoft 

Windows 10 Help Categories

Windows 10 Forums for Help

How to do a Clean Boot

Microsoft Download Centre

Make Programs Compatible Windows 10

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