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Monday, July 10, 2017

Roberts Bay Eaglet Fledges!

Today was very exciting at the nest and....

I will put a short note in here and do more tomorrow.

One of the eaglets fledged and flew over us two times! I had not set up my camera gear as I had just arrived at the nest when the eaglet flew. It was  crazy time! The eaglet flew around and the hawk flew in screaming right after and the parents called out their approval also. It was a big family moment it seems. All the family was calling out their encouragement to the young eaglet. It was very noisy! You can see the videos below. All the people in the street clapped and hooted and were so happy!

The eaglet landed under the nest and another eaglet was also under the nest so our spunky was very smart. He flew into the nest to be with his favorite sister eaglet. They sat on their branch together and did their preening together. They had a nice hug and then they went and had a nice nap together in the nest! I saw the hawk wander around the nest a few times before they settled into their little nap.
Yay no other eaglets to bother them! They had the house to themselves and they enjoyed it too.

Later on the hawk went and sat on a branch near the nest and he sang a peeping hawk song as the eaglets flapped their wings. The eaglets seemed to be able to climb back up to the nest easily but with a lot of complaining about it and screaming.

whatcha doin up there

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  1. Hello, awesome photos of the eaglets. I enjoyed this series. It is great to see the eagles are doing so well. Happy Tuesday, have a great day!

  2. You're having so much fun!!!! You'll miss them when they all fledge!

  3. I am sooooo glad you're wearing out your camera for us. Thank you. Love these guys.

  4. My hubby and I have so been enjoying reading about the little Hawk and the Eaglets. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Hi Nora. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful blog. I have to admit I do come here at least once a day to check up on Little Hawk news and information. I love the way you write about his day and all of his hawk exploits. I do appreciate all you do to make this all possible. I am praying that you get some good news from your oncologist soon. I send you many blessings and prayers. Living in a city, and not being mobile, means I only get to see these kinds of things in an online environment. In spirit... Jane (Emjay)

  6. It is so exciting to see the fledge! I've seen our eaglets do that three times, but only got pictures once; I just froze the other times!

  7. Wow! Nora these are wonderful videos. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch all of this unfold and to share it with us. We appreciate it immensely. Beautiful in every way.

  8. Fantastic photos and videos Nora!
    Really good stuff...

  9. Thanks for these lovely comments. I will come to each blog when I have time. There has been a lot going on on my Island Rambles Facebook Page and my blog is getting whammed with hits and my YouTube is crazy. I am a shy person and I thought no one would be interested in the topic of the hawk, I just like it for myself. It is overwhelming and I thank my blog friends for sticking with me through this unusual time period. I love your comments bloggers. Thanks to the new readers who have found me and seem to like the hawk story. It is still an ongoing story. I am still going to post my pictures, videos and blog posts on the hawk. I am taking a little break as my husband is ill. I do have many videos and photos that you have not seen yet. cheers, Nora


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