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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Eagles and Hawk: Everyone Can Fly Now

All the eagle and hawk family can fly now! Yesterday all the eaglets were flying around like....

crazy eaglets! When I got to the nest it was very quiet. The eaglets have all fledged I think.

Then I saw little hawk way way out in front of the nest looking over the beach.

Little hawk has grown up to be so fine looking, don't you think so too. He looks like a real hawk now.

Then little hawk flew off the tree and wow can he ever fly extremely well, look at him go! He went and hid in some trees behind the nest and I heard a crow come in but he was hiding so well I could not find him.

There was one eaglet under the nest on a branch. Looking so bewildered.

One eaglet was over to the left of the nest. It did not move from the spindly branch it was on.

I am not sure I got really confused here, but I thought that this one below in the nest flew off after a bit of flapping. He was flapping like crazy and going up and down in the nest.

It must have been the other eaglet under the nest that flew in here beside me.
First she flew to a roof and made a hard landing and then was in the trees behind the house. I could see her landing on the tree was really scary also. She looked really confused herself. When a truck went by she really freaked out. The lady of the house came running out and asked us if the hawk was on her roof!!! This is the eaglet on the tree next to the house below.

Then she flew to the gnarly tree that mom always sits on overlooking the ocean. When they first learn to land they pick little spindly branches and have no idea that that branch may not hold them.  It is a learning to land process.

She did not look happy at all about her hard landing and her first flights.  She was really miserable and I felt so bad for her. Look at her face, she is really upset.

I looked up at the nest earlier and there was no eaglet in the nest for a long time and now there was still one in the nest? There was a lot going on so I am not sure who was who. So perhaps this one in the nest has not fledged? Or he flew in there. Confusion.

Then I heard little hawk screaming and he flew to be with the really sad and lonely eaglet on mom's branch and sat with her for a long while. I could not see him at first so I only got a few shots of them sitting together. I could not see him as there was a tree in front of him and I had to scramble around to get this shot. It is all private property on the little street of lovely homes and I don't go on private property, just the main street area so I miss a lot of shots. They sat side by side and then hawk moved farther away.  It was very cute and kinda sad as they will all leave little hawk soon.

Little hawk flew off to be at the beach for a while. He is really into bugging mom and dad eagle and seeing everything they do. He goes near to where they are and peeps up a storm. The crows still are bugging him a bit also. He is very demanding for food and attention it seems. They must spoil him. The eaglets in this nest are very quiet and docile.  They are the calmest, quiet eaglets I have ever seen. I guess the mom really laid down the law in the nest with this group of four babies, she had to.

This s a funny shot below, looks like he is laying down but I guess he is starting a bit of flying. Perhaps he was laying down, as he does that quite a bit. It is like he thinks he is in a nest. But I have seen other photos of young hawks doing this also.

Then I heard a ruckus and I was at the beach but I think the parent eagles had flown in to the nest with food and the eaglets each wanted it delivered to them on their branches! They all screamed bloody murder, "bring the food to me, feed me I am so helpless" they seem to be saying. They all try it out at first and then realize that the parents do not deliver food like pizza. Adult eagles seldom or never deliver food to branches as far as I know, they only know to transport it to the nest, they drop it quickly now and fly away from their large, dangerous eaglets. If the eaglets are not in the nest they sometimes look around quite dazed and eat it themselves.

The parents have to eat a lot as well so some of the food does not go to the eaglets and you can see the parents eating their food on the beach as well.
The proud adopted parents of little hawk sit on a beach tree. They are always on guard for intruders. I wish I could thank them for this wonderful story they have given me and the world.

(please note this ONE picture above is from a previous posting on baby Cooper's hawks, this is not our beloved Red-tailed hawk. It is from a post about Cooper's hawks I did long time ago, I will repeat it one day.)

I have enjoyed the hawk story so much and also enjoyed meeting the nice people on the street and the people on my Facebook Island Rambles Fan page where I do stories on the hawk. My subscribers, followers, bloggers and readers are very important to me. I read all the comments and love them, but I am so sorry I do not have time to reply to them all at once, I will try later.
 These are the shots of the eaglets yesterday as they flew over me.

It is overwhelming to me how many people love the little hawk. There is so much love for this little hawk who made it through such a struggle. Perhaps there is a lesson in this for all of us to never give up and to always believe in miracles, it can happen just like it did for the little hawk.  The impossible can be possible in a new world if we believe.

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And a big thank you to our beloved Red-tailed hawk who grew up with the eagles!

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  1. Hello, Yay for all the juvies. It is nice to see them flying. Great collection of photos. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. Thanks for keeping us up to date. :)

    Luvs em

  3. I want to say that you have a beautiful way of presenting your wonderful pictures. Please keep up the posting I follow all your posts and pics.

    Thank You

  4. You have a real heart and skill shown in this really excellent post!

  5. You have captures these juveniles quite well!

  6. Ciao Nora, It is an emotion to see these beautiful creatures flying free, to enter their world and to understand how they live, how magnificent your photos are!

  7. Wow - that learning to fly bit and choosing the right branch in life, it looks like it's just as much trial and error with the birds as it is with humans! Great post again
    Wren x

  8. thank so much for the love of these eagles and hawk which reflects in your videos and blogs....take care of each other....sending prayers!

  9. thank you for the updates, videos, and blogs....much love <3

  10. You really delivered a great and ongoing story here. Fantastic photos to chronicle the whole thing.
    Really nice!

  11. You are so very good in both taking pictures and telling a story. This can be a movie for Disney, and the insinuations and correlation to human life are very inspiring. It was a very small incident with a very big drama which unfolded through you. Thanks a lot.

  12. Love your collection of wildlife photos

  13. Thanks so much for these lovely comments. I would like to reply to each one but right now I am needed to look after my husband who is ill. I will get to each of you soon though! To my bloggers, thanks so much for always supporting me and giving me comments. Hello to the new members here.

  14. Thanks for these lovely comments. I will come to each blog when I have time. There has been a lot going on on my Island Rambles Facebook Page and my blog is getting whammed with hits and my YouTube is crazy. I am a shy person and I thought no one would be interested in the topic of the hawk, I just like it for myself. It is overwhelming and I thank my blog friends for sticking with me through this unusual time period. I love your comments bloggers. Thanks to the new readers who have found me and seem to like the hawk story. It is still an ongoing story. I am still going to post my pictures, videos and blog posts on the hawk. I am taking a little break as my husband is ill. I do have many videos and photos that you have not seen yet. cheers, Nora

  15. oh Nora this has been the most wonderful story ever; I loved every post so much. My heart would have been pounding so hard while they were all flying around I am pretty sure I wouldn't have remembered how to shoot a picture and yours are absolutely so amazing. I watch our eagles nest in Florida, but the most they have ever had is two. Your eagle parents are amazing! Beautiful story.

  16. Hello NOra, this is an awesome post on the Eagles. It is awesome to be able to watch them from babies to when they are leaving the nest. Wonderful series of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  17. some thing to see the birds
    Good to see

  18. You have me covered in goose flesh!!! [no pun intended of course] These image and your narration completely makes me feel as I am there with you, watching this miracle of nature.

    Thanks so much for sharing this saga of feathered friends with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'

  19. Wonderful sequence of photos Nora. The little hawk has developed a huge and caring personality!


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