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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Little Hawk Grows Up Update

This is today's report and update on the little hawk who grew up in an eagles nest.  A day in the life of little hawk.
When we first arrived.....

at the nest it was quite early and the sun was shining and it was a beautiful morning. There was a gathering of people down the end of the street but by the time I got there the star of the show, the young hawk, had flown out to the beach trees.  I think he had been inspecting the chimney first though.

two eaglets hidden under red arrows
I then went and watched the young eaglets as they exercised their wings.  They were very active.  Two were on the outer branches of the tree to the left.  One was on his special big branch. I was there for a long time and I did not see anyone of the eaglets fledge.  They are ready to fly that is for sure.  They hopped from branch to branch. Perhaps tomorrow they will fly. Someone has seen one fly yesterday I think.

I could hear little hawk peeping so I went and looked for him on his trees.  Pretty soon he came closer to me and I could see him on momma eagle's special old gnarled tree near the nest. Momma was sitting on top of the tree and he went below her to a branch.

But he just kept peeping and peeping and so annoyed the momma that she went and hid in a tree at the beach.

So little hawk did the strangest thing I ever have seen a bird do. He lay flat out on the branch like he was on a bed.  He kept peeping but looked so comfy on his bed in the sky. How wonderful to lay there and see the ocean below you.  He could see momma hiding in her tree and hear and see the eaglets flapperzing in the nest.

As he lay on his bed he would call out a long peep.  The eaglet that sits on the big branch always would reply with two peeps.  They did this for about an hour.  I know they were communicating.  I guess they were saying , "hey are you over there by the beach?" and the hawk would say "peep peep, yup yup I am over here!"  He also has other places that he lays down and sleeps as he does not visit the nest as much as he used to do. The eaglets are too wild.

 Pictures of the beach

Earlier my husband had been at the beach and had found the little hawk and momma there.  He told me the story of how little hawk was down quite low below momma's tree and momma was in her perch tree above.  He said that momma eagle would always be clucking to her baby hawk and he peeped back to her for the entire time he was there.

Dad eagle was out in the water gathering foods as the tide was really low. I know that the hawk is speaking and communicating to the parents and to the siblings so I guess he is bilingual and speaks hawk and eagle.  He is a real Canadian. This is a view of the nest from the beach.

Then hawk came and sat below the nest on a low branch to look at me.  No one else was there just me.  It was a quiet day for a while at the nest.  Then the people started to come.  Little hawklet decided to visit the bird feeders in the area.
can you find the hawk?
He flew in and acted very hawkish as he hid up tight to a large tree overlooking a bird feeder. He hid so well!  I guess it is instinct for him to be sneaky and hide and do hawk like things as he looks for birds to eat.  A resident says he thinks he is taking some birds.
looking down do I see a mouse

Then I was tired and it was time to go.  I left little hawklet doing hawk like things and checking out the local feeders.

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Hawklet is waving goodbye in these two pictures.
There are many videos on YouTube.  I am too tired to put new ones in here today.  I will do new video perhaps tomorrow.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Mac, it is a wonderful story.....someone should write it, hint hint!

  2. 200.000 hits. well done on reaching your goal. this has been a wondering story and series of images Nora

    1. Hi Margaret, yes it is a bit of a celebration day for me to reach that many hits or clicks on the old blog of mine. Sorry I have not been going to comment on all the blogs lately, my whole life has been taken over by the little hawk. I have been blogging for so long, it is huge surprise to see so many people interested in the old blog.

  3. For my bloggers: I am so sorry I have not been able to comment on your blogs as much lately. I will catch up with you all in a few days I hope when I will have some time at home. I love your comments and read each one. Thank you to my bloggers so much for sticking with me for all these years. I will never forget your blogs and comments. Many of my blog friends have passed on and I remember them each day as well.

  4. Nora, I have seen videos posted by others lately, but I think you've done a much better job of visiting our (BC's) little hawk. He is a miracle, isn't he? I follow Hancock Wildlife quite a bit, because my late father knew David Hancock quite well, living not far away. I think I can safely say your coverage of the hawklet is equal to anyone's, including Sasse Photo as well as Hancock Wildlife. I'm going home (from Alberta to BC) to visit my family, and am hoping my sister-in-law will show me the White Rock nest.

    1. Thanks so much Kay. I try to do my best. I think everyone is a great community here an we all add something to this most amazing wildlife story. I watch and read all the other reports of the hawk and enjoy them. Kay I hope you get to see the nests in White Rock!

  5. Hi there - this story gets better by the post! I'm away from my normal nest, so now trying to catch up!

    Cheers - Stewart M, Mells, Somerset, UK

    1. I Stewart, although we have never met, I have to say I feel like I know you!! So many years of blogging I guess, I can't tell the difference now if I know someone in person or in blog land. Oh I see you are on a holiday Stewart, I will have to check out what you are doing there. Thanks so much.

  6. Good to see that the hawk is faring so well.

    1. Hi Ruth! Thanks so much for your comment. Yes the hawk is doing so well and he seems to like my husband for some reason. When ever my husband goes for a walk at the beach the hawk will fly in and sit right above him. I will be looking everywhere for the hawk and the two of them are sitting together at the beach! Perhaps the hawk is a lady hawk.

  7. Thanks for these lovely comments. I will come to each blog when I have time. There has been a lot going on on my Island Rambles Facebook Page and my blog is getting whammed with hits and my YouTube is crazy. I am a shy person and I thought no one would be interested in the topic of the hawk, I just like it for myself. It is overwhelming and I thank my blog friends for sticking with me through this unusual time period. I love your comments bloggers. Thanks to the new readers who have found me and seem to like the hawk story. It is still an ongoing story. I am still going to post my pictures, videos and blog posts on the hawk. I am taking a little break as my husband is ill. I do have many videos and photos that you have not seen yet. cheers, Nora


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