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Monday, March 27, 2017

All Lovely Little "L's"

Today all the lovely little "L" words for the blog and for the blog link-ups.  This is a Lily at the pond nearby last summer. (for Macro Monday)

 The baby Lambs are born out in the farm fields. We are at the letter "L" this week.

We had a lot of snow at the Lake this year.

This is a Lorquins Admiral from last year.

I think this is a Yellow-billed Loon.
I could be wrong.

This is a Common Loon below.

A Lapland Longspur at Cattle Point last year.

Long-tailed Ducks, so pretty.

This is Horned Lark below.(I think that may be the Lapland Longspur beside him a little blurry.)

Long-billed Dowichers possibly.

And to finish the lovely  Lazuli Bunting.  There is one now up island but this is from a different location a few years ago.

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Video Below:


  1. Those lambs are so sweet!

  2. Beautiful images of all the birds.

  3. Oh lots of Ls! I love the common loon, the butterfly too. But why are the numbers for the sheep so big, will that marker disappear later. Is the ink not affecting them? Sorry, i am just worried for the kids, hehe

    1. The numbers appear large this year I am not sure why they are so large but I know that the farmer uses the numbers to make sure he can relocate a lost lamb to the correct mother very quickly as it is heartbreaking to see a lost baby lamb who cannot find the mother as the other sheep do not take her. The dye is not harmful and almost all farmers use it world wide. There is a link to info here https://www.quora.com/Why-are-sheep-at-farms-sometimes-painted-or-marked.

  4. That bunting is stunning.

  5. Hello Nora, you did so well gathering all the "L"s... a great collection. I particularly love the Dowitcher :D)

  6. Hello Nora, lovely variety of birds. I would love to see the lazuli bunting. The lambs are just adorable. Pretty winter snow scene. Wonderful series of photos. Enjoy your day!

  7. How gorgeous. I really love that lily and that bunting.

  8. Beautiful "L" shots today!!!!! Love the color of that bunting. GORGEOUS. Loons are so pretty --and I always think of the movie, "On Golden Pond" when I think of Loons.

    The little Lambs are adorable.... AND--I love waterlilies... We go to Biltmore Estate in August every year to see their collection of water lilies....


  9. Lots of great "L" here. The lambs are cute but the blue marking on them is weird. Such a pretty bunting and I like the long tailed ducks too.

    If you subscribe to my blog via e-mail for updates you may need to resubscribe due to recent email address changes.

  10. Lots of beautiful creatures whose name start with the letter L. The blue bunting is gorgeous!

  11. The Longspurs certainly are well camouflaged. The long-tailed ducks and the dowitchers are both comical and friendly looking. Sure to make people smile. Interesting how the sheep are all numbered. As always a great collection of photos.

  12. Nice to know there will be no lost little lambs here as they were cleverly numbered. I wish them all long lives on the farm.

  13. pretty water lily. thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words.

  14. Wow...extraordinary birds Nora! You should consider shsring this with all the birders saturday with i'd rather b birdin'. I also LOVE the lambs!!

  15. Wonderful post and photography but those little lambs captured my heart ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a fun week ^_^

  16. Absolutely stunning. Can't wait for summer!

  17. Really nice photos Nora!
    LOVED the videos also...

  18. Wow! What wonderful choices for the letter L!

  19. I'm not really good with names so I'm impressed with your labels of all the gorgeous birds. Of course, the lambs are adorable and the lotus is terrific.

  20. This is my second attempt to comment, the first one must be floating somewhere in cyberspace above Vancouver Island!

    You live in such a beautiful place with so much wild-life, a perfect place for keen photographers.
    We live on the doorstep of North Wales so we will be driving down soon to buy our first lot of Spring Lamb, also taking the opportunity to take in the beautiful landscape. if we want to sample another delicious breed of lamb which is called The Herdwick we travel North up to the Lake District (1 hour drive).
    So, we are really well placed to source our favourite foodstuff.
    The clip of the beach with the surfers looks absolutely gorgeous.
    I have met a lady who lives on Vancouver Island and she had lots to tell us about the place, she emigrated from the UK in 1956 and although she enjoyed being back in the UK she really couldn't wait to get back home.
    Lovely post thanks for sharing your island with us.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  21. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, a great post for L. Thanks for visiting my post, appreciated.

  22. Wonderful L's...and photo's, thankfully I don't have to pick one as best because I would not know which photo to choose

    Have a nice ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  23. You really do have Lovely birds -- I am especially enamored of the Loon -- I've never seen one ... didn't even know they were in the Pacific Northwest. I am so envious, but at the same time grateful that you posted these. Every one of your pictures is just beautiful.

  24. They spray paint on the lambs! Necessary, I suppose, but strange.


  25. Lovely variation of birds. Looks a beautiful day at the beach.

  26. I forgot to say I smiled at your 'blogging for some years together' comment, my how those years have flown.

  27. Oh wonderful selection of "Ls" Nora....The lambs are really cute. I follow a couple of farm animal rescues and the lambs and baby goats are really sweet..Michelle

  28. Les petits moutons sont si mignons ;-)
    Céline & Philippe


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