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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cute Baby Hawk Photos

Today we went to the nest and the beach but ......

.....the hawk was far away flying with his family of eagles way up high in the sky.  I never got any good photos but I believe I did see him flying with the other eagles so I cropped in on the blurry photos to see.  My husband who has really good eyes, says he thinks it is the hawk also. Sorry for such bad photos. The eagles were far away on the other side of the bay. You can click on the photos to enlarge.

The eagles and eaglets were all flying well and the only one that had a crow following him was the white hawk!

One eaglet was still back at the nest site.

Since I never did get any good photos today, it is time to look at cute baby hawk photos!  It is interesting to look back at my first files of photos. I never thought he would survive. I did want to get attached! Good luck with that though.

I was so surprised to see the hawk. I am still so surprised that he is still alive. He looks so fragile in these photos.

Today, much later on, as we went on the way home just past the nest, but on a busy street, there was a beautiful white hawk sitting on a lamp post. It looked so much like Spunky I think it was him.

 You can just see the little hawk here on the left, he would hide from the huge eaglets and then the mother eagle would feed him. She sometimes fed him first.

I wonder if the eaglet ever thought he would eat the hawk. The hawk is being submissive here but as it got bigger it became the boss.

The stories I heard today were all about the hawk. One lady told me that he was at the beach on a tree yesterday and he does not peep anymore he has a more mature screech now.  Below can you see the hawk hiding in there.
 The mom eagle looks like she is telling us to all leave. She was a very nervous mom. You can see the baby hawk just left of her below.

Below is the hawk and behind him are the large wings of an eaglet.

 Below this is a mush of the hawk under an eaglets wings!

Another photographer friend said he went to the beach yesterday and the hawk was right there on the beach walking about, looking in the kelp like the eagles do. At the nest two of the eaglets flew down in front of him and went to a tiny puddle of water and had a play fight over it.We had a bit of rain. The eaglets had experienced rain before as I took pictures of them in the nest with the rain on them.

Two days ago when I was quite far away from the nest in a residential area, to my surprise the mother eagle flew over me with a huge bunch of grasses for the nest.

The tide was really low today and it was so beautiful in the little bay. I am so depressed that I did not get any pictures of the hawk today just the bad flying photos.

Here are better flying photos from two days ago when the eagles and their young flew right over me.

Oh here is a funny story, I can't remember if I put it in here already. A resident told me that the little hawk likes to play soccer in the middle of the street with pine cones.  A lady was driving in to take pictures of the nest and him and he was in the middle of the road playing soccer with the pine cone. He needs some street smarts. She drove slowly around him. The pine cone had a stick attached so it looked like a mouse.

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  1. He really was adorable! Hooray for Spunky!

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