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Monday, May 16, 2016

Ransomeware Fake Support Scams

Ransomeware and Fake Windows Support Scams
So many people are telling me about various computer scams they are having so I have copied this from my previous blog and will add some more to it now.  Disclaimer: I am a senior trying to help other seniors.  This is the little copied part below from a previous posting:
"Computer Senior Tip:  My Rant of the Day!
Please remember if you get a pop up from Microsoft saying you have a virus and you must call a number to fix it.  Please Please do not call the number it is all a scam.  Microsoft will never send you a pop up or a warning or freeze your computer.  Just hit Ctrl, Shift and esc.  You can see the Task Manager and End Task for whatever they have frozen. You can also just turn off or unplug the computer. They will say on the pop up or the frozen page , the scammer says "Do not unplug your computer". But that is just the scam. There are so many computer scams now. Don't open a zip file on your emails either or open any of those scam emails from people you don't know. That is my senior rant of the day.  I try to check and recheck any links that I put in here on my blog.  I am asking those who comment not to put any links in at all."
OK now I will add some more stuff.
What can happen is you are on a website and your computer locks up and is frozen. Or you get the Pop Up.  Also a page saying it is from Microsoft Support will appear on your frozen page.  It will look really good and will not even have spelling errors. They make it look exactly like an official Microsoft site. Also there may be a sound warning you.  They will tell you not to turn off your computer or unplug it. They want you to phone their scam number. That is exactly what you must NOT do.  The best way to end the task is to do what I listed above, go to Ctrl, Shift and esc. When the Task Manager comes up just click end task on the running frozen program to End Task. If you can't do that just shut it down or unplug it. You may also get emails saying it is from Microsoft Support, it is not. They just want you to pay money to unlock your computer and most of them don't do it.
Check who is sending you each email and don't open attachments unless you are sure who it is from.  When you download be sure you download from exactly the verified company.

Ok so you get the dreaded frozen computer and you want more help:  Here are the help numbers and links.  They are all Microsoft links, really verified Microsoft links and I checked them all many times.

When you are back on line.  Do a complete scan. Do a restart. Look for key loggers. Update everything possible.  Remove everything you don't really need.  Clean all cache, etc.  A good check list is on my Windows 10 Update Issues Page. When your computer is frozen you will not be able to get to these links, that is when your cell or your tablet is handy. If your computer is infected and you called the number and did not turn it off, then the next step is to take it to the computer shop.  Disclaimer:  new ones are coming out every day so they may have other ways of getting into the computer.  A call to a computer expert is always the best way to go if you have one.  If you back up everything on your computer you have no problems, just have the computer shop have the drive wiped and put it all back.

Here are the helpful links:  These links tell you what you got and what to do.  You can talk online to a representative of Microsoft.
Microsoft Support
Online Microsoft Support Contact
(they will ask for your account, number)
Microsoft Support Scams detected by Windows Defender
Microsoft Malware Protection Center
Microsoft Malware and Virus Description Encyclopedia
Microsoft Search the Malware encyclopedia
Microsoft Virus and Malware Protection Download Centre
Microsoft Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Software FAQ 
Microsoft Malware Protection Center Help.  How does Malware Infect My Computer

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