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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Easy Backup Your Photos Free

Today I am just taking a break from the usual birding.  I discovered an easy way to automatically back-up all your photos for free!

I am adding in many photos of birds below starting with the letter "N" for the ABC link. Above is a collage of our First Nations people during a celebration dance and a totem.

Above is a humming bird on the Nest!

I will run through some choices before I tell you what I settled on for myself.  Before I start I will mention that I am sure everyone has a back up hard drive that they pull their photos in each time they download.  This gets a lot of those old photos off your computer. For those of you with an iPad or iPhone you already will have the iCloud.
My problem is I have an android cell phone that I cannot add storage to so I need storage for my cell phone.  I can connect my cell phone to my computer easily and put the photos on the hard drive but it is annoying. I was looking for a simple solution and one where my tablet and my cell and computer are always linked up and always backed up automatically.
Above photos are of Northern Harrier and Northern Shrike.

I will start with the lowest amount of storage.
First I considered using Drop Box, but it will only give you 2 GB of storage.  I use it sometimes as it is handy.  I can access it from all my devices.
Next I considered using One Drive, the two little blue clouds symbol. Previously called SkyDrive.  That is ok, it gives you 5 GB of storage.  I stash some photos in there sometimes. These are handy if you have a tablet and cell phone and you want to link the photos up to each.
Above photos are of Northern Shoveler and Northern Pintails.

There are two Google Options I think if I have this correct. I looked at Google Drive and it has 15 GB of storage shared with your gmail, photos and Google Photos.  It looks fine if that is what you want. Many of the Google+ bloggers will already know all this stuff.
Since a lot of us bloggers have a Google Account already, then I decided to use Google Photos. At first I worried are all my photos going to be public, no they are all private, good.  And it gives you an incredible 15 GB of storage free.  And you get unlimited storage if you use their upload of 1089 p per video and 16 m. pixel per picture.  Don't set it at the Original size to upload, set it at High Quality and you get unlimited storage.  The pictures and the video quality is superb, good enough for blogging.

So on the cell phone it automatically will back up my photos each day.  I have it set to backup only when on WiFi.  Each day when I get home it has done its magic.  I have WiFi in the car so it does it automatically.
Above photos of Nuthatch feeding babies (on a fence for Good Fences) and Northern Flicker and Northwestern Crow.

I did test the amount of time it took to do a large upload of 300 photos to get them off my cell and it went very smoothly with no pauses or stuttering.  It took about an hour and a half to do that many but my internet is slow I think.

The most important thing that they do not tell you is about how you must delete your photos. It is a little tricky.  If you just delete your photos from the main page of photos, they are all deleted from the cloud of Google Photos, from your phone and from tablet, etc.  You must only delete your photos a certain way if you want to keep a copy of them in Google Photos.  So many people have had all their photos disappear.  I think they keep them in trash for a certain number of days, perhaps 30 days though so you can get them back if you mess up.

Photo of Northern Cardinal below, not taken on the island.

I have an android phone and this is how I must delete my photos off the cell phone now, in order to keep a copy of them on Google Photos.  Go to Menu, then go to Devise Folder, touch the picture to delete and in options, top right, select Delete Devise Copy and then you still have your copy on Google Photos!

Also if you do some editing of your photos it will be edited on all your photos. So keep a copy of the original if you need to use the original again.  I did some editing last night and found I had saved two copies so there must be an option where I saved both.

 Next I will write about the various ways to link your cell to your tablet and computer.  I think I love technology, when it is working.
Northern Pygmy Owl above.
We are at the letter "N" for Nora this week at the ABC link-up!  I will see you all there and at the other link-up parties!
Please leave me a comment on how you are backing up your photos and what works for you. There is so much to learn and so little time! As you can tell I am very excited about social media and technology but I did not grow up with it so I have to learn it as I go along. Here is the disclaimer, I am not a computer person so check out the facts on all these clouds storage ideas before you fly in there.

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  1. Oh to see a pygmy owl!!
    I love all your birds....AND THE TOTEM dancing. A great 'twist' on birds. Clever.

    Thanks so much for sharing and linking in this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  2. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Great pictures. I do back up all my photos to Google Photos and I also back up to Flickr.

  4. Nice shots - and good advice. I had a hard drive die a month ago and my backs ups were not good - but luckily all was saved in the end.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Capturing a hummingbird in the nest; spectacular. Finding a hummingbird nest even more amazing.

  6. Enjoyed your birds & good fences. Good Advice about photo storage.


  7. Hello, Nora! Thanks for all the photo info. I usually only use my external hard drive. The hummingbird nest is a cool find. I love the Nuthatches, they are adorable. I would love to see the Pygmy Owl, Awesome! Great photos. Wishing you a great day and week ahead!

  8. Since i am not much of a birder, i just appreciate the photos but not really as i appreciate flowers and butterflies. Yet i truly appreciate what you discussed about saving in Google Photos. I've seen them but i haven't tried, i only save mine in external drive, so maybe if that will malfunction i will be loosing all of them. I hope i can easily follow what you said, because i am dumb in following computer instructions! haha, thanks.

  9. Wonderful post! Love the gorgeous hummer photos. Thanks for the info.

  10. Lovely N-choice with birds, well done!

    Have a nice ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  11. I am quite intrigued by this post because every time I want to photo shop a photo I've taken on my cellphone, every photo on the phone has to load on my computer so I can get the ones I want to use. So I'm going to check into this stuff. Thanks and will let you know if I'm successful or lose all my photos..lol

    abcw tea,

  12. Love your pictures,and your picture storage information. I despair, sometimes, when I consider the number of pictures (and copies) I have stored....

  13. thx for the info.
    Nice pics as always

  14. Beautiful nature photography and first nation photos ~ thanks ~ also for the backup tip ~

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  15. Great post and beautiful photos Nora.
    I use a couple of external hard drives to make two backup copies of all my stuff. I'm not all that confident about the "cloud" yet. Maybe at a later date maybe.

  16. Valuable information. I filled up iCloud without even realizing what was happening.

  17. Anonymous8:28 pm


  18. Oh my gosh...those baby nuttys are precious...... Everything I use now is Apple. I use Dropbox to back-up and another hard-drive for my MAC and I use google too to share photos...I once lost many photos so I have triple backups....Michelle

  19. That little owl is very sweet and how neat to see hummers on the nest. Thanks for your tips for storage too! Hugs, Diane

  20. Enjoyed the First Nations photos, was always told I come from these roots and have been searching for a long time. Yesterday I think I found a link with a great Aunt!

  21. I love your resourcefulness in finding a solution. Almost everybody I know, including me, that tried the external hard drive route suffered from a hard drive going out.

    I now have a Flickr pro account. I synch my iPod, cel phone, and laptop to it. I have about 62,000 images on it now. Works fine but not free, but reasonable.

  22. You have some wonderful photos. I love all the bright colors that you captured.
    You did a lot of research on saving photos! Thanks for sharing your results.

  23. wow great photo Love from Poland

  24. Absolutely beautiful to see and very interesting.
    Glad Easter to you and your family, I embrace you Nora!

  25. Thank you for these wonderful photos and the tip!


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