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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Little Hawk of Roberts Bay

The story of Little Hawk of Roberts Bay continues on!.....

Above are my favorite photos of the little hawk of Roberts Bay with his special eaglet that he loved so much.

I did not have a picture of a tiny baby Red-tailed hawk like spunky is so I am using a picture of a Cooper's hawk above that we took when banding them some years ago now.

These are pictures of baby eaglets taken from Goldstream Nature house. The little tiny eaglet in the picture above was in a nest that was blown down at Willows Beach I think it was and the eaglet did not live so now many children enjoy seeing him at the Nature House. 

Took this picture of Mom eagle right next to the nest yesterday. She always guarded the nest so well.

The parents brought in so much food to feed the family of three eaglets and a baby hawk.

Now the hawk is full grown and spends his lazy summer days checking out the chimney stacks in the area.

He likes to look down them it seems and also likes to look in the sky light windows as well. He is so curious.

Here is is at the beach where he can gather food that finds on the beach.

Yesterday I found the last eaglet to fledge hiding in some trees far over from the nest. I was worried about him but now today I see they all fly really well.

I  have no idea what he is doing in the picture above.

The young eaglets were learning to fly and to land. It was scary at times as the landings were not so good. They would pick a spindly branch and land on it, and flap about.

Yesterday and today the eaglets were well fed with drops of food by the parent eagle.

These are probably my last photos today of them in the nest together. Took these yesterday. I still hope I will see them there.

Soon they will fly away and the nest will be empty.

 Lots of crazy flapping and landings.

Last photos of the eaglet and eagle parents on their favorite trees.I hope they will stay around for a while longer and we can see them more. I have so many more pictures of them and videos of them that I have not even watched yet!!!

 Now the herons will move in and take over for a while.
I am sad to see the end of this story. I am sure the hawk will stay in the area but he is all grown up now and doing hawk things in the beautiful bay where he lives now. The eagles will be there for a while longer. I  have a lot of picture and video files to go through so that will keep me busy for some time!

 We had some great times watching the hawk and the eaglets.

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  1. It seems after looking around a bit, that other people are seeing the little hawk right out at the nest site, but not me! I am there at the wrong time I guess. So he is still there and still doing well. He just is not peeping his baby talk any more and that makes him hard to spot. I will try going there at a different time next.

  2. Hello Nora, wonderful post and photos on both the Hawk and the eagles. I am glad they are all doing well. Have a happy day!

  3. I love your pictures, videos and commentary, Nora. I'm sure it's frustrating not finding the little hawk as often, but that's normal as he continues to mature. I guess it's a good sign that he isn't calling for food as often now and hopefully indicates he is finding things to eat on his own. Early morning is usually when hawks are the most active. It's always kind of sad when the kids grow up and move on, though. Thanks for all of your efforts!

  4. I worry one day your little hawk will approach an unknown eagle expecting a friendly experience...and it might not be so. Prayers, little one.

  5. It has been a pleasure to see these activities through your eyes/lens.Thanks.

  6. The first photo of the hawk and eaglet is priceless -sure brought a big smile to me.
    I also really like the hawk walking along the chimneys - he looks so self-assured and purposeful.The eaglets could take some lessons from him on deportment and charm , although I'm sure Mama thinks her babies are wonderful :) I've really been enjoying this saga. Thanks.

  7. I can't get over how hard the parent eagles worked to keep their big brood fed and how well they have taught them all to be independent. Amazing story; you documented it so beautifully.

  8. So glad you got the chance to take these pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

  9. What an amazing story and fabulous shots.

  10. Gorgeous.... quiet with this amazing beauty
    How lucky you are to be able to see and photograph it in the wild.... (I admit, feeling a little jealous ;-) )

    Have a wonderful ABC-day / -week
    Melody (team ABC-W)

  11. Wow...You have documented this story so well and have met new people. Nature and friends can help us dealing with health challenges...hugs...Michelle

  12. Love the pic of little hawk strutting over the chimney top and of course together with his sister. Hope he sticks around and meets other red tails. This has been such a great story, thanks for your efforts!

  13. What a wonderful story and such amazing shots!

  14. These are some gorgeous birds! I love the little baby next to Dad!

  15. What wonderful sphotos of all the birds! Amazing!

  16. Good to see he (?) is still ding well.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Geneva, Switzerland

  17. a seriously good effort



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