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Monday, May 15, 2017

Birds, Butterflies and More Birds!

Today I have birds and butterflies.

The butterflies are slowly coming out here, but it has been so wet and cold they are late. Above we have Sara Orange-Tip.  You can also spell it like this Sara orangetip or call it Pacific Orangetip. These are my macro shots.

Then we have the Pale Swallowtail and the Anise Swallowtail and a little European Skipper.  I have not seen these out yet so these are from last year.
Above is Sunny!  Well that is the pet Snipe that lived here for a while a few years ago!  I adored him/her.  It was like  having a pet in the backyard.  Then there is a Snow Goose flying and there is a Fox Sparrow and a Spotted Sandpiper.
These photos are all of the Sora from last year at a pond nearby.  Most unusual Sora as he was not annoyed by people.
Then we have a  Song Sparrow and a Field Sparrow and a Fox Sparrow.  All the birds today begin with the letter  "s".

Here is a Spotted Towhee and a Spruce Grouse and A Steller's Jay and a Stilt!  Below are some shorebirds that flew in as well. 


Also two pictures of Sheringham Point Lighthouse from my past archives.  It used to be closed to the public. I was behind a fence trying to get these shots. Now I think you can go there and see it. They will be developing it into a park also I think I saw somewhere.

It has been a busy week!  With the migratory birds coming in we are out birding a lot and I will just do a blog once a week unless I have time to do one on the weekend.  There have been a few super bad computer scams this week.

Computer Senior Tip:  My Rant of the Day!
Please remember if you get a pop up from Microsoft saying you have a virus and you must call a number to fix it.  Please Please do not call the number it is all a scam.  Microsoft will never send you a pop up or a warning or freeze your computer.  Just hit Ctrl, Shift and esc.  You can see the Task Manager and End Task for whatever they have frozen. You can also just turn off or unplug the computer. They will say on the pop up or the frozen page "Do not unplug your computer". But that is just the scam. There are so many computer scams now.  Don't open a zip file on your emails either or open any of those scam emails from people you don't know. That is my senior rant of the day.  I try to check and recheck any links that I put in here on my blog.  I am asking those who comment not to put any links in at all.

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We are at the letter "s" and only a few more to go!



  1. Hello Nora! Wow! This is an awesome post and lovely photos! The orange tip butterfly is gorgeous.,enjoy your evening and week ahead!

  2. Hi Nora I am your friend on fb and instagram and I enjoy all your photos and adventures! You see so many wonderful birds on your island as well as butterflies. I enjoyed the videos too--the seals can really ht a low note and the barn swallows were preening so much. Enjoy the spring weather/birding!

  3. No wonder you only post once a week! You have so much happening in your post. You are very good at identifying these birds and butterflies making it all the more interesting for your readers. Good advice about the computer scams as well. Enjoy your week.

  4. Wow - fabulous shots of nature's bounty!

  5. I love seeing all this beauty there. The number of different species you see is truly awesome in every way. Beautiful photos as always.

  6. Wonderful array of nature shots in photos and video ~ beautiful!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  7. So many beautiful images,I couldn't pick a favourite if I tried.

  8. Beautiful photos and you have captured the delicate look of the butterflies so well!

  9. This is wonderful! I adore your posts.

  10. Thanks so much for your comments here. I love them! I have been unable to comment back on some blogs as my security program will say I am on an unsafe site and should close it. I have my security level too high probably or it is because of all the scam issues going on right now. I will wait a week and then try each site again. Blog.spots seem to be ok.

  11. Love the little baby barn swallows!

  12. Anonymous9:48 pm

    wonderful wildlife and lighthouse

  13. I love the birds, and the sea lions, of all things!

  14. Absolutely extraordinary images!!! Of all...the birds, the butterflies, the scenery, the lighthoust...ALL of them Nora. Thanks so much for joining us at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week, hope to see you again soon...

    By the way, so jealous of the Spotted Towhee [I've searched for years for this one!]

  15. Always a feast for my eye, your blogposts, thank you
    Animals are favorite so keep up the good work

    Melody (ABC-W-team)
    Preview Round 21

  16. As always lots of wonderful photos. I really like the snipe poking in the grass . He seemed to be getting a little puffed from his efforts. Hope he got lots of tasty tidbits to eat. We have yellow-bellied sapsuckers which also make rows of holes in trees as well as doing early morning rat-tat-tats on our metal roof.

  17. Wonderful glimpses of nature and wildlife. Your photography is impecable.

  18. Though your beautiful island is a long was from Minnesota we've driven out to camp there five times over a fifty year period. Now having discovered you blog and its wonderful photography it's not quite so far...:)

  19. WOW Beautiful Butterflies, Gorgeous Birds and Lighthouse so wonderful your post, full of loveliness~

  20. Hello Nora! You have such a wonderful collection of birds, butterflies; nature is amazing.. So many various species, a delight for eyes.
    And I love the videos; especially the one with the sealions. Great pictures and videos!
    Many thanks for sharing them. Have a great day and week in sunny May! Alexa

  21. Thank you so much for the scam warning! Gorgeous photos of butterflies and birds!

  22. Oh, the little swallows are cute and noisy! Your photos are wonderful. I am impressed that you have so many "S" critters.

  23. Hello Nora, lovely to catch up with you again.
    My word those butterflies are stunning! I'm amazed at the huge variety of wonderful birds who visit your Island.
    Lovely photos of the lighthouse too.
    Yes, there are scams everywhere - especially down the side bar of facebook! I never open anything in that area. Ah well, it's just how it is isn't it.
    Cheerio and enjoy your birdwatching. Regards :D)

  24. Great pictures Nora..... WOW---if I lived in your area, I'd be outside looking at all of the birds and other critters every single day... Amazing --and so different from most of ours here in Tennessee....

    Love the videos also... Thanks for taking time to post them....

    And that beautiful lighthouse calls my name.... Wow..


  25. Thanks so much for all these lovely comments. Thank goodness I was able to comment on most of the blogs again. Last week my security program was in high alert! However I did find that on some Google+ blogs I cannot comment unless I have a Google+ profile so if I did not comment it is probably because of that. sorry.

  26. ps....Nora, thanks for stopping by Hootin' Anni's for a visit. I always enjoy your company.

  27. Nora your posts are just treasures! Wonderful how you can come up with pictures of birds for every letter ... and always beautiful birds and beautiful pictures of them.

    Enjoyed the pretty butterflies too. And your video skills are wonderful. Sea lions are much more interesting in video than still pictures -- I need to try to learn to do videos!!!

  28. I really enjoyed the photos and videos Nora...The snipe in action was cool and the the holes that the sapsucker made were all in a row...really great nature post...Michelle

  29. I'd love to have a pet snipe - although I am not sure what Mr. Hudson (our cat!) would think.

    Good computer tips.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better than you last FB post.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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